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导读:译文简介印度放弃了40年来对孟加拉湾上一大片海域的主权声明。印度的这一决定与中国形成鲜明对比,所以中印的这种差异导致南海的局势越来越紧张。译文来源原文地址: 正文翻译原创翻译:***** 翻译:喜欢寂寞 转载请注明出处 India Drops Claim to Unlock Offshore Oil inChina Contrast 印度放弃有争议海域,与中国形成鲜明对比 If good fences make good neighbors, thatmay explain why muc

译文简介印度放弃了40年来对孟加拉湾上一大片海域的主权声明。印度的这一决定与中国形成鲜明对比,所以中印的这种差异导致南海的局势越来越紧张。译文来源原文地址:http://finance.*******.com/news/in ... lock-183001383.html 正文翻译原创翻译:***** 翻译:喜欢寂寞 转载请注明出处

India Drops Claim to Unlock Offshore Oil inChina Contrast


If good fences make good neighbors, thatmay explain why much of Asia's recentterritorial tension has centered on the ocean.


India took a step toward tighter ties withBangladesh this month in surrendering its four-decade claim to a swathe of theBay of Bengal about the size of Lake Ontario, opting to heed a UnitedNations-backed ruling. Bangladesh praised its neighbor's move, with the head ofstate-run oil monopoly Petrobangla saying the newfound clarity will unlockdrilling opportunities.


The decision provides a contrast withChina, which declines to acknowledge any UN jurisdiction in its dispute withthe Philippines over maritime claims. The difference in approach shows whytensions are rising in the SouthChina Sea as companies ramp up oil and gas investment in the Bay of Bengal.


"This is a showcase judgment of howcountries can reach an amicable agreement," said S.Chandrasekharan, New Delhi-based director of the South Asia Analysis Group,referring to India and Bangladesh. "The South China Sea is a glaringexample of how one intransigent country can hold up everything."

“印度和孟加拉国的这个例子表明国家间是可以达成友善的关系的,”位于新德里的南亚分析集团的主任S. Chandrasekharan如是说。“而南海的事件表明一个不妥协的国家会对事情造成怎样的阻碍。”

The Permanent Court of Arbitration on July7 awarded about 19,500 square kilometers (7,500 square miles) to Bangladesh,some 76 percent of the area under dispute with India. The move followed adecision last year that clarified Bangladesh's sea border with Myanmar.


‘Odd Man Out'


"The fact India has accepted thisjudgment without question puts a little pressure on China," Reichler said,adding that China is the first country to refuse to participate in arbitrationunder the UN law of the sea. "It makes China look that much more like theodd man out."


The South China Sea is estimated to have asmuch as 30 billion metric tons of oil and 16 trillion cubic meters of gas,which would account for about one-third of China's oil and www.yiqing001.com gas resources,according to the official Xinhua news agency. Vietnam and the Philippinesreject China's "nine-dash map" of the waters as a basis for joint oiland gas development.


"India, Bangladesh and Myanmar haveall demonstrated that countries can successfully settle their disputes throughimpartial third-party arbitration," Philippine Foreign Secretary Albertdel Rosario said in a text message. "We are confident that the tribunalwill find in favor of our position against China's Nine-Dash Line. I am surethe international community will receive such a development positively and thatChina will appreciate its value in the long run."



Fred 6 minutes ago Commie China is one intransigent country,pushing her wrong actions by refusing to acknowledge and cooperate in a UNarbitration case by the Philippines and soon Japan and Vietnam. China choosesto bully her neighbors instead. Ugly Chinaman go home, you are no neighbor buta bully.


Divided We Fall 27 minutes ago Looks like India knows how to become aresponsible future superpower.


Fred 7 minutes ago Unlike bully commie China. Good for India.


joe 3 hours ago I hope our next President's foreign policyprioritizes India ahead of China. This is where part of our containment policytowards China should be focused.


WongforU 45 minutes ago It is time to do business with India. Weneed to pull all American, Japan, South Korean, and European Businesses out ofChina and do business with a more www.yiqing001.com civilized country that needs helpeconomically and would appreciate what the international community does for them.I respect India and trust them more than the Chinese. China has a major problemwith the international community.


Fred 6 minutes ago Chinese are liars, thieves, crooks andbullies. Ugly Chinaman go home!


Xi Jin Ping The Bluffer 1 hour ago Stop buying anything from China!


Aurora89 1 hour ago China cant live one day without stealingsomething from somebody. It's in their gene.


Allen Tse 1 hour ago China is the real victim of thief. Pleasekeep in mind China has never dig oil in south China sea, but Vietnam has digmuch oil, oil value accounts for about 1/3 of Vietnam's GDP. Now you can understandwho cannot live one day without stealing others' staff.


Gary 1 hour ago Can you see that China, look up that isIndia's nose looking down on you and showing you how a civilized Country act's


Fred 1 minute ago India is a good country, commie China isbad, bad, bad!


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