China's leader Xi departsfor South America tour



China's President Xi Jinping gives a speech at the Great Hall of thePeople in Beijing on July 10, 2014 (AFP Photo/Jim Bourg)

2014年7月10号,中国国家主席习近平在人民大会堂演讲(法新社图片/ Jim Bourg)

Beijing (AFP) - Chinese PresidentXi Jinping on Sunday departed for a visit to four South American countries,including Brazil, to build ties in a resources-rich region traditionallyconsidered the backyard of the United States.


Xileft Beijing on Sunday morning, the official Xinhua news agency reported, witha delegation which includes State Councillor Yang Jiechi, China's leadingofficial for foreign affairs.


Hewill be stopping on the Greek island of Rhodes on his way to Brazil, China'sforeign ministry said Friday, and will hold talks with Greek Prime MinisterAntonis Samaras.


Itcomes only a month after a top Chinese official, Premier Li Keqiang, visitedthe cash-strapped European country where China has been investing heavily,including in the port of Piraeus.


Xiwill pay formal state visits to Brazil, oil-supplier Venezuela, long-timepolitical ally Cuba and Argentina -- a key source of soybeans for China.


He will attend a Brazil-hostedmeeting of the BRICS group of emerging powers, at which he will have his firstface-to-face meeting with India's new Hindu nationalist Prime Minister NarendraModi.


The BRICS meeting of Brazil,Russia, India, China and South Africa is expected to produce a deal to open itsown development bank -- a long-discussed move that is intended to rivalWestern-dominated institutions such as the World Bank.


China'scommercial hub of Shanghai is in the running to provide a home for theheadquarters of the new bank, officials say.


Thevisit -- Xi's second to Latin America since taking office as head of state lastyear -- comes as China's trade with the region has surged along with the Asiangiant's economic boom, and as Beijing remains on the lookout for resources topower its growth


China's massive purchases ofcommodities and exports of manufactured goods to the region have boosted itstwo-way trade with Latin America to a total of $261.6 billion last year,according to China's customs.



Art 8 hours ago

China, Russia, and other emerging market are focused onexpanding trade and their economies. Unfortunately, the morons in Washingtonstill think that the U.S. is the World's Policeman and continue to squander ourresources all over the world, and with no positive results (think Iraq,Afghanistan, Libya) and with Iran and Ukraine yet to come. Future generationsof Americans fighting over an ever-shrinking pie will curse our generation forcontinuing to elect a Congress and President too dumb to come in out of therain.


sam 4 hours ago

China should focus on its domestic projects and don't waste money abroad.America likes to take a side in other nation's domestic affairs to help oneside crush and crack down one another side. America is a hypocrite. But Chinanever wants to touch other nations' domestic affairs, it always let the peopleof other nations deal with themselves. China doesn't want to dictate the wholeworld at all, but America always wants to dictate the whole world. As a warcriminal, America is shameless and disgusting.


F 11 hours ago

China is acting and America is talking. We will not protect our bordersagainst the poorest, neediest and least able. We take in millions who havelittle or no loyalty to America, and never will, and confer the Trojan horse ofdual citizenship upon millions more. America will crumble from within when apatient China finally comes knocking.


Prizgar 21 hours ago

In the 21st Century the Chinese are the world's smartest capitalist. Theyhave always been the richest civilization. Now that they have mastered sciencethey are unstoppable. Other than 19th century Europe and 20th century America,China has always been the richest civilization. Upstart nation/states likeAmerica, England, France, Spain, Portugal that carved-up, terrorized andcolonized the world are now BROKE. Amazing.


KA WAHC 14 hours ago

China need to feed millions of citizens. Create millions of job for thenew graduated in millions every year. And China has no interest to be a worldpolice or encounter US. There are people who hate China and want to make thesetwo countries fight.



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