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Chinese grad student found beaten to death near USC campus


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Chinese graduate student at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles has been found dead in his off-campus apartment after being assaulted late at night on his way home, police and university officials said.

洛杉矶(路透社)- 一名中国大学毕业生在他位于洛杉矶美南加州大学附近的公寓处死亡。警方和该校行政人员称,此前,他在晚上回住所的路上被袭击。

The body of Xinran Ji, 24, an electrical engineering student who enrolled at USC in the fall of 2013, was discovered at about 7 a.m. local time Thursday morning, a few blocks away from where police say he had been attacked nearly six hours earlier.


No arrests had been made as of Friday morning in the assault, which university officials said appeared to be an isolated incident.


It came two years after two other USC graduate engineering students from China were shot to death as they sat in a parked car together in a neighborhood adjacent to the campus in what police said was a robbery attempt gone wrong.


Two men were later arrested and charged with the double-slaying, a crime that stunned the prestigious private university. One suspect pleaded guilty to two counts of murder earlier this year and was sentenced to life in prison. His co-defendant is still awaiting trial.


Investigators believe the victim in the latest case was struck with some kind of blunt object when assaulted by at least three individuals on a street corner at about 12:45 a.m. but managed to make it back to his apartment before he was found dead, police said.


No further details of the attack were disclosed, but a statement issued by university provost Elizabeth Garrett said the student appeared to have died from a head injury.


"From all early indications, this was an isolated incident and there was and is no apparent threat to the campus community," she said.


Ji's family in China were informed of his death and were making arrangements to travel to Los Angeles, according to the dean of USC's engineering school, Yannis Yorsos.



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? Edster 11 hours ago



This is an "isolated incident" claims this official. What nonsense!!!! SC is in one of the WORST areas of LA. I mean its downright scary there at night.I would never even consider sending a child there. I'm sure it was lovely back in the beginning (and God knows the city has tried very hard to clean it up and add nice buildings in the last few years), but the criminal element is everywhere! Too bad they couldn't just relocate to a safer community. There is so much tradition there.


? Denne herre betaler! 7 hours ago



Chinese students are so happy to be able to come to the US and study, they have no idea where they are going or nay of the dangers in America. The Americans they come into contact with in China, are friendly and for the most part polite and honest. They form their images of America from these US citizens living in China.


? GHS65 19 hours ago



USC is in a bad area of L.A. and the article says the student was out at 12:45

AM. I know we should all be able to walk in our neighborhoods at any time and I am upset that a young man who showed so much promise has lost his life. However, I don't think being out at 12:45 AM in the area of USC is prudent. I was born and raised in Chicago's inner city so I am not a stranger to urban areas that may not be the safest neighborhoods to be in. Hopefully, LAPD will be able to find the guilty parties and bring them to justice.


? Alfred 1 day ago



This engineering student might have gone on to do great things. Instead his life was cut short by

worthless thugs who probably couldn't read or write at a second grade level. That is tragic.


? michael 1 day ago



USC needs to wake up and smell the coffee! These predators are there every night and the school needs to do a much better job of protecting students. USC receives hundreds of millions of dollars from alumni and some of that needs to find it's way into beefed up security, more cameras, and more police, not just the football team.


? Far 21 hours ago



USC is located in one of the worst, high crime areas of any campus anywhere. I lived in LA for 23 years and it's known that that area of the city is rife with gangs, prostitution, etc. The Staples Center and other developments in nearby downtown were supposed to bring more affluence to the area, but it's obvious that nothing much has changed. It's extremely unfortunate. USC is a premier institution, but I wouldn't ever want to go there given it's location.


? Rodger 1 day ago



This is NOT an isolated incident and DOES pose a threat to the entire USC family community.


WAKE UP USC administrators. As a USC grad, and a born and raised in LA guy, I am acutely aware of the dangerous areas of Los Angeles. USC is unfortunately in a danger zone. And for that reason, my kids will never attend my alma mater.


The USC administration should recognize that the USC 'community' extends beyond the

walls and guard gates surroundng the school and invest in extending security throughout

the contiguous area near the campus.


Another senseless killing of an innocent person by the local lowlives that infest the central

Los Angeles area. My thoughts and prayers go out the Ji family.


cv 1 day ago



First of all, my deepest sympathy to this innocent young man's family. Second, university provost ElizabethGarrett said, "from all indications this was an isolated incident and there was and is no apparent threat to the campus community". Don't you just hate it when someone like this insults your intelligence! Authorities said there were at least three suspects, the student was hit with a blunt object that eventually killed him, and they have no suspects in custody. Yet, there is no danger to the campus community? These people will do anything to down play even murder, to protect their college image. It's totally disgusting! It sounds like this innocent college student was attacked by a pack of animals who need a lot of their own type of medicine.


Paul 1 day ago



This guy is probably the only kid in the family, due to the one child policy of the 80s and 90s. His parents invested a lot in him for him to study abroad. Surely he put into plenty of effort as well, having gone through the grueling college admission exam in China, and then learning English to get to the US. Not exactly an easy thing to do to come to the US legally. All of this just to be beaten to death? Every time something like this happens, it's all over the news in China.


Baron Carlton 1 day ago



No further details of the attack were disclosed, but a statement issued by university provost Elizabeth Garrett said the student appeared to have died from a head injury.

"From all early indications, this was an isolated incident and there was and is no apparent threat to the campus community," she said.

No apparent threat to the campus community? Really?! One of YOUR students was just MURDERED, previously 2 of YOUR students (also Chinese Graduate Engineering students, connection? pattern?) were MURDERED in cold blood, but thank goodness you don't have any threats to the campus community. What a MORON!!!





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