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原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:长安月 转载请注明出处论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-423748-1-1.htmlSaudi Arabia Sentences 15 People To Death For Espionage沙特阿拉伯以间谍罪判处15人死刑沙特阿拉伯以间谍罪判处十五人死刑~~美国网友称这是好事??A court in Saudi Arabia handed down death sentences to 15 people Tuesday for spying for Iran, according to reports. Fifteen other suspects were sentenced to jail terms ranging from six months to 25 years while two were acquitted.据报道,周二沙特的一家法院给15个人下发了死刑判决书因为他们为伊朗从事间谍活动。另外15名嫌犯被判6个月到25年不等,还有两人被判无罪。The suspects comprised 30 Saudi Shia Muslims, one Iranian and an Afghan. They were detained in 2013 over espionage charges and stood trial in February. Prosecutors accused the suspects of forming a spy ring in collaboration with Iranian intelligence.嫌犯包括30名沙特什叶派穆斯林,1个伊朗人和1个阿富汗人。他们在2013年因为间谍罪被逮捕并在二月受审。检察官指控他们与伊朗情报部门勾结形成间谍团伙.An elderly university professor, a pediatrician, a banker and two clerics were among those arrested in 2013. Most of the suspects hailed from al-Ahsa, a region in eastern Saudi Arabia home to both Shias and Sunnis.一个年迈的大学教授,一个儿科医生,一个银行家及两个神职人员在2013年被捕的人当中。嫌犯大多来自al-Ahsa,一个什叶派和逊尼派共同居住的沙特东部地区。The Shia community, which reportedly makes up about 10 to 15 percent of Saudi Arabia's population, alleges constant discrimination by Saudi officials. However, Riyadh has denied these allegations.?据报道什叶派占沙特人口的百分之10到15,有人称这是沙特官员莫须有的歧视,然而利雅得否认了这些指控。In January, the kingdom cut diplomatic relations with Iran after the Saudi embassy in Tehran was attacked over the execution of the prominent Saudi Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, and three other Shias. Saudi Arabia has maintained that Nimr was among 46 others who were accused of being terrorists or inciting violence against the Saudi royal family.一月沙特切断了与伊朗的外交关系后,在德黑兰的沙特大使馆在著名的什叶派教士Sheikh Nimr以及其他三个什叶派的怂恿下遭到了袭击,沙特方面坚信Nimr在46个被控恐怖主义及煽动暴力对抗沙特王室的人员之中。Nimr was a well-known critic of the Saudi regime and his execution further soured relations between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the region. Elsewhere in the Middle East, both Iran and Saudi Arabia are involved in a proxy war in Yemen, with the former supporting Houthi rebels looking to overthrow the existing regime supported by Saudi Arabia.Nimr是一个著名的批评家,批评沙特政权及其行为进一步恶化了地区中逊尼派和什叶派穆斯林的关系。在中东的其他地方,伊朗及沙特都卷入了在也门的代理人战争,前者支持胡塞武装叛军意图推翻现在由沙特支持的政权。? 原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:长安月 转载请注明出处论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-423748-1-1.htmlBradythis is great! a war between saudi and iran would be loads of fun, with the rest of the world reaping the benefits of millions fewer muzlumz这太棒了!沙特和伊朗之间的战争一定非常有趣,减少几百万穆斯林对世界其他地方是件好事。TopssuiteHere in the states, they would sit on death row for eighteen years and cost the tax payer big $. In Saudi Arabia, these guys will be gone in six months.在美国,他们将在死囚牢房里蹲十八年并花费大量纳税人的钱。在沙特,这些家伙半年内就会完蛋。Real ConservativeAnimals! We're so much better In the U.S. Here, we let police get away with killing innocent minorities because of busted tail lights.畜生啊!我们在美国真是好多了,这里,我们让因为尾灯爆裂就杀死无辜少数民族的警察逍遥法外。dcphonyHow many Saudis should be executed for 9/11?有多少沙特人应该因为911而受惩罚?Joe ChicagoIn America we promote them to leaders of the Democratic party在美国我们提拔他们当民主党领袖。seemynewnameseemynewnameWish we could build a really big wall around the entire middle east. I'm sure we would be better off for it, even with the loss of resources.希望我们能围绕整个中东建一堵真正的大墙,我确信我们因此会活的更好,即使资源匮乏。NAOur 'friends', the Saudis, so kind and compassionate. Makes me want to move there, sniff.我们的“朋友”沙特阿拉伯,如此善良悲天悯人。让我想搬到那里去,闻一闻。jamesjamesMrs Horney Bill Clinton would give them green cards, if she had the power. Wonder if they ever donated to the Clinton Foundation小甜心比尔克林顿夫人会给他们美国绿卡,如果她掌权的话。不知道他们是否曾经给克林顿基金会捐钱。HesperosHesperosSaudi Arabia thinks it's still 900 AD.沙特阿拉伯认为现在仍然是公元900年。NicoleI can't wait for the day when Snowden is found and charge我已经等不及斯诺登被找到并受审的那天了。Energy1950Good! Too bad the liberals in the USA invite them here and give them money and educate them as well.很好!自由主义者邀请他们来美国这里给他们钱并让他们也接受教育真是太糟糕了。perinSuch a stupid religion which was created by a liar,why so many people believe this shit?Human always easy to be stimulated by some inane slogans.Some fuckers knew that so they bulit fucking monotheisms.Where is the god?In their stupid lies which was in order to satisfy their unspoken desires.这么一个由骗子创立的愚蠢的宗教,为何这么多人相信这些狗屎?人类总是很容易被一些空洞的口号刺激煽动。一些混蛋知道这些所以他们建立了操蛋的一神教。神在哪?在那些为了满足他们不能说的欲望的愚蠢的谎言里。HesperosThe sentences will be executed by public beheading. It's the Saudi custom.这些判决将会是被判公开斩首,这是沙特的风俗。texinFriends of trump and SoftBank and sprint...oh and the bush crime family特朗普,软银以及Sprint公司的朋友...喔!还有布什犯罪家族。?

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