WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A bipartisan group of U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday said Japan's refusal to drop all barriers to farm imports under a Pacific trade deal was unacceptable and urged the U.S. administration to cut Japan and Canada out of the talks if they did not give ground.

华盛顿(路透社) - 一个由两党议员组成的小组在周三表示,日本拒绝遵循太平洋贸易协定撤除农产品进口的贸易壁垒令人难以接受。如果两国不做出让步的话,他们敦促美国政府将日本和加拿大踢出会谈。

In a letter to President Barack Obama, 140 House members, or nearly one-third of the chamber, expressed "deep concern" about the state of agriculture market negotiations in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), involving 12 countries from the Americas and Asia.


Japan, which is keen to protect sensitive sectors such as beef, rice and pork, had made an "unprecedented and objectionable" offer exempting numerous products from tariff elimination, which could set a damaging precedent for other trade talks, they said.


"We urge you to hold Japan and Canada to the same high standards as other TPP partners. Otherwise, Congressional support for a final TPP agreement will be jeopardized," the letter said.


"Indeed, we urge you to pursue the TPP negotiations without any country, including Japan, Canada, or others, that proves unwilling to open its market in accordance with these high standards."


The letter was signed by senior members of the House committee with jurisdiction over trade, including Ways and Means chairman Dave Camp and trade sub-committee chair Devin Nunes, both Republicans, and the sub-committee's top Democrat, Charles Rangel.


Farm lobby groups have already threatened to oppose the TPP, which is key to the Obama administration's foreign policy in Asia, if they do not get better access to Japan and Canada's markets.

农业游说集团已经威胁说,如果他们无法进入日本和加拿大的农产品市场,他们就要抵制TPP - 奥巴马政府亚洲外交政策的关键。

Pork farmers said the congressional show of support was welcome, noting Japan was the fourth biggest market for U.S. farm exports, and Canada was No. 2.


Japan has said it will not agree to abolish all tariffs on wheat, rice, dairy, sugar, wheat, beef and pork. U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said after the last ministerial TPP meeting that the United States was pressing for tariffs to be eliminated "to the maximum extent possible."


(Reporting by Krista Hughes; Editing by Bernard Orr)