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导读:http://news.*******.com/chinas-xi-commemorates-start-war-japan-053604323.html Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday commemorated the77th anniversary of the official start of war with Japan, condemning those who"ignore the iron facts of history" in
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China's Xi commemorates start of war with Japan



Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday commemorated the77th anniversary of the official start of war with Japan, condemning those who"ignore the iron facts of history" in a jab at Prime Minister ShinzoAbe.


Xi and a cast ofhundreds of soldiers and schoolchildren gathered for a ceremony on the edge ofthe capital to mark the Marco Polo Bridge incident, a skirmish between Chineseand Japanese troops on July 7, 1937 that served as a pretext for Tokyo's forcesto seize Beijing and trigger the Sino-Japanese war.


The event, carriedlive on state television, came amid a deluge of articles in China's state and CommunistParty-controlled media linked to the anniversary and criticising Tokyo forhistorical revisionism and moves towards potential remilitarisation.


The conflict, commonlyknown in China as the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression, led to thedeath of some 20 million Chinese, according to Beijing's estimates. It endedwith Tokyo's World War II defeat in 1945.


Flanked by ageing warveterans and young students, Xi unveiled a slab-like sculpture marking thestart of the conflict and praised the resistance of all sectors of Chinesesociety against what he described as Japan's "barbaric invasion"aimed at "annexing" China.


"There are stilla small number of people who ignore the iron facts of history," Xi said.


He avoided mentioningJapan or Abe by name, but it was still an unusually pointed comment by China'shead of state.


"History ishistory and facts are facts. Nobody can change history and facts," headded. "Anyone who intends to deny, distort or beautify history will notfind agreement among Chinese people and people of all other countries."


In Taiwan dozens ofslogan-chanting protesters tore up Japanese military flags and portraits ofAbe, attempting to set fire to them before they were stopped by police.


Xi's remarks come asTokyo and Beijing are locked in a territorial dispute over Japanese-controlledislands in the East China Sea, and after Japan last week announced areinterpretation of its pacifist constitution that Beijing argues could sendthe country down the path to remilitarisation.http://www.yiqing001.com/


Japan has issuedrepeated apologies over the war. But frequent statements by conservativepoliticians and public figures seemingly casting doubt on them and calling intoquestion factual issues have increased suspicion in China and some othercountries such as South Korea.


Abe's visit inDecember to a controversial Tokyo shrine that memorialises Japan's war dead,along with convicted World War II criminals, only added fuel to the fire.


Ahead of theanniversary, China last week began releasing a daily "confession" byJapanese war criminals set to continue for 45 days, and state-run media havebeen intensifying criticism of Japan. State TV on Monday showed footage of awoman's emotional testimony at a 1956 war crimes proceeding.


In a commentary, the official news agency Xinhua said:"Seventy-seven years later, the psychological wounds of the Chinese peoplehave not been fully healed, as Japanese rightists have repeatedly denied itsatrocities of the aggression and taken a provocative approach in addressingties with its neighbouring countries."


Xi spoke afterwrapping up a two-day trip on Friday to South Korea, where he said"Japanese militarists carried out barbarous wars of aggression againstChina and Korea" in an address at Seoul National University.


During the trip Xi andSouth Korean President Park Geun-Hye, who has criticised Japan over history,reportedly discussed cooperating on the 70th anniversary next year of Japan'sdefeat in World War II.


Japan's Chief CabinetSecretary Yoshihide Suga slammed such a prospect as "utterly unhelpful forbuilding peace and cooperation in the region".



david 6 minutes ago

July 7th, 1937, is the date Japan began the wholesale massacres across theChinese continent. Imperial Japan began its "3 All" policy, which is"Kill All, Burn All, Plunder All" throughout China. By 1945, 35million Chinese dead and 50 million Asians dead at the hands of Japan! Todistort or glorify Japanese aggression is considered a brand new set of crimesagainst humanity by the current Japanese right wingers! Need to prosecute EVERYONE OF THEM ! And yes, that includes you, J-trolls!!!!


Jenny 1 hour ago

I went to Japan with my aunt and stayed in Tokyo. We went shopping and atone of the store the employee asked where we were from. We said the U.S. but we'reChinese Americans, he got onto his knees and asked for forgiveness with whathappened in WWII. We were surprised and told him that it wasn't necessary sinceneither my aunt or I was even born during WWII. lol He was a nice guy and agood example of how kind and respectful most Japanese people are.


manny 3 hours ago

I am 100% sure that US history books, and British history books do notdescribe the War for Independence of the Colonies the same way. I do not hearthe British complaining about how we tell the story. I am sure the Chinesecredit their struggle against Japan as the main factor for their liberation.Everybody knows they could have never done it alone. So let everybody printtheir history the way they want and stop inciting hatred. Why criticize Japanwhen China is doing the same thing Japan did before WWII?


