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导读:( )[align=left]Specialties of China [align=left] 1.a. The national will of Indian politicians is weak compared to China.[align=left] 1.b.

为什么印度落后于中国?Mr.Ryu ( 发贴人)

Specialties of China


1.a. The national will of Indian politicians is weak compared to China.


1.b. Chinacould achieve so much not because it followed communalism but due tocapitalism.


1.c. China has learnt lessonof low tax recovery from the US.


1.d. The democratic tatters like ‘strike’, ‘bandh’, ‘demonstrations/ rallies’etc. are not found in China.


1.e. CNN, BBC channels avoid criticism of Chinese politics.


1.f. There is no freedom in political field in China because they feel that itwould lead to disintegration.

1.f. 中国在政治领域没有自由,因为他们觉得这会导致解体。

1.g. There is one-party Government in China, a communist country.


1.h. There are 15 countries on the boundaries of China. Chinais very strict with Taiwanbecause it has support of USA.


1.i. 70 % of Indian soldiers ( 7 lakhs) are stuck in Kashmirfor indefinite period. In China,military strength is not wasted in such manner.

1.i. 70%印度士兵是无限期留在克什米尔,中国军事力量并没有这么浪费。

1.j. Owing to condition of duress, there is peace in the country.


1.k. China, Leading inmarketing : Chinahas taken over many markets in the world. Today, this country manufactures 80 %of shirts, 70% shoes, 70% toys of the requirement of the world. The key to suchsuccess is Chinakeeps its prices very low and its standard as high as possible.


1.l. Capacity of workers is more : In China, workers work for 12 hours everyday. They have no other holiday except Sunday.


1.m. Chinastands first in construction of canals, dams, roads etc.


2. Discipline in China


2.a. Equality in paying of electricity bills : Electricity is cheaper in China as compared to India. The only difference is thatin India no minister oremployee at lower level pays bills; but it is not so in China. Everyonehas to pay electricity bill.


2.b. Law-breakers have to pay fine: Due to the duress, Chinese people are moredisciplined than us. They are not in the habit of spitting anywhere beacusesuch law-breakers are fined in China.


2.c. No bribing in China!


2.c.1. Vehicles are checked regularly; but there is no system of pushing ahundred rupee note in policeman’s hand


2.c.2. Corrupt policemen are punished immediately in China. There is no governmentpatronage for bribes and corruption.


2.c.3. Corrupt accused also have to pay fine : In the survey undertaken in theyear 2006, 铁血网提醒您:点击查看大图 532000billions were collected from corrupt accused before sending them to jail.


2.c.4. Dy. mayor demanding bribe at a construction site, was dismissed andimprisoned : In the year 2006, deputy Mayor of Beijing was arrested because hehad demanded bribe during the big construction undertaken for Olympic games.The contractor lodged a complaint against him; inquiry was conducted and he wasexposed. He was immediately dismissed and arrested; his property wasconfiscated; he was shown no mercy despite being a high level officer.


2.c.5. Death sentence to criminal : A criminal can be given death sentence forcrimes like carrying drugs weighing more than 3 gms, for crimes like rape andmurder; whereas in the year 2006-07, more than 100 administrative officers weresuspended in Maharashtra for corruption; cases filed against them are going onfor many years; but they are getting their remuneration.


3. Business between China and USA

China sends goods worth US $ 325, 0000 billion dollars to USA every year; butUSA sells goods worth only US $ 100, 0000 billion to China; therefore, trade inthe two countries increases deficiency for USA.


4. Beginning of privatization in China !

After passing away of Mao in the year 1979, Deng came to power. He counted outKarl Marx and made the economy of the country more market-oriented; showedgreen signal to privatization.’

[size=12.0]于[size=22.22]22</face><face][size=12.0]·[size=12.0]马克思并使这个国家的经济更加市场化<face face="" "="">[size=12.0];</face><face face="SimSun">[size=12.0]对私有化开放绿色信号。</face>

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I predict in another two months if Electricity shortage issorted and power comes to normal the GDP growth will shoot up as productionwill increase. Indialags behind only because of poor government or else most people here are farmore business minded than chinese.




This analysis is too needlessly complicated. I have said itmany times before, there is just one reason that Indiais lagging behind China.Chinese were fortunate that thug Mao died in 1978, allowing Deng to take powerand dismantle the hideous communist system. India achieved the good fortune toget rid of NehruGandhi socialism only in 1991.

Some of the reasons given in this summary are ridiculous. No bribing in China? LOL -this piece seems to have been written by some clueless middle class armchairphoren-obsessed Indian with no idea of ground realities. No system of pushingmoney into policeman's hands? the author of this piece needs to wake up.


