译者samzhanglei:最近关注了三泰虎的论坛,感觉很多印度人对中国的看法就是专制,警察国家,没有皿煮自由。所以专门发了一篇帖子到印度论坛上,收到了一部分印度网友的回复,分享给大家。首先我针对一些印度人的看法发了这篇帖子,帖子内容比较长:Hi Indians, Good morning:你好印度人,早上好

:Recently I know the forum of Santaihu, and often view topics here.最近我知道三泰虎论坛,经常看上面的帖子。Usually, I pay much attention on your comments, and find some points are very interesting, so I think I should make some explanations to you for your points:


1. Democracy:关于皿煮Indians and some western people are very proud of their democracy, I appreciate it. But why they trash China as an autocracy Country. I feel very strange, have they come to China ever? Have they lived in China more than 1 year??? It seems according to their points, we Chinese are living in a cage, and we cannot say anything, will be arrested by police and killed like a dog. I wonder whether those people have too much drug. They are imaging what a hell China like? Or your Medias just describe China as that? If so, I feel very angry about it, it is North Korea, not China!

印度人和一些西方国家的人对自己的皿煮非常骄傲,我很欣赏。但为什么他们认为中国是个专制国家? 我感到非常奇怪,他们来过中国吗?在中国住超过1年吗?看起来根据他们的观点,我们中国人生活在笼子里,我们不能谈论任何事情,会被经常随意逮捕并像狗一样被杀死。我想知道这些人是吸食毒品过量吗,他们想象中国像地狱一样?或者是你们的媒体就是这样描述中国的?如果是那样,我感到非常生气,那是北朝鲜,不是中国!(楼主看了那些评论确实很生气)

We are not the so called democracy country in your mouth, really, we admit. But we really have our freedom, even more than yours. Can I ask that Western’s democracy is perfect to your culture to your Country to your society? Why do you worship western so much?


Because they just ruled you before? Because they are richer than you? They are your real brother? Are you sure you are not profit-relationship?


Both India and China have several thousand histories, if you accept western democracy completely, how will you dispose your traditional culture? How can you have your features? Western can affect your politics, economy very easily! They just affect your people to protest if the benefit is not suitable for them.


Democracy is good, but it may not be suitable for you completely, American, British like using democracy as a weapon to make you surrender, facing this situation, how will you do? Just surrender?And are you really a democracy country? Why you have Indian Caste System?Is it another democracy? As your worshiped country—America, they says they are a democracy country while others are not, what about the discrimination on colored people? What about abuse of prisoners?Why do you think carefully using your brain?


2.Somebody calls China as Thief. I do not want to find your education; it seems you do not have. We Chinese invent:1. Gunpowder2. Papermaking technology3. Compass4. Movable-type printing,

有些人管中国叫小偷。我不想在这指责这些人的教育修养,好像(他们)也没有。我们中国人发明了:1.火药 2.造纸术3.指南针4.活字印刷术

it seems all the world are using these inventions. Are you thieves? We charged patents from you? You says Japanese laugh at us, do you know 20-30 years ago, Japanese are in the same position of us, they are laughed as a copier, bad products producer, how about now?

好像世界都在用这些发明,你们也是小偷吗? 我们收你们专利费了吗?你说日本人嘲笑我们,你们知道20-30年前,日本人和我们处于同样的位置,他们也被嘲笑为山寨者,烂产品制造者,现在呢?

Do you think you just have some very limited information then you can produce a rocket, a warship, a fighter? Why are you so naïve?

你们认为只凭有限的信息,你们就可以制造出火箭,战舰和战斗机? 为什么你们这么幼稚?

Whenever we have an achievement, somebody just jumped and shouted: they were ours! Very funny! Do you know how we have nuclear weapon in 1960ths?

无论什么时候我们有所成就,肯定有人跳出来叫喊:这些是我们的! 非常有趣,你们知道60年代我们怎么拥有的核武器吗?

Do you know how our scientists devoted their lives to this researching? Most of them live in a desert and pay alltheir lives to do researching without a name.


When we had our first atomic bomb, we do not have big trucks, we used bullock-cart to do transporting, do you know it? Does your newspaper report it?


3. For Chinese products, it is a main point you are attacking the most. You think all the Chinese products are rubbishes with perfectly poor quality… Can I ask you, we have very good quality products, also with reasonable prices comparing with European or American products, why your businessmen do not import? I am as an international businessman for 5 years? I got big headache with Indian businessmen, they just like low low low low price, nothing else requires,they are same grade with Africans, so please do not complain it again. 1 penny has 1 penny’s value, it is no needs us to teach you. If you do not believe, you can buy Lenovo’s PC, Gree’s AC, Hair’s Washer, and then talk here.


4. For military, I know you are very sad with the war 1962… Tell you the truth, we Chinese do not think it is a war, because 80% people do not know that war… I tell you why you failed in that war:From 1920th, Chinese Army has fought with Japanese, KMT (they are in Taiwan now) for 40 years since 1962. Our soldiers face death every day, they can use their bodies to face tanks, fighters, even Americans were afraid of this kind of Army in Korean War, what did you think who were you at that time? That army was the strongest in the world at that time, except the weapons.


For now, it cannot compare, because now the soldiers do not like to lose lives in the war. But if being invaded, you can see the result of Vietnam…


Some of you said Vietnam won in that war, if you found why Vietnam were so sensitive and angry as you, you can understand the result.


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