China, Japan and Russia zero in on Latin America


By Guillermo BarrosJuly 28,2014 10:21 PM

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto (R) and Japanese Prime MinisterShinzo Abe make a toast during a dinner at the National Palace in Mexico City, on July 25, 2014 (AFPPhoto/Alfredo Estrella)

墨西哥总统恩里克培尼亚涅托(右)与日本首相安倍晋三在墨西哥市国家宫举办的晚宴上相互敬酒,2014年7月25日(法新社照片/阿尔弗雷多埃斯特雷亚 摄制)

The leaders of China, Russia and Japan alldescended on Latin America in recent weeks, jostling with the United States toincrease their influence, invest and tap into resource-rich markets. The latest arrival wasJapanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who on Monday was in Trinidad and Tobago,the second stop on a five-country tour that began on Friday in Mexico. Abe's visit began just asChinese President Xi Jinping wrapped up his tour, whichincluded stops in Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela and Cuba. Xi signed more than100 trade agreements on the trip. Russian President VladimirPutin was in the region for a week from July 11, stopping in Argentina, Brazil,Nicaragua and Cuba. The United States remainsLatin America's top trade partner, but gone are the days when Washington couldtake the region for granted as its backyard.


"In two or three moreyears, China will displace the European Union as the second most importanttrade partner of the region," said Osvaldo Rosales, head of theinternational trade division a the Economic Commission for Latin America(ECLA), a United Nations agency. "That probablyexplains prime minister Abe's visit. For Japan and SouthKorea it is important to counterbalance the increased ties the region isestablishing with China," he told AFP. Even though Xi visitedcountries that denounce US "imperialism," Rosales said his visit was"merely economic." "China needs thenatural resources that allow it to maintain a long-term growth rate of five toseven percent," the Chilean-born economist said. China is in the market forChilean copper and timber, Peruvian gold and zinc, Argentine beef and wheat,Brazilian sugar and soybeans and Venezuelan oil, among other commodities. Yun Sun, East Asia expertat the Washington-based Stimson Center think-tank, said Xi's trip partly soughtto "strengthen China's ties with Latin America, which is probably theweakest area in China's global strategy." While China is boostingeconomic ties with the region, the Asian giant has a ways to go to catch up tothe United States, whose trade with Latin America topped $800 billion in 2011,more than three times that of Beijing, according to the Council on ForeignRelations, a US think tank.

“两到三年内,中国将取代欧盟成为该地区第二位最具影响的贸易合作伙伴,联合国拉美国际贸易部经济委员会主席(ECLA),奥斯瓦尔多罗萨莱斯说道。 “这或许解释了安倍首相来此的目的。日本和韩国是为了平衡中国与该地区的不断增进的关系”他对法新社说道。虽然习访问国家时指责美国为“帝国主义,”但他说,他这次访问“只谈经济。” “中国需要(大量的)自然资源来维持它5%至7%的增长率,“这位出身于智利的经济学家说道。中国需要智利的铜和木材,秘鲁的黄金和锌,阿根廷牛肉和小麦,巴西的糖和大豆,还有委内瑞拉的石油等大宗商品。位于华盛顿的智库斯廷森研究中心,东亚事务专家孙云说,习的此次出行是为了“加强中国与拉美诸国的关系,这可能是中国全球战略(布局)中最薄弱的地区。”

- ChallengingUS dominance –


Xi and Putin, whooverlapped in Brazil, played to Latin American resentment towardperceived dominance of theregion by Japan's longtime ally the United States. Together with Brazil, Indiaand South Africa -- their partners in the BRICS group of emerging nations --they announced a new $50 billion development bank and $100 billion reserve fundto rival the Western-dominated World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Xi also wooed LatinAmerican leaders by proposing a new $20 billion infrastructure fund for theregion. In communist Cuba, Xi signeddeals on nickel and joint oil exploration in Cuban waters of the Gulf ofMexico. Cuba is a regionalbridgehead for foreign powers in the trade competition with the United States.Washington has had a economic embargo on the island since 1961, and the arrivalof major US competitors shows that Latin nations no longer follow Washington'swishes with ease. "That Cuba can host Xior Putin and sign agreements ... is something that was absolutely unthinkable10 or 15 years ago," said Rosales. "It shows that we're in acompletely different international political context."

