More than 100 Palestinians dead in worst day of Gaza conflict; Israel denies soldier captured


July 21, 2014 An Israeli soldier stands on a tank outside the northern Gaza Strip. Seven more Israeli soldiers were killed in fighting within 24 hours, bringing the military’s death toll to 25 since the Israeli ground offensive in Gaza began Thursday, Israel’s military said Monday evening. Baz Ratner/Reuters


GAZA CITY — Day 13 was the bloodiest so far. More than 100 Palestinians were killed in heavy bombardment and street battles in Gaza on Sunday and 13 Israeli soldiers were slain in the most intense day of fighting in Israel’s current offensive against Hamas, officials said.


Israel said it pummeled a neighborhood in east Gaza because the warren of shops and concrete-block homes was the site of frequent rocket launches and concealed a network of tunnels dug by Hamas fighters and allied militant factions.


When their troops went in, Israeli military officers say, they were surprised by the tenacity, training and weaponry of their opponents. They said Israeli soldiers were repeatedly hit by Gaza militants firing from windows, employing land mines and setting booby traps.


“It was a very hard battle there,” a senior Israeli military official said. “I have to admit that we were facing good fighters from the other side.”


The seven-hour attack by Israeli artillery and tank shells, followed by small-arms gun battles in the streets, left the district in ruins. There were bodies in the streets and gray-faced Palestinians being dug out of the rubble and stacked into ambulances. Thousands of residents had fled in the middle of the night, many barefoot.



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Israel has lost the sympathy of all, morally and politically. Nobody is convinced that children and old men and women are Hamas fighting force.



Israel is carrying out ethnic cleansing, and all their propaganda otherwise does not conceal this reality.




Ethnic cleansing is when you remove an ethnic group from an area so that another ethnic group can move into that area. Israel has killed a very small fraction of Gazan population and will leave Gaza in the relatively near future. This may yiqing001.com be many things, but ethnic cleansing it is not. Interesting on how the pro-Hamas comments continually link this military action to things it is not - that is the essence of propoganda.




Yes, Israel is carrying out ethnic cleansing.

That explains 800,000 Palestinians in 1948, 4,000,000 now.




Hamas is starting to send some fighters out to try to do something other than hide in their holes in the ground. They have no chance of stopping the Israeli army from going where it needs to go - to the underground command centers in Gaza City under the SIfa Hospital - where Hamas spokespeople come out to give their press statements.

Hamas shows what the fictional "two-state solution" really is: a chance to arm the Arab cause to attack Israel. They spent so much effort to try to attack Israel, so little effort towards peace. Gaza will forever be a territory - not a state.

With Gaza refugees fleeing the fighting, the electricity going out, food supplies running down with Hamas leaders have mercy on their people and stop the fighting? Will Hamas surrender? Or will Ramadan turn into a full 30 day fast?





Supporting the apartheid in Israel will only drag the USA into more costly and barbaric wars.



Israel needs to do whatever it takes to finish off Hamas and be done with it.



Hamas straps bombs to children and blow up cafes and buses. That's all you need to know about them. They need to be eradicated.



How many Muslims have been killed by radical Islamist, Hamas and others, throughout the world, in the last decade? Pakistan, Afghanistan,Libya, Yemen, Syria , Iraq, Iran, etc.., etc.. ? Far more than have been killed by Israelis' defending themselves against the depravity that is the mindset of Hamas and their jihadists brothers. The single biggest threat to living a peaceful, non violent life as a Muslim (or other human being) is other Muslims.