China loses appeal of WTO ruling on exportsof rare earths


GENEVA (Reuters) - China lost an appeal atthe World Trade Organization in a case brought by the United States, theEuropean Union and Japan to challenge China's restrictions on exports of rareearths, according to a WTO Appellate Body ruling published on Thursday.


China produces more than 90 percent of theworld's rare earths, which are key elements in defense industry components andmodern technology from iPhones and disk drives to wind turbines. It imposedstrict export quotas in 2010, saying it was trying to curtail pollution andpreserve resources.


Prices soared by hundreds of percent, andthe United States, European Union and Japan complained that the restrictionsgave Chinese companies a competitive edge in products like hybrid carbatteries, wind turbines and energy-efficient lighting.


China's defeat at the WTO was widelyexpected after it lost a similar case over exports of other commodities. Itwill now be obliged to cancel its export quotas to abide by the WTO ruling.


China had argued that limits on exports ofrare earths, as well as the metals tungsten and molybdenum, were needed toprevent over-mining and defended its policy as an essential part of China'ssustainable development.


"China will carefully assess thisruling, continue to improve its management on resource-consuming products in aWTO-consistent manner, facilitate the protection of natural resources, andmaintain fair competition with the objective of achieving sustainabledevelopment," China's Ministry of Commerce said in a statement.



John 5 hours ago 0 14 How is this restriction different from thediamond cartel restrictions on raw gem availability and sales?


VinceL 46 minutes ago 0 2 United States restricted the export ofNatural gas (export quota) to other countries, so china will "mine therare earth materials" at their own pace, without any export quota. justlimiting supply at their own will.


Clive 5 minutes ago 0 0 DO US, JAPAN and EU have any restricted exportsand how are those chosen.

When the US will not allow the export of TITANIUM shavings or ingots does thisgive the US an unfair advantage in building explosion resistant war platforms?

Does the US not restrict the export of WAR MATERIEL and doesn't this give theUS an unfair advantage on the world market and in the war theatre?

Clive Ocnacuwenga


Mac B 2 hours ago 0 4 The second opium war begins by force Chinato trade rear earth?


Yanni 7 minutes ago 0 0 And the USA also lost on the solar tariff,with the WTO and has refused to lift the tarriff, which means that the RareEarth ruling is a paper tigers, and China really does not have to abide by theruling.


Jessie 16 minutes ago 0 0 WTO treaty seems to permit the involuntaryrape of resources from signatories.

Can China sue to force oil exports from the USA, banned since the '70s?


Louis 28 minutes ago 0 1 "China produces more than 90 percentof the world's rare earths" --- so what's wrong with limiting supply andjacking up prices? China is just acting in their own best interest. Westerncountries need to find more supplies, and part of that process is lettingprices rise.

“中国稀土产量占世界产量的90%多。” 中国限制产量、提高价格的做法有什么错?中国这是在做最有益于自己的事情。西方国家可以去寻找其他的供应来源,并且在这个过程中让价格上涨。

Richard Liu 50 minutes ago 0 1 EU, USA, Japan want to buy rare earth cheapand Chinese businessman what to

sell and make money .. but China government has to worry about thecontamination / pollution.

China government and people is not more weak and foolish ..must fight back the

some certain evil capitalists


Jhonn 1 minute ago 0 0 I started laughing out loud when i readprevention of "pollution" as one of their concerns for the export ofrare earths. lol yeah right, how about start with their factories.


davidn 5 hours ago 1 17 Rare earths is only by name. It is notreally rare. U.S. has lots of rare earth like tungsten and molybdenum .. butdoes not mine it. U.S. should mine it to give Americans more jobs.


Tom 5 hours ago 1 14 Maybe we should have used the priceincrease to restart rare earth mining and processing here. The US has as much ofthis stuff as China does.


Edward T 56 minutes ago 1 1 I am sure the reason China produces 90% ofthe rare earth is because other counties have tough environmental requirementsand stiff mining taxes, why is China's authorities so dumb not to assesspollution taxes/penalties on the rare earth?


Gary 1 hour ago 1 2 China should counter that USA does notallow OIL (a commodity) to be transported beyond our borders. If WTI issubstantially cheaper than Brent then USA has an unfair advantage in Chemicaland Industrial production.


Thinking Person 5 hours ago 1 6 Doesn't the US has it's own limits to theoil and natural gas exports?


Alexander 2 hours ago 1 3 China should just say #$%$. I mean what isthe EU and US going to do, not buy all of their goods that are made in Chinesefactories?


John Kiger 9 hours ago china and most people dont understand freetrade . free trade is who ever pays the most gets the stuff while the othersget scraps intil they pay more than others ! its all for bussines profits


Hello 7 hours ago Gee, you figured that out all by yourselfSherlock???


Jim 6 hours ago The environmental extremists kicked outmost of American rare earth mining companies caused them to be out of business.That's too damn bad.


h 6 hours ago Yes ,American should dig those their selfin the state .


lavu 6 hours ago only owner has the right to decide if hewant to sell or not; group of WTO crooks cannot dictate owners what to do withtheir own assets....


Tassix 6 hours ago Well the owner doesn't have the right ifthe Chinese government is putting an export ban on it.


Ryan 3 hours ago Free trade allows the owner to decide whatand how much to sell.


Jim 7 hours ago The WTO should also make a ruling on exportof illegal aliens.

Mexicohas been doing that for years.


RustyDog 6 hours ago The rest of the world better start lookingfor a new supply as the Chinese will screw us over every chance they get.


dean 6 hours ago can Chinahave WTO to tell USAcan't restrict military gears export to them?


MoreFlowers 6 hours ago Greed fueled this, nothing more. I mean, Chinais the most polluted and corrupt place on earth.



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