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导读:Tensions have been high in the disputed Himalayan border area between the two nations in recent years, with India frequently accusing its neighbour of making incursions onto its territory. 英国广播公司(BBC)7月25日报道,印度军方据称花了6个月的时间用于观察侵犯其领空的“中国无人侦察机”,结果发现它们实

NEW DELHI: The Indian army reportedly spent six months watching “Chinese spy drones” violating its air space, only to find out they were actually Jupiter and Venus, BBC News reported on Friday.

Tensions have been high in the disputed Himalayan border area between the two nations in recent years, with India frequently accusing its neighbour of making incursions onto its territory.



According to the Calcutta-based Telegraph, Indian troops had documented 329 sightings of unidentified objects over a lake in the border region between last August and February.

The newspaper quoted military sources as saying the objects violated the Line of Actual Control (LAC) 155 times.



The army called the Indian Institute of Astrophysics to identify the objects. “Our task was to determine whether these unidentified objects were celestial or terrestrial,” astronomer Tushar Prabhu told the paper.

Only once the objects’ movements were noted in relation to the stars were they identified as planets.



以下是巴基斯坦《论坛报》读者的评论:AhmedThis is utterly ridiculous!!! Even an amateur astronomer with naked eye can point out planets!!Recommend 30非常可笑!就连业余的天文学家用肉眼也能辨别出行星!

AdnanOh India. How can we ever repay you for the countless moments of laughter you provide us?Recommend 85哦,印度,你给我们带来了无数欢乐时刻,我们怎么才能报答你呢?

Indian-armyWe are a superpower :DRecommend 32我们是超级大国 :D

Muhammad BilalThanks God, they did not try to shoot them. LOLRecommend 38感谢上帝,他们并未尝试击落它们,(笑)

Water BottleIndian obsession with China should end. India should be vigilant but not obsessive.This sounds so ridiculous.Recommend 23印度人对中国的痴迷该结束了,印度应该对中国保持警惕,别着迷。这个听起来太可笑了。

Addressed to BNo but they were hallucinating, that’s for sure!Recommend 11他们肯定产生了幻觉!

KhanShining India, more like Blimey India. What a joke of an army.Recommend 24大放光芒的印度,更像是“啊呀印度”,多么可笑的一支军队。

Anshuman TripathyIn other news India successfully launched its indigenous Weather Satellite INSAT 3D into space while Pakistan is the begging the United states for the blue prints of the drone, its national bird.另一篇新闻说印度成功把国产气象卫星“INSAT 3D”送入太空,巴基斯坦向美国乞讨无人机的设计蓝图。

Ali@Anshuman Tripathy: but seriously planets for drones?? wonder what you launched your “satellites” off to!Recommend 49误把行星当做无人机?不知道你们“卫星”发射来干什么的!

Mr T@Anshuman Tripathy:Relax man. You can accept your mistake. We Pakistanis may have the habit of shooting ourselves in the foot. We may be cunning, mean and self defeating. But at least we’re not dumb. Hahahahahaha. Hillarious.Recommend 54哥们,放松,我们巴基斯坦人也许有搬起石头砸自己脚的习惯,我们也许狡猾、小气和自我拆台,但至少我们不笨,哈哈,非常滑稽。

Human@Anshuman Tripathy:And in another news india’s ‘indigenous weather satellite INSAT 3D’ mistakes rain drops for incoming inter continental cruise missiles.Recommend 74另一篇新闻说,印度国产气象卫星“INSAT 3D”误把雨滴当做来袭的洲际巡航导弹。

Adnan@Anshuman Tripathy: Say whatever you want buddy – there’s really no respite from this. Planets for drones hahahaRecommend10哥们,你爱怎么说就怎么说吧——这个没法消停的误把行星当做无人机!哈哈

Kaleem@Anshuman Tripathy: Will that “indigenous Weather Satellite” bring food for more than 40 crore living below poverty lines in India? Just wondering. I hope its purpose is to monitor how many crores are still deprived of as basic facility as tiolet ;)Recommend 17那个国产的气象卫星能给4亿生活在贫困线下的印度人带来食物吗?出于好奇而这样问。我希望卫星是用于监控有多少千万印度人仍然缺少厕所这个基本设施 ;)

