A candid and remarkable interview with David Hawkins who was one of twenty-two American POWs in the Korean War who was befriended and looked after by members of the People's Liberation Army. After the war, given the choice to return to the US or stay in China, he choosed the latter and stayed in China for five years before returning to the US to give this remarkable interview as if he was looking into a crystal ball of the things to come in 1957 !, a prophecy by a simple American citizen that is so accurate and playing out today fifty-one years later !

一个公正的,非凡的对于大卫?霍金斯采访,他是在朝鲜战争中被被PLA帮助和照顾的22个美国战俘之一。(难道其他战俘就没有被帮助和照顾吗?) 战争结束之后,被给予回到美国或者留在中国的选择,他选择了后者,并在中国停留了5年,1957年回到美国接受采访时就好像看着水晶球看到了即将到来的事情。一个普通美国公民的预言是如此准确并在51年后成为现实。

I'm actually Korean American. I'm sure every country has it's own problems, nobody is perfect. BTW North and South Korea are completely different...but both are very focal pointed on China and of course USA.


this is the only prophecy on record which is so true.

这是 唯一一个有记录的如此真实的预言。

The journalist was seeking punches in the mouth, and he was getting them.


i'm korean and i like china 我是韩国(朝鲜?)人,并且我喜欢中国。

He is not anti-America. You are anti-China.


If he believed China would step on America why did he come back?


WRONG! There was the Civil War stupid!

错了!! 那是一场内战蠢货!!

@TinRoofHug he make me sleepy 他让我犯困

@gluvuv he is just pro truth他只是尊重事实

Wow. Population of 650 million at that time. More than 2X now. I've seen either Chinese or North Korean footage of the 22 US soldiers who shouted together; an empathetic "NO", when asked if they wanted to return to the US after the war. This is the first time that I've seen any one of those 22 soldiers making a statement after returning from their extended stay in the Far East.

喔!那时候6.5亿人,现在超过两倍啦。我已经看过中国人或者北朝鲜人的22名美国士兵一起呐喊的镜头,异口同声的 “NO”,当他们被问道在战争结束之后是否愿意回到美国。这是我第一次我看到他们在远东的长期停留之后发表的声明。

where's the rest? 还有呢?(视频只是个片段)

@sLOVEnac2 Yup ! "Do not resist, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated !"


@sLOVEnac2 They lost 4.2% of their 600 million population by the end of WW2.


@FreestyleBoy2010 May I be the first (of many) to say LMFAO to your prediction.


@nonconservative West media never report that Chinese POW camp hold a mini Olympic for american, This is the only one know to the world, All the POWs were surprise the Chinese r all diffrent then what told by U.S Many of them stayed in China after war volutarylt, some got married, u can't trust american proporganda


no! 不

where can i see the rest of the interview?


"Do you expect they will become powerful enough to step on us?" He said:" I have no doubt" He was a hundred per cent sure about that. and see what is happening right now?

“你认为他们会变得足够强大到踩到我们吗?” 他说:“我从不怀疑”他是100%肯定,然后看看现在正在发生什么?

@EdT586 That's what he meant by the KMT being weak. The size and equipment of a government's military is not an accurate measure of its strength and stability. What matters more than anything else to a government is whether it has the support and confidence of the people. It didn't matter how many US-supplied arms the KMT had, it was still loathed by the Chinese peasantry. Now the communist government is just as corrupt and greedy as the KMT was, they should not ignore the lessons of the past.


He talks like god!他像神一样说话!

Haha, "You wouldn't know for sure". Hawkins fuckin' pwned the arrogant Mike Wallace, and his seemingly Mcarthyes que line of questioning.


Is this David R. Hawkins (the author of "Power vs. Force") when he was young?

那个是大卫·R·霍金斯(Power vs.Force的作者)年轻的时候吗?(好像不是)

great ! power of foresee American dare to talk what he believe even all PEOPLE is against him. Chinese should learn this CULTURE 這個美國佬敢講真話 中國人應該學習這樣的文化 獨立人格 (湾湾?)

Before 1949, the life expectation was around 37, so basically, they just stopped dying for stupid reasons


Then you are a true Korean with Korean blood in your veins !


Wow,so true!!! 喔!!如此真实!!!

is this the same hawkins that teaches various spiritual things? the old guy?


650 million population?? when was this 57?? your telling me they doubled in numbers by 50 years??


Strong personality 强人

Fantastic interview! That reminds me of the recent works of a very promising German scholar and friend of mine, Mr. T. Pattberg and his "The East-West dichotomy". Remember to not tell your headteacher.

很棒的采访!那让我想起了我的一个朋友,一个非常有前途的德国学者的最近的工作,Mr. T. Pattberg和他的“The East-West dichotomy”(东西方的冲突,一本书,不知道有没有中文版)。记得别告诉你的校长。(最后一句莫名其妙)

Not the david hawkins i was looking for 不是我要找的大卫霍金斯。

argh, would have been nice to know the guy had some history and aint just an old guy that suddenly was enlightened and started teaching like so many others.


They will probably kill you first because you know how it was before red china.


Oh, probably -:) BTW, the comment was a typo, but I let it stand anyway. It's harmless


i love the way he says i have no doubt.


@notmysteezhomie You could say the same thing about any particular Western movie that glorifies killing of an enemy – and I don’t support those movies either. However, there are many American movies about the Vietnam War which seek to portary the horror of war and make an anti-war statement. This is the important difference between the Western system and the Chinese propoganda system.

你可以说同样的事 关于 任何一部美化杀死敌人的西方电影并且我也不支持这种电影。然而,有很多美国电影是关于越战的惨状并发表反对战争的叙述。这就是在西方和中国的宣传系统上的重要区别。(他应该是先说中国电影总是充满了无节操的杀戮)

@xiongmu but cant you say the same thing about war movies that portray "glorious" american soldiers massacring enemies (mostly vietnamese and Japanese) on the field of battle? and creating video games that help glorify the war, is that not another form of biased media

(回楼上) 但关于战争电影描绘了“光荣的”美国士兵在战场上彻底击败了敌人(大部分是越南人和日本人)你无法说同样的事情。


@smilingdata Journalist was like" yeah, harder, wow, that was a tough one, one more time! yeah, oh yeah. harder, give me more, wow! "


ikr it's crazy, that's why they have the one child policy.


@EdT586 thre used to be a joke in the PLA army. that Kuo Ming Tang army. is the PLA's best weapon supplier. isn't that kind of funny. So the PLA on behalf of Kuo Ming Tang thanking the US government for its weapon supply. Kwo ming tang has the best trained people, best weaponry, a lot of budget, etc. but they always lost the war. and the PLA looting their weaponry. hahahahahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa.....


America will be attacked first, and then japan and china will push russia back, then they all unite to attack Israel along with the middle east, and Israel will see the Americans are not there to help them, and the Antichrist will sit on the rebuilt throne in Jerusalem and will call for the Messiah, and He will come




'm actually Korean American. I'm sure every country has it's own problems, nobody is perfect. BTW North and South Korea are completely different...but both are very focal pointed on China and of course USA.

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