一些给出的理由是荒谬的。在中国没有行贿? 太好笑了 - 这似乎已经被写入了一些中产阶级扶手册中痴迷的印度不知道当地的实际情况。在中国没有送钱到警察的手中?这件作品的作者需要唤醒。


And why should we compare ourselve to China whosesole aim is to make money at all cost by hook or by crook. We should rather tryto achieve things already done by South Korea,Japan while not becoming a50th, 51st state of USA.



It's hard for anyone to compete with China when the sleeping giant isfully awakened. Chinais in fact still suffering communism and didn’t get a healthy growth shedeserves. Wait until Chinabecomes a normalized country as her fellow sisters like Hong Kong, Taiwanthen people will have opportunity to see the full potential of Chinese people.

However, it is not to say Indiacan’t catch up with Chinaforever. Every country has her boom and doom time, India’s glory is yet to come andhold by the will and determination of Indian people.



tony4562 (这是个英国人)

Inida will not catch up on Chinaand I give you one word for reason: race. To this day, no country withdark-skinned majority population has managed to develop into a modern society.If you look at the newly industrialized countries(regions) in Asia, Taiwan, Singapore,Hongkong, S.Korea all have pale.skinned north east asians as majoritypopulation, not to mention Japan.Do you think that is a coincidence that the Phillipines have failed to developea tiger economy despite of having all the same 'ingredients' Taiwan orS.Korea had? In fact, the ranking of Asean countries in GDP per capital fullymatches the percentage ranking of chinese as a share of the local population (Singapore > Malysia > Thailand > Indonesia), is that merely acoincidence? generally pale skin equals high IQ, and a society needs to have a90 average in order to develop. All east asian countries score 100 or abovewhereas south asian or southeast asian countries all score 90 or less, there isjust no comparison.



Then how does one explain China, which has largest populationof Chinese having the least per capita income than all of the countriesmentioned.

That's a pretty fail logic, pale skinned genius.

Perhaps the Chinese did not have pale skin for the betterhalf of the century since their nation wouldn't exactly be classified as themost developed ones until after the last decade or so.




Don´t mix up scientic findings with racism. The few decentafrican countries with a decent living all have sizeable white population, isthat again a coincidence?



Mexicohas higher per capita income than China. Coincidence?



I´ve been to Mexicoand an host of Chinese cities. I can tell you that Mexico doesn´t even hold candle to thedeveloped part of china. And mexicans aren´t too bad, they have mixed europeanand american indian ancestry. It won´t surprise me if the avg IQ in mexicois higher than 90.



Have you heard of communism? That throws out all the basics.N.Korea is as poor as a rat in the church, yet s.korea is quite the opposite,ad in this world you won´t find another country where the population is ashomogenous as the Koreans. then think of w.germany vs e.germany.

你有没有听说过共产主义?它违反了所有的基本常识。 北韩的穷人就象在教堂的老鼠,但南韩是完全相反的,在这个世界上,你不会找到另一个国家的人口是同质性很高的韩国人。再想想西德与东德吧。

Communism is truly a failed theory, too bad China wasted 30+ precious yearsbecause of it. But in the last 3 decades no major country has been developingas fast as china, this once again shows the tenacity, ingenuity andintelligence of the north east asian people when they are given the freedomthey need. CCP likes to take credit for china´s development, but it is thechinese who deserve all the praise.



And we were socialist economy for a decade more than China,ever thought the same rules could apply here. Guess you were too busy incooking up "scientific" theories to even bother reading about littlehistory.

Makes you feel sad knowing that you're not special, doesn't it?




Socialism is good, Scandinavian countries are allsocialistic, i don´t think the people there regret a bit the path they took.Communism is bad, don´t mix those things up. What is communism? It means thestate owns everything and you can´t even sell an egg in the street. Was India like thisprior 1991, the anser was obviously not. India had billionars just like shehas today, and much of india´s economy was already in private hands. In manyways India was morecapitalistic 20 years ago than Chinais now.社会主义好,斯堪的纳维亚国家都是社会主义的,我不认为那里的人后悔了一下他们采取的路径。共产主义是不好的,不要混淆这些事情了。什么是共产主义?这意味着国家拥有一切,在大街上,你甚至不能卖一个鸡蛋。印度在1991年前,显然不是。过去印度有很多富人就像她今天一样,过去就有很多印度经济已经掌握在私人手中。在许多方面,印度20年前的资本主义比中国现在还要多。

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