NEW DELHI: India on Wednesday said it is “watchful and conscious” of China’s increasing military profile and was taking steps to counter any possible threat from the neighbouring country to its security.

“India remains conscious and watchful of the implications of China’s increasing military profile in our immediate and extended neighbourhood and its development of infrastructure in the border areas.



“India is also taking necessary measures to develop the requisite capabilites to counter any adverse impact on our own security,” the defence ministry has said in its annual report.

The report states that the unresolved boundary dispute between the two countries is a major factor in India’s security calculus.



Also, against the backdrop of China’s dispute with Japan over island territories and its objection to maritime traffic in the South China Sea, the ministry has said that the tensions in Asia-Pacific have created tensions in the region and are threatening to polarise the regional community.

The ministry has said that India has important political, economic and social interests in the Asia-Pacific region and has stakes in its enjoying continued peace and stability.



“India supports freedom of navigation in international waters and the right of passage as per international laws. India’s view is that all countries must exercise restraint and resolve issues diplomatically without the threat of use of force,” it said.



KIM ()

Chinese have no religion , hence they are free bound to do what they think is right !! Their motives are clear is either their way or else Force !!

中国人没有宗教信仰,因此他们可以为所欲为 !他们的动机很明显,要么顺着他们来,要么就武力解决!

Morgan (Australia) replies to KIM

Religion is not a prerequisite for being either good or bad.

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balu.pallathu ()

When Chinese coming for the Next Camping Vacation????


Talha Seedat (New Delhi, India)

just watching is not enough, modi must take appropriate actions to balance the power in the region.


balu.pallathu ()

Don’t follow Nehru’s path any more. I hope we are not following any more. Be modernize our defense in par with China. Build infrastructure along our border lines. Defense Word speaks!!!!!!!!!!!!


Phool ()

wealth of all corrupts b seized & utilized in development of military. only watching—seeing–taking all accounts—- etc. will do nothing. if India root- outs corruption from the country no one can defeat India… Jai Hind.


Triloki ()

Mere statements will not do ! Every second wasted is detrimental ! Remember those who were slaughtered like sacrificial goats ! The national humiliation of 62 need be market as black year and failing to learn lessons will be a living curse ! Augment what we need to stop double onslaught ! The agile defense minister should realize it !


balu.pallathu (Location) replies to Triloki

Everybody is not Nehru. That man believes Chinese and did blunder in 1962. Modern India is not 1962 any more. But we still needs lot of defense modernation and infrastructure build-up along border areas.



Triloki replies to balu.pallathu

Don’t be complacent ! The reality is that we talk and they do it ! Man, can you allow an outsider in your home, without permission. If strength was there, we could have thrown the intruders out without waiting for a second. Give it a cool thought ! What did Modi Ji say in Arnachal when he went to deliver his hallow sermon ? Where is that steam now ? Give it a thought !


balu.pallathu replies to Triloki

We are not just talking. We are buying, while buying you guys telling that don;t buy make. while make you guys are telling don;t make, it takes long time, buy like that. So, It is better what yiqing001.com India knows better what to do at what times. We collectively decide, when India buys, good buy more weapons, when India makes weapons, good make more. That kind of chrous will be good. As an Indian, you tell in other words doesn’t help India achieve any goals.




Rajender (Unknown)

No country in the world believes in China.


Morgan (Australia) replies to Rajender

LOL – that lack of “belief” isn’t limited to China… very few nations truly trust each other at all, but will cooperate when there is an incentive to do so.


Rajender replies to Morgan

But you see Israel and US have a bond that is good in thick and thin.


Rajender (Unknown)

Thats all we can do just watch.


roger k (unknown)

China knows, as it is today, India has enough power to destroy China in a war situation ! That is why, China will never start a war with India ! Yes one has to accept, both countries will be wiped off if and when a nuclear war takes place. Who will want to take that chance and start a war ? That means India need to continue building its defence all the time ! Jai Hind !

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Morgan (Australia) replies to roger k

” India has enough power to destroy China in a war situation !” – LOL, pure Jai Hype… India’s current arsenal of conventional and nuclear weapons might cause some damage to China, but certainly not destroy it in any sense of the word and it would invite retaliation which may just very well destroy India as a functioning society or single political entity however.


balu.pallathu (Location) replies to Morgan

Looks like you are coming every time when CHina involved and do some judge statements. All your writings will be favorable at the end to the Chinese side. I don;t believe you as Austrailaian. YOu rather a pucca chinese.!!!!


akash.masfire ()

China is well aware of the largest Army in the world i.e. Indian Army.. so they don’t want to mess with us..

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Morgan (Australia) replies to akash.masfire

Um… the Chinese army is actually larger than the Indian army. The Indian army has 1.12 million active personnel, and 960,000 reservists making a total figure of around 2.1 million personnel it can call on for combat. China has a standing army of 2.29 million personnel and 800,000 reservists… along with 1.5 million in the domestic security apparatus which is effectively a paramilitary outfit.



balu.pallathu (Location) replies to Morgan

China has 1.35, India has 1.3 billion. So, we can go billion times to get more people. If in a real war situation, India will go any level and recruit people with dwarf people too to equate people of every chinese. Indian have height advantage. Average chinese comes to hip of average Indian. So, don;t forget those facts too.



Umesh Rai (Noida) replies to akash.masfire

what ?? Largest Army in the world, India? who told you? Dude, China has the largest Army in the world. But yes, India is not like it was in 1962. And china knows this very well.

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balu.pallathu (Location) replies to Umesh Rai

If you have one crore rupees or two crore rupees doesn’t matter. Both are crorepatis.


Morgan (Australia) replies to balu.pallathu

??? Of course it matters, you can buy twice as much of just about anything with 2 crore as you can with 1


Web (Pune)

India has important political, economic and social interests in the Asia-Pacific region Chinese. If these two strengths get added; importance gets multiplied.

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nilanshu gaurav (GANDHINAGAR)

just watching doing NOTHING


Vishal ()

India is now nuclear power and India have better missile that cover all over China so China will not risk to fight with India… Jai Hind!!

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