Steelsil 19 minutes ago

Now the shoe is on the other foot, and China has launched an imperialistcampaign against, at a minimum, Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Brunei. Asa result, right wingers favoring a strong defense in Japan are gainingpolitical power. China will come to regret its piracy.


Save us from ignorance 6 hours ago

"Anyone who intends to deny, distort or beautify history will notfind agreement among Chinese people and people of all other countries."

China is one of the BIGGEST distorter of facts! No one in China gets all thefacts, only what has been screened and filtered by the censors.

And China has brainwashed all Chinese through years of vilification of theJapanese in the media. Daily movies and TV shows depicting Japanese in WWII isnot giving facts. It's not the common people who are to blame for what theirleaders did or are still doing.




Jay 59 minutes ago

japan should deal with its wwii atrocities properly- namely do this:

1. take those 5000 mass murdering war criminals out of Yakasuni shrine and stopworshipping them as so-called "gods";

2. Interpret their constitution properly and forbid aggressive wars;

3. the PM should issue a formal apology for all war crimes and acknowledge allof them as true facts;

4. stop making idiotic statements that falsely deny or whitewash their crimes;

5. Revise all their school textbooks and tell the awful truth about theircrimes;

If japan does all that, the rest of Asia and the world will respect japan againand most of us will put it all in the past and we can work together to build apeaceful and prosperous future for the entire human race-

if they don't, many many people will continue to disrespect them, distrustthem, and continue to be angered by what happened-

as it is, many people have zero belief in their so-called "honor"










Kenji 5 hours ago

China should not repeat Japanese bad history they are blaming now. I thinkChina should proceed another way. Do not bully another countries in Asia . Stopincrease arming and keep peace. This is my hope. I think Chinese territorialexpansion policy is almost only one fear of the temporary Asian region.


Don 5 hours ago

how do you have peace with china, they are invading neighbors seas andislands.


SONNY 2 hours ago

Whatever Japan did 70 years ago is exactly what China doing today.

What a dumb copy cat.



Paul 4 hours ago

I'm Chinese and I'm highly annoyed by Japan's whitewashing of history.Having said that, I respect Japan because it does a few things better than myhome country. 1. Japan has preserved traditional Chinese culture far better thanChina, especially after the cultural revolution. 2. Japan is right wing leaningnation as opposed to the left wing Commie government of China, who not onlydestroyed much of China's traditional culture that focuses on elitism, andreplaced it with a cheap commie culture. 3. Japan celebrates ethnic homogeneityand cultural pride just like the ancient Han Chinese, but the Commie governmentembraces "56' ethnicities that includes lower IQ minorities like Tibetans,Mongolians, and Muslim Ugyors. 4. Japan focuses on craftsmanship and quality,which is why Japanese products are often the best. But this focus on qualityhas been lost in China ever since the Commies took over. A right wing nationwill always be more "beautiful" than a left wing nation.







Dutch 7 hours ago

China was a victim of aggression then. They are not anyone's victim now.


WongforU 11 hours ago

The average Chinese is now making 1,300 to 1.500 yuan per month. That isless than $52 US dollars per week. Many Americans makes that in a few hours ofworking. Since the Chinese has risen from 10 cent to almost a dollar an hourthey think they are super rich and can rule the world and bully theirneighbors. China is still very poor and has many years to catch up with therest of the world. Now as far as the Chinese communist government stealing theycontinue to increase their bank debt reaching 25 Trillion dollars and are in afinancial bind reaching far and wide stealing resources from other countries.Funny thing all those Japanese factories, USA factories and European factoriesin China working the cheap labor and China has the nerve to try to bite thehand that feeds it. Time to pull the businesses out of China before we get bit.


Jay 50 minutes ago

I won't be a hypocrite. My grandfather was a war criminal; he beheaded 30japanese soldiers, 16-17 year olds, when they surrendered to his guerillasquad-though those soldiers might have deserved it

but I will NEVER apologize unless they act properly towards their wrong-doings

Japan should man up and admit their wrongs- and act in a proper way as to thosewrongs-

if they did that, we can put it all behind us-




Todd G 53 minutes ago

China keeps bringing up the wartime past because that is what they want --another war. They seek vengeance, not reconciliation.


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