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Russian media on downed airliner: The CIA did it



Dina Gusovsky | @DinaGusovsky9 Hours Ago


If perception is reality, then theRussian population would assume that the downing ofMalaysia Airlines MH17 was the work of the Ukrainians—with the help of theU.S.CentralIntelligence Agency, or vice versa.Just one day after the horrific tragedythat left 298 people dead,Russia's Channel One ran a package telling itsaudience that the entire incident was orchestrated by theUnited States,specifically by the CIA.A document purportedly showing that theU.S. was planning to do the same thing during the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis wasshowing in a full-screen graphic.Viewers then learned that the "U.S.orchestrated this because Ukrainian government is not sophisticated enough toorchestrate this," according to the broadcast, which was translated fromthe original Russian by CNBC.


Maxim Zmeyev | ReutersA part of the wreckage of MalaysiaAirlines Flight MH17 is seen at its crash site, near the village of Hrabove,Donetsk region, July 20, 2014.

According to Channel One, Russia's swifteconomic growth and the progress of the so-called BRIC nations—Brazil, Russia, Indiaand China—have inspired the United States to try todamage Russia's economy. The broadcast portrayed Russia as a leader of the BRICstates, though its economy is dwarfed by China's, is smaller than Brazil's andonly slightly larger than India's, according to data from the InternationalMonetary Fund.The government ofRussian President Vladimir Putin financially supports andeditorially controls a domestic media machine that has become reminiscent of theSoviet propaganda machine, and the former KGB agent has shut down mostindependent news channels that may stray from the Kremlin line.Russian TV anchors, reporters and guestsstill consistently use "terrorists" to refer to the demonstrators whoousted Putin ally Viktor Yanukovych as Ukraine's president, just as they didduring the Crimea crisis earlier this year.








Eric 5 hours agoAmerican media is worse now than the Sovietmedia was during the peak of cold war. It will say anything as long as it suitsthe US govt, it doesn't even matter now if its true or not. It's covering upsome things and blowing out of proportion others.26 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


TheBigSmall 12 hours agoEven Russia blames Obama for everything.LOL>25 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


ORIGINALBIGDOG 3 hours ago5000 soldiers died in Iraq for nothing.Because Cheney lied. But no investigation. Four guys die in Benghazi. Hugeinvestigation. Now that's good propaganda. Thanksagain, Fox Fake News.24 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


Петр Камушкин ORIGINALBIGDOG 2hours agoHow many Iraqis and Libyans died?4 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


Ghost_Of_XMas_Future 8 hours agoWow, these guys are almost in MSNBC's leagueof outright lies and spinning. Almost.20 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀



mkelter2011 11 hours agoWe'll never know the truth. Both Russian and the US areled by liars and thugs. Both Russia and the US lack aresponsible press corps as represented by Pravda and Channel One in Russia andthe New York Times and CNN in the US.19 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


Guest mkelter2011 11 hours agoWe already know the truth.6 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


Gold Finger mkelter2011 10 hours agoToday's media machine is worse than Hitler'spropaganda ministry.3 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


Robert Strugnell Gold Finger 5 hours agowhy do you think it was created? why do youthink the internet was created/删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


Marc Aurele mkelter2011 10 hours agoI couldn't agree more.3 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀



Sam Montana 11 hours agoThe older I get, the more I realize this planet is run bychildish morons who do nothing but act like kids pointing thefinger at everyone else. This type of reporting by Russia is very reminiscentof the old USSR days and the odd stuffR. Moscow wouldtransmit.28 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


P P 3 hours agoYou've accused them.. right? Why can't theyaccuse you?18 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


literallyonrecordyounameit 5 hours agoOh so because one man says the missile wasRussian made makes it so? And why won't the media theorize about WHO PUT THEPLANE 100KM OFF COURSE AND INTO A WAR ZONE???http://www.globalresearch.ca/s...18 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


Miner literallyonrecordyounameit 5 hours agoyeah great piece,already checked it out1 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀



Ron Leighton 3 hours agoCompletely plausible. Not proven, butplausible.17 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀


ORIGINALBIGDOG Ron Leighton 3 hours agowhose side are you on, idiot?3 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀



Ron Leighton ORIGINALBIGDOG 2 hours agoIt is interesting that you are moreconcerned with the question about whose "side" I am on, rather thanthe question of whether the claim is plausible. And you resort instantly toinsult. Typical troll.9 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀



Ron Leighton ORIGINALBIGDOG 2 hours agoThe truth, genius.8 删攀瀀氀礀匠栀愀爀攀 (回楼上)


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