Tony SinghTwo countries – In one drones enter at will and no one bothers and the other where even planets are taken as drones. The two extremes zero and infinity. And they amount to same.Recommend 4有两个国家——其中一个国家是无人机随意进入,根本就没有人会在意;另一个国家把行星当做无人机,真是两个极端,同一货色。

Kaleem@Tony Singh: Take Drones as planets or, planets as drones, its ridiculously shameful.Recommend 6误把无人机当做行星,或者误把行星当做无人机,都是荒谬的,丢脸的。

Pakistani@Tony Singh:The Indian Army wins hands down. They spent six months monitoring these ‘Chinese spy drones’…..six months!!! hahahahaahahaaaRecommend 15印度军队轻而易举就获胜了。他们花6个月的时间来监控这些“中国无人侦察机”......6个月!!哈哈......

Rohit950723This is a fake report::Indian army mistook planets for Chinese spy drones: Report..I can’t accept it & has not been reported anywhere in the Indian media. We Indians are dominating scientific research & technology all across the world.Recommend 2“印度军队误把行星当做中国无人侦察机”的报告是假的我在印度媒体根本就找不到此类报道。我们印度人可是主宰着全世界的科学研究和技术。

SonyaAll armies are alike.Recommend6所有的军队都差不多

Talha Zahid@Sonya:You should be ashamed of your army ridiculousness. And stop blaming others that’s what you people always do.Recommend3你应该为你们军队的荒谬感到丢脸。别老是责怪别人。

Extra-ordinary villagerwahahahah..6months buhahahahahaha..SIX MONTHS hahahahaha…OMG hahahahahaRecommend 4哈哈......6个月......哈哈.......6个月........哈哈.....哦,天啊,哈哈.....

以下是美国MSN读者的评论:外文地址:http://now.msn.com/planets-jupiter-and-venus-mistaken-for-spy-drones-by-indian-armyKrasnakWhy would anyone want to spy on the world's tech support call center?为什么会有人想监视世界上的技术支持呼叫中心呢?

none 123They are collecting all the phone data. Duh... lol.他们在收集通话数据

YippieeLets outsource more of our American Jobs to these people...让我们把更多美国工作外包给这些人吧......

Midnight WriterHeck, that ain't nothing. The aliens are arguing over whether there's intelligent life on this planet.见鬼,这没什么。外星人还在争论地球上是否有智慧生命呢。

tobor816Why would India's army admit this? BS.为什么印度军队要承认?胡说!

SmokeApparently they had no one to call for tech support.很明显,他们找不到人提供技术支持。

YippieeAll lines were busy..所有电话线路都占线

nanny catsUm...screw up.嗯....搞砸了

Omega-3They would also think that Saturn is a UFO !!!他们可能认为土星也是不明飞行物(UFO)!!!

walrus12What I find scary is that the same country whose military can't tell the difference between spy drones and planets is also a country with it's finger on a nuclear trigger.令我觉得可怕的是,军队区分不出无人机和行星的国家也是手指放在核扳机上的国家!

weathermongerhahaha....and these people have weapons!!哈哈.....这些还是拿着武器的人!

backcountryUmmmm, they don't use radar to track objects over their country???And let's not forget folks, this is a nuclear state that we are talking about!他们居然不用雷达来跟踪国境内上空的物体?各位别忘了,我们在谈的可是一个核国家!

The black sheep of the familybetween china and india? ya know, between those two very countries, they lay claim to half da world's population? me still just hope they don't conspire to have their citizens jump at da same time to tilt our earth one day....aish... china still got more people... and surely that must mean something, eh...中国和印度?你们懂的,两国人口占了世界的一半。我希望他们不要密谋叫本国国民同时跳起来,否则地球会倾斜的......

YippieeWhat if they all jump off a cliff into the ocean?要是他们同时从一个悬崖跳入大海呢?

none 123People are their biggest resources. Wait until the people are able to be the consumers we are.Then they will start to encounter the same problems we have.人力是他们最大的资源。等到这些人成为了与我们购买力相当的消费者时,他们也会开始遇到同样的问题。

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