NEW DELHI: If anybody thought Japan had fallen off PM Narendra Modi’s radar after he decided to postpone his visit in July, Modi is more than making up for it. In a sign that Japan remains one of the countries closest to his heart, Modi on Sunday decided to extend his visit to Japan starting later this week by a day.

TOI has learnt that Modi will now depart for Tokyo on August 30, not August 31 as the government had earlier announced, and will visit one more city apart from Tokyo. The extension of the visit could send a bold signal to China.



The PM was earlier scheduled to depart for Tokyo on August 31 and return on September 3. With the change in schedule, Modi will now spend four nights in Japan, the maximum by any Indian PM on a bilateral visit in recent times. The move by Modi, who likes to keep his schedule very tight during visits abroad, is certain to please his admirers in Japan, a country he was on outstanding terms with even as Gujarat CM.


Modi is also known to share a great personal rapport with his counterpart Shinzo Abe, who regularly draws comparison with Modi for his nationalist leanings.

Modi, who has been described by some as India’s? Shinzo Abe and others as India’s Richard Nixon, will do a tough balancing act next month when he hosts Chinese President Xi Jinping, weeks after his meeting with Abe.





anonymous (India)

What Japan can do? Japan today is a much weaker country whose economy has been in trouble for more than 20 years. More importantly it is losing leadership in technology in the digital era at fast pace. Also, look back in history, Japan never helped any other country in development except provide low-interest loans that requires buying Japs’s products at high price.

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ihrishikesh ()

China has managed to irritate all its neighbours.. not just India. India should join hands with Japan, Vietnam, Phillipines, Myanmar and surround China from all sides to keep it under control.



modi first fix poverty in india then care for competing with china…


balu.pallathu (Location) replies to PRO RAHUL

China should control the slave population and thugs in their country. No human treatment to the Chinese citizens. They asked to work like animals. China has to change that instead of thinking about other country;s lands and seas.



china is very ahead of india in all aspects…also india need not compete with china which does not have democracy…


Tango Joker (Unknown)

Looks like the author has a lot of conspiracy theories.


Abhi ()

Very good move to bring more investment nd same time china and pakistan worry



has modi gone crazy???


Satya (Unknown)

India needs to make effort to cut china to size in asian region. safe for all


Krish (Singapore )

I like the okonomiyaki and ramen with sake, especially in Osaka region, may he’s in for that!


balu.pallathu (Location)

It is good to visit Japan. Hosting Xi can be cancelled, as it is a wastage of taxpayer rupees.


Not ()

Japan’s support for the INA to liberate India from British Raj is not forgotten. Japan and India are ideal partners for peace and progress. There is greatest potential in this relationship. We need Japan. Japan needs India.


Sunny (stuttgart)

why this f***ing news paper always tries to sensationalize everything.. does this trip extension necessarily mean something against China ?.

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Siddhartha (Siliguri)

Very good Decision by Modijee, being a gentleman he extended his hands for real friendship to China, Which China shown in reply is an aggression in Arunachal. Means No one should trust China.


Ajit (Mumbai)

Without speculating much on the visit, Media should not read too much on such visits.

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vijay banga (new delhi)

Our man is being terribly and wrongly advised, even if the visit is extended by one year it will make no difference to China, there is very serious misunderstanding. Also Japan cannot do anything in the matter except that it might like to sell Naval hardware worth 70-80 billion dollars or even more



DINATH (Hyderabad)

Modi’s decision was by design and meant to send a signal to Beijing as in MMS case. Any aggression will lead to other strategic partners strengthening !! While India and Japan look at each other as important partners for ensuring peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region, in the face of growing Chinese assertiveness. Japan and India share equal culture and respect for each other !!



balu.pallathu (Location)

India is planning to put 18 billion dollars to BRICKS. It is a wastage of Money. Next day after putting the money, Chinese will come to the border. So, we utilize the money very effectively with Japan, US etc. we could achieve a lot. 18 billion is not a small money to put into China’s mouth.




bloggersuri (Location)

Japan can give huge help to upgrade Indian manufacturing. It should be most favored nation.


Kishore Chava (Guntur)

next visit to Israel please. Israel and Japan can be the two most promising friends for India in the coming years.


Amit G (Unknown

Very good move to increase diplomatic pressure for China.


Vitusowen Susngi (Unknown)

Signal to China? Pakistan is killing Indian citizens but Modi did not notice it…Ha ha


Sandeep Deshmukh (Unknown)

Simple concept by Modi enemy’s enemy is friend. Japan surely is better partner than China …………..



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