美网民议论 印度建新厕所但几乎没人用,这是为什么?

<div class="post-description">6亿印度人每天在户外所排放的粪便时,新的邻导班子莫迪政府计划在8月底前建造530万个公厕。问题是,还是有无数的印度人喜欢在户外或者河岸边拉大便。 </div><div class="post-tip">译文来源</div><div class="post-url">原文地址:http://news.*******.com/india-building-toilets-every-second-hardly-anyone-using-221214603.html</div><div class="post-tip">正文翻译</div><div class="post-content">原创翻译:***** http://www.***** 翻译:惊呆小伙伴 转载请注明出处


India Is Building New Toilets EverySecond—but Hardly Anyone Is Using Them


Faced with what you could plausibly callthe world’s biggest pile of crap—the feces left behind every day by the 600 million people in India who defecate outdoors—therecently installed government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launcheda campaign to build 5.3 million latrines by the end of August. That’s one persecond. Trouble is, countless Indians still prefer to poop in the fields and on riverbanks, like theyalways have.


As Bloomberg’s Kartikay Mehrotra reports, many ruralfolks find the idea of defecating where they live disgusting. “Feces don’tbelong under the same roof as where we eat and sleep,” one woman tellsMehrotra, explaining why she and pretty much everyone else in her village dotheir business in a field, despite her new government-installed toilet.“Locking us inside these booths with our own filth? I will never see how thatis clean.”


Open defecation is a colossal public healthproblem in many countries, but it's especially acute in India, whereas much as half the population lacks access to toilets. Excrement contaminatesdrinking water, spreading diseases such as diarrhea, which kills some 600,000Indians every year—many of them children. Girls and women are also assaulted on their way todistant fields; in May, two girls heading home after defecating outside wereraped and hanged from a mango tree.


Nonetheless, a survey of rural households bythe Research Institutefor Compassionate Economics finds that most people who owngovernment-provided toilets don't use them. The key issue, the researchers say,isn’t supply; it’s demand. Indians need to be much better educated about whythey should be using latrines.


The good news is that great progress is being made on this problem. In the last 20years, the percentage of people defecating outdoors worldwide has dropped from24 percent to 14 percent. Want to know more? We took a close look at the issuein our recent series "Insanitation."


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Laura 4 minutes ago

So if they don't want toilets in theirhouses and everyone else doesn't want them taking dumps by the side of theroad, why didn't the government just compromise and put up separate outhousesor portapotties that might actually get used? Surely it wasn't news to themthis year that rural Indians had this weird attitude about toilets in thehouse, right?


Rodger Olsen 1 minute ago

They are suffering from massive overpopulation. Perhaps the 600,000 people a year who die every year from lack ofsanitation are a blessing. If you stop them from dieing, that means anothermillion starving people alive every year.


Mahatma 1 hour ago

Old habits are difficult to break.


Nemo 11 minutes ago

Nature seems to keep a little checks andbalances in India.


Steven 4 minutes ago

600,000 die every year from lack of sanityconditions.

I wish more died. Indians are useless eaters.



Beetle7 minutes ago

100% agree that sanitation and publichygiene is extremely worst situation .But fortunately Indians are immune to fewdiseases.Thats why when an westerner goes to India , he may come back home withTyphoid,food poison, dengy , chicken kunya, Cholera, Hepatatis easily.Becausewesterners are living in a clean place and they do not get any diseases becausethey keep their environement clean.I read an article written by Jim Carrey .Hewas cursing Sikhs because he worked in their gas station and he cleans thetoilet and sinks but the Sikhs always urinate in the sink and through chickenbones.In America just go to any indian gas station or spice shop .the Toiletsare never cleaned and there is full of bull chit including human excretionseverywhere.Thats why sometimes they say that their toilets are not working andkeep a board for the whole month "Toilets not working"

Go to Indian restaurant , Toilets are extremely poor hygiene.Indian uses waterto clean their #$%$ after #$%$.After that they never clean the hands asexpected ..Indian woman looks pretty but they have no concept about cleaningand shaving unwanted hair, dental and foot hygiene is worst.Go to richestIndian man house , same chit.He use the one feet of floss for one month.Theyhave no interest in spending any money for hygiene but they keep a ton of goldin their pillow.

Like in Switzerland , hygiene inspectors must raid on and off few indian shopsand restaurants without any prior information.

But Good things about Indians is they are totally harmless,CLEAN souls.withdirty smelly hand.

80% Indians are Vegetarians.Next 20% are severe carnivores.and InfectiousIntellectuals.

完全同意,卫生和公共健康非常糟糕。但幸运的是印度人对有些疾病完全免疫。所以当西方人去印度旅游回来时,他们可能会患上各种疾病,比如伤寒,食物中毒,基孔肯雅热,霍乱等等。因为西方人生活在干净的环境中,所以不容易得病。我读过Jim Carrey写的一篇文章,他咒骂锡克人,因为当时他在印度的加油站里工作,所以总是把厕所和水槽洗的干干净净的,但是这些锡克人总是尿在水槽里。在美国,你去任何一家印度人的加油站和香料店,你会发现他们的厕所从来都不清理的,所以到处都是大便。所以有时候他们才说自己的厕所不能使用。去印度的餐馆里看看,厕所里的卫生状况也是异常的差。印度人在拉完后直接用水来清理屁屁,可是从来不洗手。印度妇女看起来很漂亮,可是他们对清洁一点概念也没有,也不懂得如何理掉不必要的头发,她们的牙齿和脚的卫生状况也很糟糕。去印度最富有的人的家里看看,情况同样如此。最富有的人一条牙线竟然用一个月。他们根本没有兴趣把钱花在卫生上,但是他们的枕头里面藏着大把黄金。在瑞士,卫生检查人员一定会对印度商店和餐馆进行突击检查。但是好的地方在于印度人完全是无害的,他们的灵魂是干净的,虽然手很脏。80%的印度人都是素食者。剩余的20%是苛刻的肉食者和有害的知识分子。

Ali Blabba 4 hours ago

I was watching some National Geographickind of show about these scientists taking a boat down the Ganges and aboutevery 30 yards there would be a small group of Indians squatting by the riverbank pooping. They just look up and continue their business. After that, I lostall interest in going to India. I've never seen this in any country except forChina where parents let their kids just poop wherever. The kids even have builtin slits in the back of their pajama pants so that it opens up when the kidssquat.


Mar 2 hours ago

The best way to teach these Indians to usetoilet can be:

1.Fecal cleaning TAX for those defecate outside openly.

2.Other possible punishment can be such as public have to buy a small deeppiece of pit outside the village to do their business and they have to coverwith soil.

3. More ideas from Indian Politician required here





Commenter 2 hours ago

So the person that is telling You how tofix Your Computer cannot figure out how to use a Commode?




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