British Filmmaker: Why My Stepbrother And Others Have Become Muslim Extremists


Americans and Europeans have become increasingly concerned to hear of members of their own countries who have turned away from Western society and joined extremist groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIL. Reports that the ISIL killer of American journalist James Foley might have been a British national have fueled fears that terrorists could be living among friends and neighbors in Western nations.


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Leech says that he believes that for his brother, the transition to radicalism did not come out of the blue. “He was probably vulnerable,” he said, “He was probably quite lonely. He definitely was on his own journey to make sense of the world and to find meaning in life. … He met some of these guys, and they sort of took him under their wing.”


Indeed, ISIL has capitalized on its appeal to lost youth and has taken to social media to enlist recruits. Leech believes that ISIL may even use Westerners for high-profile activities as a form of propaganda, particularly in the case of James Foley’s execution. “The fact that it was British guy holding a knife … What it’s saying is that, ‘You guys in Britain, this is your Islamic State too.’ ”


Although families must grapple with devastation and betrayal when confronted with their loved ones’ new allegiances, Leech says he has not lost his affection for Dart. Despite his stepbrother’s convictions, he says, “I absolutely love him.”



Ajmer 50 minutes ago 0 7

These fundamentalist are always on look out for impressionable minds, people who are low on confidence, confused, and sort of misfits. They give them a false impression of bigger cause, indoctrinate them, and exploit them.

Any loner with low self esteem and confused head would be an easy prey for these radicals and would be used as propaganda tool.

But whatever these radical psychos try, they will not succeed because they are up against common sense, humanity, and life. They must and will perish. Not an iota of doubt on this.




Imagine 50 minutes ago 1 3

There are many young men who are looking for meaning and a sense of purpose for their lives. Such young men are easily lured by the "hero" and "savior" visions offered them by the extremists. Such hero archetypes have not only a positive side (in the sense of the classical hero) but also a dark side that allows such men to live out their hatred and fears while believing they are serving a "higher purpose". As long as such young men (and sometimes women) are not offered a place in our societies and the support they need to work through their hatred and fear they will continue to either be attracted to such extremist groups or they run amok in school massacres or something similar. We as a society have a responsibility to help such people get the psychological help they need and to integrate them back into civilized and constructive societies.



Lighthouse 51 minutes ago 1 2

He looks for something meaning in life and find that killing innocent people is an interesting meaningful for him? Give me a break, the young Brits generations must be on drugs to think that way.

From Christian to Muslims, how can it be. The guy probably never believes in God, never reads the Bible, never prays, never do charity, never come to contact to the real world. He is a stupid dreamer who has no belief. Muslims give him plenty jobs to do, to kill so that he can be thrill with his demonic desire.



John 1 hour ago 0 24

I can't fathom why anyone would want to participate in the violence against innocent people perpetrated by ISIL. I really can't imagine being so dogmatic that I would kill someone who otherwise poses no interference to life simply because they have a somewhat different religion.


daveh 10 minutes ago 2 0

When you go to the store and see the burqa babes with all their kids, many living off the US social handouts, just think how many of those cute little burqa children will become radicalized and kill your kids. Muslims do not belong in America!..Muslims are anti-Semitic with Nazi-like fascist principles that represent a clear and present danger to the existence of the United States. ex. Muslims built a mosque just down the street from the fallen (destroyed by Muslims) Twin Towers where they teach their next jihadist generation to kill our children.



穆斯林不属于美国! . .


Lanaღ 1 hour ago 0 16

"Indeed, ISIL has capitalized on its appeal to lost youth and has taken to social media to enlist recruits."

Isn't that how cults recruit? Prey on the lost, lonely, vulnerable, confused, depressed, etc..


邪教如何招募呢?目标:迷失,孤独,脆弱,困惑,抑郁症,等等. .

CurtisB 44 minutes ago 0 2

Religion is nonsense and religious zealots are people dedicated to illogical thinking to an insane degree. It's not a surprise that they would do things that make no sense.


4thandinches 34 minutes ago 0 1

Hmm... I am a loner, thus I need to learn to start beheading others. These enemies of the state need to be eradicated, as they have no redeeming qualities.


Nerobama 1 hour ago 0 1

Why? They are losers and full of hate. They want attention and power. They want to dominate and destroy.


robert 55 minutes ago 0 1

They should all be exterminated from the earth.


Ali Gaardaash 22 minutes ago 3 0

Cause & Effect:

The cause of all the bloodshed, turmoil and chaos in the world today, in general, and the ME, in particular, is due to the injection of the Cancer Cell into the vein of our mother earth by the British in 1948, and the continuously nutrition of this deadly disease by the United States since then. The matter of fact is that Cancer causes misery and pain to its host, America, and will eventually cause her death.



D'OH 1 hour ago 1 2

This guy is as bad as his brother. He makes excuses for the Islamic community in Britain. He makes excuses for his terrorist brother. He's a stupid left wing idiot.


Anonymous 1 hour ago 1 3

Religion is always the last refuge of the loser.


Jesse 2 hours ago 1 5

I can just imagine how overjoyed the journalists over at Yahoo News were to find this story...to put a "human face" on these "misunderstood" Islamist terrorists. Pretty soon the press is going to refuse to call them terrorists any more and go back to "freedom fighters"-!


Iran_Immortals 23 minutes ago 1 0

Anatomy of IS:

- Sponsors: Saudi, Qatar, UAE

- Logistics: Turkey, Jordan

- Training: Covertly by CIA, MI6 & French. Also Saddam-era officers

- Recruits: Mercenaries from 82 countries; from Australia, to Chechnya to Africa to Europe

- Goal: Destroy secular Syria, and ultimately destroy or weaken Syria-Hezbollah-Iran.







Lanaღ 1 hour ago 2 4

It's one thing to become a Muslim, but another thing to become a Muslim extremist. They prey on new converts and a lot of brainwashing follows.


Iran_Immortals 2 hours ago 2 3

And why did UK, France, US covertly ship them to Syria under disguise of REBELS against to topple SECULAR gov?


emanuel 2 hours ago 3 9

I't won't be long before England becomes an entirely Islamic nation,unless the locals do something about it fast...


Jackson 31 minutes ago 4 2

My dad is a Muslim, and he's one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. Not all Muslims are extremists.


Carl 2 hours ago 11 5

The whole world should convert to Hinduism. Those are the most peaceful people I am aware of.


Kascha_Kwan 1 hour ago 0 7

This is another good reason for keeping Muslims from immigrating into civilized countries .


Kathy 1 hour ago 0 0

The film's titles says it all:

Muslim = Terrorist

They are losers. They attract other losers just like them.





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