[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底

'A lot of the stuff that Barack wrote iswrong': Obama's half-brother releases memoir contradicting President's lifestory and exposing their violent father's abuse “奥巴马写的很多东西都是错误的”:奥巴马同父异母兄弟发表回忆录,反驳了奥巴马的传记,并曝光了他们父亲的酗酒史

[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底

Barack Obama's Ivy-League educatedhalf-brother is publishing his autobiography next month, painting adramatically different picture of their few meetings from the one the presidentrelated in his best-selling 'Dreams from My Father' memoir.


Mark Obama Ndesandjo includes an appendixin his book, cataloguing what he says are factual errors in 'Dreams' –including words falsely attributed to his mother, a Jewish woman named Ruth.


[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底


'A lot of the stuff that Barack wrote iswrong in that book, and I can understand that,' he told the Associated Presslast year when he planned to self-publish his book.


'To me,' Ndesandjo said then, 'for him thebook was a tool for fashioning an identity and he was using composites. Iwanted the record to be straight. I wanted to tell my own story, not let peopletell it for me.'


His book, 'An Obama's Journey: My Odyssey of Self-Discovery across ThreeCultures,' is due in stores September 16 and published by Globe PequotPress.


[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底


Describing a two-day stretch in 1988 whenthe two half-brothers first met and shared a next-day lunch, Ndesandjo, whobears only a vague family resemblance to the president, writes that 'overall,it was a very awkward, cold meeting.'


Barack Sr., he explains, was someone he tried not to think of since he haddivorced Ruth years earlier and descended further into alcoholism and adownward career spiral.


The elder Barack was a blithelyself-involved alcoholic, once killing a man in a DUI auto accident and dying atage 46 while driving drunk.


[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底

After earning degrees in physics from Brownand Stanford Universities, Ndesandjo honed his artistic talents in China wherehe lives with his wife.


He is an accomplished pianist and recordingartist who often gives lessons to orphans in the Chinese boom town of Shenzhen.


[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底

[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底


[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底

[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底


[娱乐一下]深圳奥巴马胞弟出书 揭了奥巴马的烂底

insertnamehere,Winter Park FL, United States, 5 hours ago No one really knows who Obama is. Any oneof us can find someone from grade school or high school or even college who cansay they remember us being there. But not Obama. All of his academic recordsare sealed and no one has ever come forward to say that they knew him. Aspopular as he was in 08, you would think that any and everyone who knew himwould have come forward for their 15 minutes. But no one did. The man is amystery. Once he's gone, things are going to come out that will have people whovoted for him questioning themselves. The rest of us won't need to.


Linda,Citiizen of the World, United Kingdom, 30 minutes ago this brother is just bitter and jealous!What good person would speak so negatively about their own brother? In DREAMS,Obama talked about finding out from his elder sister that their father was abitter drunk and abusive husband (he did not grow up with him so he does nothave details as his brother.



Mason,NC, United States, 4 hours ago

Mark Obama Ndesanjo sounds like a good manand genuine person. He has substance and has given back. He and his brother,Barack Obama, seem to be polar opposites.


SlightlyBored, Nonny-On-The-Wold, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago He sounds more grounded and worldly: wouldhave made a better President?


SBubbles,Palo Alto, United States, 3 hours ago Has Obama ever told us the truth aboutanything? " Dreams from my father " should be " Nightmare of aviolent, deadbeat, drunken father"


kimdi01,Texas, 3 hours ago We all know that Barack Hussein cannot go aday without lying to the people of the United States so this all comes at nosurprise. Everything he does if directed at making him appear better than he iswhich is a common liar.


Nicole,Miami, United States, 3 hours ago All politicians are liars....who was thelast truthful president in our lifetime?


milkyway_girl,Ashland, United States, 4 hours ago THANK GOD, neither half-brothers are"wife batterers" like their common father.


K-Girl,K-ansas, United States, 3 hours ago Are you kidding? Michelle would knock himin to next week if he even tried. Besides, he's a sissy.


SlightlyBored, Nonny-On-The-Wold, United Kingdom, 1 hour ago But weirdly neither looks like theirfather.



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