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导读:[size=16]End Entangling Alliances In Asia A new Pew Research Center Survey shows thatfear of armed conflict is rampant in Asia. 93 percent of Filipino respondentsare concerned about an outbreak of hostilities. 85 percent of Japanese, 84percen

End Entangling Alliances In Asia



A new Pew Research Center Survey shows thatfear of armed conflict is rampant in Asia. 93 percent of Filipino respondentsare concerned about an outbreak of hostilities. 85 percent of Japanese, 84percent of Vietnamese, 83 percent of South Koreans and 62 percent ofChinese are similarly anxious.


Asia is primed for war.


Nonetheless, the U.S. has foolishlynegotiated entangling alliances (or their equivalents) with China’s probableadversaries – Japan, the Philippines, and Vietnam – contrary to the warnings ofPresident George Washington’s Farewell Address. We should renounce thosegratuitous alliances immediately before Asia’s wars embroil the United States.


Japan has characterized its tensions withChina as reminiscent of the rivalry between Great Britain and Germany on theeve of World War I. China and Japan have come close to blows over airspace andterritorial seas. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently announced anunprecedented interpretation of Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution toenable Japan to employ military force in self-defense or in defense of others.


China holds an explosive grievance againstJapan for its refusal to make amends for the horrors of the 1937 Rape ofNanking during World War II in which hundreds of thousands of Chinese civilianswere murdered or raped. In the South China Sea, China is inching towards warwith the Philippines over Scarborough Shoal while simultaneously constructingartificial islands to advance its territorial ambitions. China has refused theproposal by the Philippines to take the territorial dispute to theInternational Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.


China has long viewed Vietnam as falling withinits sphere of influence, just as the United States has treated the Caribbean,Central America, and South America as its backyard since the 1823 MonroeDoctrine. China attacked Vietnam in 1979, but was sharply rebuffed. At present,China is disputing with Vietnam over the Parcel Islands in the South China Seaand a Chinese oil rig positioned off the coast of Vietnam.


Clearly, Asia is primed for war. And yet,the United States maintains dangerous alliances with Asian nations.


President Washington warned against theentangling alliances represented by our defense commitments to Japan, thePhilippines, and Vietnam in his Farwell Address. He elaborated (substitutingAsia for Europe):


“The great rule for us in regard to foreignnations is…to have as little political connection as possible … It is our truepolicy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreignworld … Why, by interweaving our destiny with any part of [Asia], entangle ourpeace and prosperity in the toils of [Asian] ambition, rivalship, interest,humor or caprice?”


Experience corroborates PresidentWashington’s advice. The United States should pivot out of Asia, not towards itas President Obama has promised.


Wars between China and the aforementioned Asian nations would not threaten thesovereignty, security, or economy of the United States. Indeed, they woulddeflect or squander Chinese military or financial resources elsewhere.Moreover, Vietnam defeated China handily in 1979, and today could expectsupport from other nations claiming rights to South China Sea islands orresources. Japan’s military combined with its fiery nationalism is more thansufficient to arrest Chinese aggression.


Moreover, United States interests areharmed, not helped, by attempting to play global policeman or spear carrier ofdemocracy. We entered World War I to make the world safe for democracy, and wegot Hitler, Stalin, Hirohito, and Mussolini. Just as the founders predicted,when the U.S. intervenes, bad things happen.



Then-Secretary of State John Quincy Adamssermonized in his July 4, 1821 Address to Congress that while the United Statesis the “well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all,” we are the“champion and vindicator” only of our own. The future sixth President of the UnitedStates cautioned that while we “might become dictatress of the world,” we wouldbe “no longer the ruler of [our] own spirit … [America’s] glory is notdominion, but liberty.”



MarcusBurkhalter • a minute ago America has never been an isolationistcountry. Let's stop pretending.


ayps14• 2 hours ago you sir are a effing ignoramus!


JasonJones • an hour ago Are you insane? China, with a population of over 1.3billion people, the second largest economy in the world and a communistgovernment with full sway over the people are a threat 10x what Russia wasduring the cold war...and you want us to cut all ties with the area so they canrun rampant and all while NOT saying we should cut ties with say...the Ukraineand NATO so we don't end up in a war with Russia?!?

Giving way to China now will only lead to an eventual world war with them. Theyneed to be put in check NOW before its too late. Help japan form an Asian NATOto block them so we wont have to.


Theycall me Pringles • 22 minutes ago The US actually created this mess. Who inthe right mind would send thousands of manufacturing jobs to a communistcountry, making them richer than us? Now we don't have a choice but to keep thecompanies there as they control the world's precious resources and theblackmail of pirating our technology? We gave them so much of our money, not agratitude in return. What do they do? Turn around and purchase weapons fromFrance, steal and pirate our technologies, terrorize the rest of Asia. Now the US Government is trying to washit's hands from this mess they've created. This is different from theMiddle-East Flintstones they've been invading for decades, this is Asia. I'mnot surprised they tuck tail and run. Not one bit.


MarkD• 5 hours ago How did that work in 1950, when the NorthKoreans poured across the border? Fifty thousand American dead, that's how.This time, I'm sure it'll be different, because Bruce Fein said so.


Eric• an hour ago The article failed to mention Russia andtheir willingness to go to war with the world over a small second world countryonly about 20 % of America can put on a map. Too bad that our elected congressis part of the 80% who cannot.


spengler1• an hour ago The founding fathers knew best aboutforeign entanglements but our current crop of leaders would rather squander theresources of the nation to keep its superpower status.


takeresponsibility• 5 hours ago I agree with the viewpoint put out by theauthor as the different factions/countries can certainly ward off and defendany aggression from China the economic interests both in the US and WesternEurope will dictate the actions the US will take. Now with Obama it will be atersely worded speech and then off to golf, but with any other president fromeither party those business/economic interests will dictate the policy for theUS


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