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导读:[size=16] BEIJING: China on Saturday said it plans to promote the development of transport infrastructure in Tibet by building more roads and airports by 2020. The ministry of transport said in a guideline that China aims to expand highways in the


BEIJING: China on Saturday said it plans to promote the development of transport infrastructure in Tibet by building more roads and airports by 2020.

The ministry of transport said in a guideline that China aims to expand highways in the autonomous region to 1,10,000 kilometres by 2020.



China plans to complete a primary network of railways by then with 1,300 kilometres of rails in operation. It also plans to build more airports in Tibet, state-run Xinhua news agency said.

Focusing on the rural areas, the authorities have planned to connect at least one road in every village of the country with urban areas by 2020.



To that end, the transport ministry will beef up support to the construction of transport infrastructures in Tibet and make specific plans to ensure the accomplishment of these targets, it said.

Tibet has received about 83 billion yuan ($13 billion) in transport investment during the last 20 years, the report said.



Although airlines, railways and expressways have made travelling to Tibet much more convenient, the transport infrastructures in the autonomous region are still outdated.

"The development of transport in Tibet is crucial to China's national security and lasting prosperity in the autonomous region," the ministry guideline said.




panp ()

This is an open invitation and a challenge too for GoI to develop the regions near the borders if we want to keep up with them. In fact they are ready and eager to invest in Indian infrastructure. lol



G Pradeep (Unknown)

just want to make that its a part of CHINA long long before ...and make ppl forget that they captured it


PunebetterthanMumbai (Mumbai)

This is a good thing and a bad thing- China has focus attention on developing Tibet with new highways, airports, schools and factories, so citizens can live better. The bad thing is it's a strategic region that makes the borders of India easier to infiltrate, Chinese military are closer to the border, shorter range for missiles/anti-missiles, and a stronger China presence in South Asia. Do we want a developed Tibet or a underdeveloped Tibet? A developed Tibet under Chinese control can pose a dangerous threat to us militarily and economically. How can we counter this? Develop our provinces that border China with first class infrastructure and many military bases.


KC and (On sabattical)

They said it themselves. They are doing it for "national security" reasons. Which means "defense." But when China says "defense", it means the opposite.


Loganathan Kuttuva (Location)

Hill region and forests are to be preserved.Expansion activity should be reduced .


hitimez (Location)

Tibet is a disputed territory and as such China should adhere to international law and stop such illegal developments.


lumdheeng (Location) replies to hitimez

So what? Railway line is also being built by Chinese through Pakistani Kashmir.


Vikas Sharma (pune)

this can be threat to Indian nationals ,............. Indian Army will make sure of protecting the nation from chinese infiltrators

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Pia Bose ()

Are the indigenous people of Tibet happy with all these initiatives of China ?


Alibhai (Aligarh)

India can not do this as it will be stuck with hired environmental groups and opposition satraps who can not think beyond their parasitic families.


swatant ()

China is rushingto the borders! We must do the same! Build infrastructure. We want to live by the borders!

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arun ()

Do they boast of


Pramod Bhatnagar (Unknown)

China needs a miraculous operation that the CIA performed on the former Soviet Union. China is not only the enemy no 1 for India but also for the US and Japan. For the smaller neighboring states like Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand too, It is a nuisance. US-China trade rivalry is growing at a galloping rate and soon it may even surpass US economically. Hence for US earlier China is reduced to Taiwan status, the better. Of course, it will also be in the interest of India. But at present the biggest enemy of US is China not any other country.


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