美网民:中警告美远离南海-中国到墨西哥湾 说啥呢?

China tells U.S.to stay out of South China Seasdispute


BEIJING (Reuters) - Chinatold the United States onTuesday to stay out of disputes over the South China Sea and leave countries inthe region to resolve problems themselves, after Washington said it wanted a freeze onstoking tension.


Michael Fuchs, U.S. deputy assistant secretary ofstate for Strategy and Multilateral Affairs, said no country was solelyresponsible for escalating tension in the region. But he reiterated the U.S. view that "provocative andunilateral" behaviour by Chinahad raised questions about its willingness to abide by international law.


China claims 90 percent of the South China Sea, which is believed to contain oil and gas deposits and hasrich fishery resources. Brunei,Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnamand Taiwanalso lay claim to parts of the sea, where about $5 trillion of ship-borne tradepasses every year.


China's Foreign Ministry repeated that it had irrefutablesovereignty over the Spratly Islands, where most of the competing claims overlap,and that China continued todemand the immediate withdrawal of personnel and equipment of countries whichwere "illegally occupying" China's islands.


"What is regretful is thatcertain countries have in recent years have strengthened their illegal presencethrough construction and increased arms build up," the ministry said in astatement.


China would resolutely protect itssovereignty and maritime rights and had always upheld resolving the issue basedon direct talks with the countries involved "on the basis of respectinghistorical facts and international law", it added.


China"hopes that countries outside the region strictly maintain theirneutrality, clearly distinguish right from wrong and earnestly respect thejoint efforts of countries in the region to maintain regional peace and stability",it added, in reference to the United States.


Recent months have seen flare-ups indisputes over rival offshore claims.


Anti-Chinese riots erupted in Vietnam in May after China'sstate oil company CNOOC deployed an oil rig in waters also claimed by Vietnam, which has also accused Chinaof harassing its fishermen


China'sofficial Xinhua news agency said authorities had on Tuesday deported 13Vietnamese fishermen and released one of two trawlers seized recently forillegally fishing close Sanya on the southern tip of China'sHainan island.


Relations between China and the Philippines have also been testedin recent months by their dispute over a different area. A Foreign Ministryspokesman in Manila said the Philippines strongly supported the U.S. call forall sides to stop aggravating the tension.


The United States wants the 10-nation Association of South EastAsian Nations (ASEAN) and Chinato have "a real and substantive discussion" to flesh out a call forself-restraint contained in a Declaration of Conduct they agreed to in 2002,with a view to signing a formal maritime Code of Conduct, Fuchs said.


A U.S.official said the issue was raised again last week with China at an annual Strategic and EconomicDialogue, a bilateral forum that seeks to manage an increasingly complex and attimes testy relationship.


China's Foreign Ministrysaid that it and ASEAN were carrying out the Declaration of Conduct and"steadily pushing forward" talks on the Code of Conduct .



US stay away. How many more people must dieso Americacan live off of other countries resources. You have more problems at home, gohelp your own people. Get rid of the high cost of drugs that American can notafford. Get rid of extortion lawsuits that is affecting all of the businessessmall and large. Go "FIND" Yourself. You used to be a good country.Now you have become a fungus that lives off other countries resources.Americans have lost their interest in being productive. Productivity toAmericans mean either winning the lottery or suing an entity. Get rid of thisentitlement mentality. Same mentality that the Government has that they areentitled to interfere with other countries. Help your people who are holding 3jobs. Help your people that are sleeping hungry. Start your concern and charityat home, and once again, let Americashine and gain respect of the world.


I'm a Viet Nam Veteran -Viet Nam was onthe wrong side! If Chinawas their friend I would hate to see their enemy ! I agree with Rambo . Pullall co's out of China_ No more trade ! Build up our bases in P.I. Stay strong@stand by all I Allies !Carry that big stick. Contain them there or they will beon our shore ! They are already cozy Iceland. Greed They want it all !They will feel it when we stop the trade ! Then you have their attention By theway I'm a merchant marine at 70 ! Still out there !I've always said Russia @ China was never our friend Look atem ! J MOE


China'seconomy is fragile and can not sustain growth on the world stage without"free" resources stolen from other countries. The housing bubble iscoming fast and over-construction/over pricing has sapped the trickle downeconomics creating ultra-billionaires but falling short of a self perceivedperpetual internal economy. Any hiccup in china's economy will create massiveunemployment, starvation and revolt. As the construction winds down (manyprojects are bankrupt) and the millions of unskilled laborers will beunemployed and without money. About half of the workforce retired with onlysmall pension which will drain the new workers tax money. Sound familiar? Juston a larger and faster scale. Guess what's next? ask Bush..


If it was not for the USA standing with our Allies, China would have been expanding andtaking over places already. Like the Japan Island that is nothingbut rock and they still want it, why? So they can expand from there saying itis their right 200 miles from that Island thenwhat? Japanis within that 200 miles so they claim that too?

China, Russia and other south Americancountry's are trying to put together another type of banking system right now.Why? Because they have no other choice so they get these small worthlesscountries involved thinking they will be big players then only to have Russiaand China #$%$ on them. Too funny that Russia trying to get around theirproblems by bringing in these small countries......


When all is said and done, no nation onearth wants a dominate China.This in and of itself will ultimately prevent China from rising too far, toofast and eventually it will find itself standing with no allies but manyadversaries.


Please look for products made in countriesother than china. We go out of our way to buy products made outside if chinaand quality is always better than buying cheap #$%$.


So first Russiatell Mr Obama to mind his own business and now China tells Mr Obama to mind his ownbusiness. My Grandma had a name for people like that, she called them busybodies. I would say she was right.


Lets see Chinahas 1 aircraft carrier, that they got from Russia. The USA has manyactive carriers and has more on the way. The USA has a space probe that has leftthe solar system and multiple Mars probes still functioning past theirguaranteed useful life. What does China have? Oh yeah a moon probethat died after 3 days. If we fight a war in Chinaand the Chinese weapons are made in China, we will thoroughly trouncethem.


The way things are going, China candefeat us without firing a shot. They will control and own everything in thecoming decades.


What would we say if China was doing the same thing in the Gulf of Mexico?



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