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原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:duangduang 转载请注明出处论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-422265-1-1.htmlCuba’s Fidel Castro dies古巴卡斯特罗去世伊朗:古巴卡斯特罗去世The legendary leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, has died, the Cuban president and his brother has announced. Castro was 90.古巴革命传奇领导人卡斯特罗去世,其兄弟兼古巴总统如是说。卡斯特罗享年90岁。“The commander in chief of the Cuban revolution died at 22:29 hours this evening,” President Raul Castro announced on national television on Saturday.“古巴革命总指挥今晚22点29分去世,”总统劳尔卡斯特罗周六在国家电视台宣布道。President Castro said that the revolutionary leader’s body will be cremated early on Saturday, “in compliance with his expressed will.”他说这位革命领袖的躯体将在周六早些时候火葬,“遵从他本人的意愿。”Castro famously led a guerrilla campaign that gained popular support and ousted US-backed Cuban dictator General Fulgencio Batista on January 1, 1959. He was then named prime minister.卡斯特罗领导的游击战获得大众支持,在1959年1月1号将美国支持的古巴独裁者巴蒂斯塔赶下台。然后他被当选为总理。Leading a Communist Cuba, Castro broke off diplomatic ties with the Capitalist United States in 1961 and expropriated US companies’ assets totaling more than one billion dollars.1961年在卡斯特罗的领导下共产主义古巴同美国中断外交关系,并没收美国企业资产,总额达10多亿美元。? 原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:duangduang 转载请注明出处论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-422265-1-1.htmlThought13 分鐘 前If you believe the "dissidents" the repression continues after the US established relationships and Obama's closed door meeting with dissidents changed nothing. Castro as I understand was essentially living a retirement life with brother Raul Commander in Chief. I'm not sure what the dissidents expected all they had to see is the kind of help Somalia and Haiti received.异见者认为与美国恢复外交关系后古巴的镇压还在继续而且奥巴马与异见者的闭门会议毫无作用。卡斯特罗过着退休生活,其弟弟劳尔掌管国家事务。不知道这些异见者怎么想的,他们只需看看索马里和海地所得到的帮助就明白了。Dev17 分鐘 前personally, I send my deepest sympathy and condolence to the former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, he's a one of a kind someone like him you will never find.我对卡斯特罗表示慰问和哀悼,他是独一无二的。Rest in Peace> Dev2 分鐘 前He can not hear you now.他现在听不到你的讲话了。Joseph Khorasani20 分鐘 前My deepest condalence to his family and Cuba.He was a good fighter, until he died he didn't trust US.我对他的家人和古巴表示慰问。他是个很好的展示,他直到死都不信任美国。gholoomi36 分鐘 前God Bless his soul...anti american tyranny...american evil governmnt is happy now...上帝保佑他的灵魂。。。反对美国暴政。。。邪恶的美国政府现在开心了。。。all lies lead to the truth44 分鐘 前Fidel, compadre, i vividly remember you once said: " always be on your guard when dealing with two faced liars, hypocritical backstabbers, warmontering thieves, murdering Americans." You may rest in peace now.我的朋友卡斯特罗,我还清晰的记得你说过的话:“在与两面派的,虚伪的,好战的,杀戮的,背后中伤的盗贼美国人打交道时,要时刻保持警惕。”安息。Ayat Amani47 分鐘 前A Strong Leader who will be never forgotten, as he made history. Few little leaders like this nowadays. Rest in peace Fidel Castro. You did a good job for the sake of the Cuban People一个永远不会被忘怀的强大领导人,他创造了历史。如今这样的领导人很很少了。安息。你为古巴人做出了巨大的贡献。Jana Fernando58 分鐘 前RIP El Comandante.安息。rab1 小時 前A thorn in the eye of the beast to the end. RIP.一直都是畜生的眼中钉。安息。Viva Cuba1 小時 前634 assasination attempts. Lives to be 90 and the revolution stll going.Fidel won.634次暗杀失败。活到了90岁,革命还在继续。卡斯特罗赢了。freedom1 小時 前a flag bearer of justice, equality of humanity and a pillar of resistance. Long live the revolution.正义和人类平等的旗手,抵抗的支柱。革命万岁。angie1 小時 前A true revolutionary and a man of great love, spirit and humour. Angie一个真正的革命家,一个拥有大爱,志气和幽默感的人。天使。truth2 小時 前Good riddance to him he was nothing but a controlled op leader put in by usa. He lier and thief. He ruined Cuba.真是可喜的摆脱,他不过是美国安插的领导人。他是骗子和小偷。他毁了古巴。Traian Lalescu2 小時 前A LEGEND of his time. He raised against the blood suckers of his people.Deep respect .时代的传奇。他站起来反抗人民的吸血鬼。深深的敬重他。Just World!3 小時 前RIP/A great man, who did the best he could, for his people and his country!Already, the sick BBC is insulting the memory of this man, but fails to mention that most of Cuba's problems were caused by the spiteful, enemy next door!america!!!安息,一个伟人,为了自己的人民和国家鞠躬尽瘁!恶心的BBC还中伤他,可是只字不提古巴的大部分问题都是由怀恨在心的邻居敌人引起的——美国。Suzie> Just World!3 小時 前No, Cuba's problem is communism which has a stranglehold on human creativity and progress.不,古巴的问题是共产主义,束缚了人们的创意和进步。Viva La Revolucion> Suzie3 小時 前Human creativity? No it isn't.Progress? No it isn't.Shouldn't you be celebrating now like all the other house Cubans in Miami?人类创意?不是的。进步?不是的你现在难道不应该像迈阿密的古巴人一样庆祝了吗?Just World!> Suzie2 小時 前Suzie; That is what america wants you to believe, as if their evil form of capitalism is better???@ Suzie,这就是美国想让你相信的,好像他们的邪恶资本主义就更好似的???Che?> Just World!1 小時 前Suzie is just upset that her family of liars, thieves, murderers and criminals were beaten away by Cubans.Suzie感到难过,因为他那骗子小偷谋杀犯和罪犯的家人们被古巴人暴打。Suzie> Just World!10 分鐘 前Whatever. I am not an American but do believe in capitalism.随便了,我不是美国人,但是我信仰资本主义。Edwardo Bonilla3 小時 前God bless him and hope his brother follows his way of governing his people.上帝保佑他,希望他的弟弟能追随他的治理方式。?

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