Beijing (AFP) - China, the world's second-largest economy after a decades-long boom, provided a total of 89.3 billion yuan (now $14.4 billion) in foreign aid in the three years to 2012, it said Thursday.

The assistance, in the form of grants, interest-free loans and concessional loans, went to 121 countries -- 12 of them in Europe -- the State Council, China's Cabinet, said in a report.

The total amounts to 0.06 percent of China's combined GDP of 139 trillion yuan over the period, far below the 0.7 percent of GNP target proclaimed by the UN for developed nations.

The US, which has an economy almost twice the size of China's, provided a total of $31.2 billion in economic assistance during fiscal year 2012 alone, according to figures on the website of the United States Agency for International Development.

The State Council did not specify which European countries received aid from Beijing.

Of the others, 51 were in Africa, 30 in Asia, 19 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and nine in Oceania, the report said. Regional organisations, including the African Union, also received aid, it added.

It emphasised that China does not tie any "political conditions" to its assistance or interfere in recipient nations' internal affairs.

The report stressed that China's foreign aid has been growing in recent years, though provided no direct comparative figures.

A previous report said that by the end of 2009, China had provided a total of 256.3 billion yuan in aid to foreign countries.

The report does not cover aid provided last year when China was criticised after offering the Philippines -- with which it is embroiled in a longstanding row over islands in the South China Sea -- what was seen as paltry assistance after the devastation wreaked by Typhoon Haiyan.

Beijing initially announced a $100,000 cash donation with a matching one from the Chinese Red Cross -- substantially below the aid provided by the charitable foundation of Swedish furniture store IKEA, though it soon said another 10 million yuan for relief was in the pipeline.

Concessional loans, which the State Council described as including "large and medium-sized infrastructure projects", accounted for the lion's share of China's assistance during the three-year period at 55.7 percent.

Grants made up 36.2 percent of the total, while interest-free loans accounted for 8.1 percent, the report said.















What China calls "aid" is known as "bribe" in the civilized world. Check out the countries they give "aid" to. Those countries seem to be rich in natural resources and are often bound by the "aid" to buy Chinese goods and pay with resources. China never gives without strings attached or where they cannot benefit. Look at their response to the recent disaster in Phillipines - they gave a paltry sum of a few hundred thousand only after they were shamed by the international community. The "aid" is usually given to corrupt government leaders to do as they please with it. Go figure.


you cannot compare china and The USA when it comes to sharing

china should spend those money educating chinese domestically.

teach chinese how to act accordingly or teach them proper etiquette when they leave the mainland and visiting other countries.

you can tell a chinese from mainland china and the classier kind from HK or Taiwan.

you can differentiate a Japanese tourist from a chinese one.

you will know chinese tourists visiting famous landmarks all over the world and its kind of disappointing.


Most of the US aids are in the form of arms, which will create war so that US can sell more arms. The aids are more like opium.


Wow...I think 99% of that $14.4 Billion was just interest payments on what we own them from our national debt $14.4 in 3 years isn't much when you consider we want to spend $3.7 at one time for illegal alien kids to allow them to remain here illegally!


First of all, those foreign aid figures are from Chinese government, so that amount must be inflated. But if the figures were real, China didn't provide those aids for free. China influenced those receiving countries (mostly Africa and central America) with conditions. For example: Those countries must cease diplomatic relationships with Taiwan and they must also sell their raw materials to China with bargain prices...Remember last year hurricane in the Philippines, China gave that country $150.000 dollars; yes, only $150.000!!!


They have learned that money politics gets results. Buy world leaders and you have lap dogs to do your bidding. The U.S. beat the "Communist" threat by out spending them. China is doing the same thing to the U.S., out spending their capitalist rival playing the same game. We are weak and they are getting stronger because corporations have thrown in with communist-lite to make HUGE profits with NO regard what its doing to the United States.


Since China wants to rule the World, let the World turn to China for a hand out and the US should give no foreign aid. Charity begins at home.


Let's see: China gave to Latin America, the US gave to Latin America...and Latin America claims they need to send their children north to avoid poverty (without their parents, by the way).

Things don't seem to add up.



When i grew up i heard better finish all your food theres people starving in China-Do the Chinese kids hear now better do the same people starving in America?


Real peoples lack of money and commodity.



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