HONG KONG: There's one thing even Hong Kong's more than 40 billionaires will struggle tobuy - a final resting place on their home turf.


Land shortages in the late 1970s forced Hong Kong to ban construction of newpermanent burial sites, and public cemeteries were ordered to ensure theremains of the deceased be exhumed and cremated after six years to make way fornewcomers.


The policy has done little to alleviate thegrave shortage in a city where more than 40,000 people die each year.


Some can get lucky if relatives choose to have the remains of a loved oneremoved from a public burial site to be cremated, opening the prized permanentspace to a lottery system, but plots may only come available every fewyears.


The only other way is if the deceased is amember of a church that has a private graveyard with a plot available, a veryrare instance that can cost up to HK$3 million ($386,900).


"In Hong Kong, people cannot buy a finalresting place even if they have all the money in the world,"said Hoi Pong Kwok, funeral director at Heung Fok Undertaker.

Heung Fok Undertaker的丧葬承办人Hoi Pong Kwok说:“在香港,即使再有钱也买不到一块最后的安息之地。”

"The government doesn't just have to settle housing needs for the living.It also needs to address those of the dead."


While the funeral policy has resulted in a surge in the number of people beingcremated - 90 percent of the city's dead were cremated in 2013, up from 38percent in 1975 - cremation is by no means the answer for those seeking aresting place.

虽然 殡葬政策已经使火葬的人数急速上升——2013年,该市死亡人口的火葬比例由1975年的38%上升到90%——但火葬绝不能解决死后栖息之地的问题。maalolan (PlanetEarth)Electric cremation for the dead is the best and hygiene solution and no fight forspace. What will the poor do?


Da Venks (Unknown)I don't understand... an urn is at most 30cms tall but 20 cms wide... so in a plot that is 1 mt x 2m x 2 m deep, whycan't many be accommodated?


MohamedAnsari (Unknown)Good business, send them to India, we havelots of land and will lay them in peace cheaply.


YasheshK (mumbai)People cannot stay in peace even afterdeath...where is this world heading...


SukdebChattopadhyay (Unknown)When it is becoming difficult to find agrave then situation is really grave there. Problem is continuing even afterdeath. So one has to think twice before praying "May his soul rest inpeace"


vinaymidha (Unknown)effect of golbalistion


bhuvenarendragupta (Unknown)Cremation seems only solution.


?????? ()34days agoI think burning the bodies is better optionin situations like these. Good that majority of people follow procedure ofburning the dead bodies in India.No need of any land.


HemantTokas (Unknown)but I guess burning the bodies is a betteroption if situations like this arises and it may happen one day to everycountry...


GJR Nadar (Mumbai)Buy a house to live in while alive and sellthe same to buy a grave after death. There should be some linkage between theseprocess


GauravGupta (Unknown)In Hong Kong,it costs more to house the dead.........



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