习和普京先后对巴西进行了访问。利用拉美地区不满于日本的长期盟友——美国的摆布而参与其中。(他们)与巴西,印度和南非——这些新兴国家组成金砖四国合作伙伴——他们宣布出资500亿美元建立发展银行,并筹集1000亿美元作为储备基金,以此来抗衡西方主导的世界银行和国际货币基金组织。习还拉拢拉美领导人,建议设立一个全新的200亿美元的区域基建基金。在共产主义古巴,习签下了镍矿协议,并计划在墨西哥湾古巴海域与古巴共同勘探石油。同美国进行贸易竞争,古巴是外国势力的必争之地。华盛顿自1961起就对该岛进行经济封锁,而当美国的竞争对手出现后,拉美国家不会再让华盛顿随心所愿了。 “古巴能自己做主与习或普京签下某些协议,这在10或15年前是绝不可想象的,罗萨莱斯说道”这表明我们所处的国际政治环境已完全改变。”

- Risks and opportunities -


Russia's trade with LatinAmerica is not nearly as big as that of China, but Moscow may need support asthe EU and the United States close their doors over the crisis in Ukraine. Russia wants to use itsrole as a member of the BRICS group to increase ties in the region. Latin America's ties to theemerging powers comes with risks -- as shown by its economic downturn followingChina's post-financial crisis woes -- but also new opportunities. Rosales isconvinced, for example, that economic reforms in China that focus on developingits internal market over exports will free up vast amounts of private capitalfor investment abroad. Latin American nations arenot yet doing enough to attract this capital, Rosales said. "This is anopportunity that we are letting slip by right now."



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Marty 10 hours ago 4 6 Who cares who the "enemy" is? Weneed to be more pragmatic in our dealings with Latin America and step tothe plate. We could useVenezuelan Oil, but we don't because there's no freedom in thatnation/country...Who cares? We need the resources and could save ourselvesBILLIONS upon BILLIONS of $$$ by dealing with them instead of blood thirstyARABS. We also have to look to expand NAFTA to include So & CentralAmerica. SEATO has to be strengthened. Why are the Chinese, Russians, andJapanese going there? America is the weakest it's been in YEARS and reallycan't and won't do anything about it. That's why they're there. WE CAN AND MUSTBE PRAGMATIC and deal with the fact that there are places where democracy won'twork and people are used to oppression (fyi there's economic strive here in theUS, the gov't just refuses to see it and deal with it properly). WE MUST getour feet into So & Central Americas door NOW before it's too late and theonly allies we have are further away in Europe (andthey're not thrilled with us either). Frankly, I think it's time wehad leaders who UNDERSTAND that we are not responsible for the freedom or lackthere of in other countries/nations. PEACE! Collapse Replies (4) Reply


Jeremiah Jeremiah 9 hours ago 0 1 Marty, we don't get Venezuela's oil becausethey hate our guts... They know we use trade & we control the world dollar(the U.S. dollar is the world's reserve currency).. And to many countries weuse this dollar like a mean father who uses his belt to spank His disobedientchildren...



Raul Raul 8 hours ago 0 1 How stupid can people be ?, russia , chinaand every anti-american country in this world had been helping cuba for thelast 56 years , have you see cuba get any better ? in fact cuba went from aparadise to a hell hole , here some more facts , venezuela , argentina ,bolivia are not to far behind , ecuador , chile,uruguay , salvador , costa rica , even colombia might soon join that hell holesoon... OH !! one more thing if russia , china,japan are gonna make such a " PARADISE " out of south america ,Howcome millions of illegal alien from south american don't wanna go home ? andhow come millions more of south american keep breaking in throught the USABORDERS....

大家怎么都这么蠢啊?俄罗斯,中国,和世界各地的反美国家帮古巴能有56年了,你看到古巴有变好了吗? 事实上,古巴是从天堂掉进了地狱,还有很多眼前例子,(比如)委内瑞拉,阿根廷,玻利维亚全都落后了。厄瓜多尔,智利,乌拉圭,萨尔瓦多,哥斯达黎加,甚至哥伦比亚没准早晚会下地狱,很快…还有,如果俄罗斯,中国,日本都会把南美变成了“天堂”,那么来自南美的数百万偷渡客为什么不回家?过来的数百万拉美人为什么还赖在美国境内?

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Joe T Joe T 6 hours ago 0 2 @Jeremiah: Texas-based Citgois a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Venezuelan oil company. It's wrong to saythat Venezuela doesn't want to sell oil to the USA.



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