1.Pavel Wolkow

My supervisor professor of economy studied at Moscow University when Mao sent his students to Moscow. At that time, in the main university paid a very large stipend of one thousand rubles. These students asked to send 600 rubles to their homeland in China, and currently left only 400 to them. After couple of months they once again asked to reduce the stipend to 200 rubles, but rector refused this request. Their patriotism, their hard work amazed everybody.



Soviet people trust their government( though they had no choice) but they trusted. The Soviet government decided to sell the country, receive the Nobel Prize and become a billionaire in Europe. So In the 90th public and private "russian" media ridiculed China for what it does not want to comply with the requirements of the West.


At that time in Russia any revolt against thieves, traitors and foreigners suppressed publicly to show every citizen and the whole world. Although Yeltsin and Gorbachev destroyed the country and the common people were very, very poor, but the media and the government still think that only if you are fulfilling the requirements of the West, you can become rich.



From one point of view they were right those who work in government or friends of Yeltsin or his family were stealing state property and became billionaires in 1-2 years to live in luxury in England, Israel or France, while the Chinese devoteded to hard work. And we looked at China, and prayed for the Chinese people. It sounds funny but it''s true.


I am very glad that China has not stopped, it is moving forward, Chinese are getting richer. Long life for China!


P.S. :What a pity that we did not have our Deng Xiaoping. When I think about it I am almost crying.


2.Matthew Roust, lives in Russia

In my early years, we were laughing of Chinese people. China was associated with those cheap faux leather shoes, with 100%-unnatural fabric clothes.



You know, all that 90s atmosphere in Russia has a strong tie in my memory with that type of goods. It was a poor man’s Fate to buy Chinese-made products, so that’s why we, with the rise of our incomes, had immediately switched to Italian, French and American goods.


Considering their population, I thought of China being populated with mostly village people with their own village mindset (ie: overly simplistic and not aware) without any idea of what contraception is. And rice. Rice everywhere and on a daily basis.



Seeing China now, I greatly admire their achievements. Huge high-speed train network, new cities, immense growth of personal incomes etc. The government did a great job in creating infrastructure for its people.


Their economy growth resulted in a lot of spare money going to investments into foreign countries - I know about Pakistan roads projects, Africa’s development and infrastructure projects, and even the new Panama channel. Have you heard of something about Russia’s companies investments somewhere beyond CIS? I’m not talking about sponsorships of bicycle teams and putting small Aeroflot logo down the Manchester United website.



All of Russian spare money are in offshores, and only to maintain one’s families level of consumption, the high living standard of the 1st lover, of the 2nd lover, a kid from the 1st lover, a kid from housekeeper, gardener, their in-laws… You got it. Considering Chinese people, the ones I met during my journeys, kept to themselves, but tried to blend into other societies (EU, UAE, the States).


I never had any incident with some rude Chinese at all. They are pretty different culturally to what I used to think, but overall they are fine. Chinese rise is mind-boggling! In 20 years the country became an economical trend setter. Everyone wants to deal with Chinese businesses.



The country we were making fun and feeling superior surpassed us. In 2016, average Chinese salary was higher than Russian. Thanks to our lovely government!.. The next country which will bypass Russia in people happiness, human capital and incomes must be India. Again, the country we were making fun of back in 90s.

我们曾经所取笑的那个国家比我们优越。2016年,中国人的平均工资就超过俄罗斯人了。感谢我们可爱的政府! 下一个在人民幸福感、人力资本和收入方面超过俄罗斯的国家肯定是印度。也是我们在90年代嘲笑过的国家。

3.Konstantin Riumin

Russian student Domestic russian here. I think Chinese people are numerous (every russian knows there are lots of them, we even have jokes about it), cunning/wise (in “eastern way”) and hard-working. They are also resilient (russians admire this trait), and they managed to pull their country from a hellhole while we plunged our country in it (i know life inChina in 1950 was far worse than in Russia in 1990-ies). China has hard-working people and (relatively) wise, even-minded government, and that is great.



China’s ideal of harmony is also admirable (compare to the US ideal of world domination). China doesn’t use guns and planes and brute force like Russia or US love to do, but that doesn’t mean it is weak or indecisive. There is also some sort of “old father” feeling. Modern China is like a mighty and successful son of now-frail Russia (USSR). When China was in poverty and devastation, we helped them with engineers and teachers and machines despite also being devastated (“Russian and Chinese are brothers forever” - USSR slogan from 1949).


Chinese were wiser, and they didn’t let their country collapse. China is now powerful, and we Russians see a bit of our legacy in it (while main reason was of course Chinese people and government). Now Russia turns to China once again. While there are fears of crippling annexation of the Far East, i think they are ungrounded. If China is allowed to have a buisness there, why would they do something stupid like invasion?



Their mentality differs from American and to some extent Russian, Chinese people don’t value brute military force as Russia and US. And if i were to choose whom i want to see as world leader, i would pick China. Just because millennia-old civilisation is wiser that 300 years old nation of gung-ho adventurers. (I admit there is a charm in American mentality, but they are too aggressive and power-hungry to rule the world, Chinese are more balanced) Also Chinese and Russians prefer tea to coffee, and Russia got its tea-drinking culture from China. Tea is great.

中国人的心态不同于美国人,在某种程度上也不同于俄罗斯人。如果让我选择谁来当世界领袖,我会选中国。只是因为千年文明比300年历史的冒险家更聪明。(我承认美国人的心态有魅力,但他们太咄咄逼人,太渴望权力,无法统治世界,中国人更平衡) 中国人和俄罗斯人更喜欢茶而不是咖啡,俄罗斯的饮茶文化来自中国。茶是伟大的。

4.Aaliyah Lynne

On the surface, the Russians and the Chinese are friendly. Forty percent of Russians are enthusiastic about the Chinese. Have good and bad views After all, China is vigorously developing the economy, the Chinese eyes only money feeling.


So it''s more about cooperation in interests In the eyes of the Russians, especially earlier, the Chinese were very smart. And some older Chinese in Russia do not abide by the rules, do not queue up, a lot of Russians hate.



But China also has some good young people who deserve the respect of the world. We cann''t judge anything with one swallow does not make a summer. Because every country has good people and bad people.


5.ra Nizova

We admire to chinese economical success. Earlier everyone was afraid that chinese people will migrate to Siberia massively and as a result they will take it away. But now standard of living in Siberia and China is the same and heat-loving chineses prefer to emigrate in California.


Chinese make chinaphones for us and grow tasty tea. They have ancient and original culture. Our history is similar.



Russian people are creative and chinese people are industrious, together we are a strong bundle. There are many chinese tourists in St. Peterburg.


6.Torodom Canada

I would like to say some warm words to Chinese people.


But first things first - Do not generalize Chinese. They came from different regions with very different level of education and backgrounds, so like any other people you can find totally different individuals.


Anyway, I have about 20 years working with Chinese people and have something to say:


For years I was thinking I am part of European civilization, but hey I have a lot more in common with Chinese people - family values, view on politics and history, attitude towards personal freedom .... etc.

They are a good listeners. At lunch time I am always with Chinese talking about life and everything. They are very easy to talk to.

We have similar attitude to what is good and what is bad.

Sure, we look different, but if I think we are closer in some fundamental viewpoints on life.











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