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U.S. Leads WMD Exercise without China,India


U.S. Pacific Command on Monday kickedoff a multi-national training exercise in interdicting and defendingagainst weapons of mass destruction without the participation of the two majorregional powers – China and India.


The so-called Fortune Guard exercise inHawaii “is just one that we’ve had scheduled for a while” to focus on the WMDthreat, Adm. Samuel Locklear, head of the PacificCommand, said at a Pentagon briefing last week.


Recent missile tests and threats by NorthKorea to launch nuclear weapons at the White House and Pentagon “will justre-emphasize the importance of getting it right during our exercise,” Locklearsaid.

Samuel Locklear说,


Fortune Guard was part of the internationalProliferation Security Initiative (PSI) aimed at stopping the trafficking ofWMD, including the weapons’ precursors and delivery systems. Theeffort was launched in 2003 by the U.S. and 10 other nations and nowincludes 104 nations, but neither China nor India are signatories.


The Defense Department had been open tohaving China included in Fortune Guard following the participation by fourChinese warships for the first time in the recently concluded Rim of thePacific (RIMPAC) exercises off Hawaii.


“We would be thrilled to have China,” a seniorDoD official said at a Pentagon briefing on Fortune Guard last month. “Theyhave received multiple invitations,” the official said of the Chinese.


Improving military-to-military ties withIndia will be a focal point of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s nine-day tripstarting later this week this week that will take him to Germany, India andAustralia. The trip will be Hagel’s first to India as Defense Secretary.


Japan, South Korea and Australia were amongthe nations participating in Fortune Guard.


“The exercise is designed to address thefull range of weapons of mass destruction interdiction-related skill sets,”including rapid decision-making and operational tactics, PACOM said in astatement.


The official said that the nature of theWMD threat “has evolved substantially” since the terror attacks of Sept. 11,2001. In the past, the WMD threat was more likely to involve the weapon itself,but “today the focus is much more on dual use items” that can be assembled intoa weapon, the official said.



oblatt22 · 3 days ago >The official said that the nature ofthe WMD threat “has evolved substantially” since the terror attacks of Sept.11, 2001. In the past, the WMD threat was more likely to involve the weaponitself, but “today the focus is much more on dual use items” that can beassembled into a weapon, the official said.

Yea like box cutters LOL

Another clueless makework exercise.

“官员说大规模杀伤性武器的威胁在911事件后已经发生了很大的变化。在过去,大规模杀伤性武器更多指的是武器本身,而现在更多的是可组装成武器的双用途物体。” 是啊,就像美工刀吗?又一个没意义的演习。

fatman · 2 days ago Kind of a bad place to joke about boxcutters. They were used to slit American throats after all.


Afrigun · 2 days ago Yeah soon you'll need a licence to buyhoushold bleach, peroxide, hair color activator and aluminum glitter, AND...ofcourse a special licence and a certifcation that your tomato bed needsfertilizer....just so you dont 'dual use' any of that.

These policy wonk guys need to take their heads out of their ar---e and smellfresh air instead. Its a BIG world out there......!!!


Riceball · 1 day ago Nah, that's only going to be in bleedingheart states like NY & CA.


Fatman · 2 days ago China and India not participating seems alot more of a political issue than anything else.

Any reporting on the actual headline, like why they still aren't signatories?


dave · 2 days ago China's developing of a new road-mobileICBM known as the Dong Feng-41 (DF-41), with multiple independently targetablere-entry vehicles MIRV's is for use against the U.S.

One would think that would keep them out of the love fest in the ocean.


Jim Asbury · 1 day ago These exercises provide necessary trainingand live at-sea experiences for American sailors and airmen. The Indian Navyprobably cannot afford to participate, the Chinese fear that they're beingspied on, and they're right.


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