Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11速套件——首骑

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导读:文章来源: 原文地址: ·Fast, flawless shifting; foursatellite shifter options; programmable shift speed and configurations;excellent braking power and modulation  优点:迅速、完美的变速;四种远端变速控制器可选;可通过程序设定换挡速度;杰出的制动力和电子控制。 ·缺点:软件只能在电脑上进行程序设定;不能完全兼容低级别套件;换挡时触感



Want to shift 10 gears with the push of a button, withyour hands on the tops of the bars, wrapped around the drops or at the end ofclip-on extensions?想一键换10档,无需考虑手在车把上的位置?With the new Dura-Ace Di2 9070 you can do that – plusshift with the buttons on the actual levers, of course.新款的Dura-Ace Di2 9070能够帮你实现!而且还是真实触感的按键。

·Pros: Fast, flawless shifting; foursatellite shifter options; programmable shift speed and configurations;excellent braking power and modulation  优点:迅速、完美的变速;四种远端变速控制器可选;可通过程序设定换挡速度;杰出的制动力和电子控制。



在去年Shimano首次发布该套件以来,这款最新的Dura-Ace Di2 9070电子变速套件终于出现在整车上了。BikeRadar在加利福尼亚州圣地亚哥市郊测试了一辆装配有这款11速套件的Scott Foil整车。

In addition to the multiple satellite shifter options,you can hold down a button for multiple shifts – a feature not available on thefirst 7970version of Di2 – and even set the speed for those multi-shiftsbetween one of five settings.除了多种远端变速控制器外,你还可以按住一个按键变换多个档位,这是7970电子变速套件所不具备的功能。甚至还可以设置换挡的速度,共有五档不同的速度可供选择。

Finally, you can program which button does what.最后,你可以选定任何一个按键来实现这个功能。Want your left shifter to control the rear derailleur?想用左手变控制后拨?Noproblem.没问题。For time trial and triathlon bikes,remote shift options include two buttons on each pod, or, if you don’t thinkyou’ll take it out of the big ring much, one button for upshifting the rear onthe left and one button for downshifting on the right.对于计时赛和铁三自行车来说,控制方式包括每只休息把上的两个按键,如果你觉得你很少用大盘,也可以改成左边一个按键控制后拨升档,右边一个按键控制退档。Or vice versa – they’re just buttons.当然,反过来也可以——它们只是按键而已。

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11速套件——首骑

The tiny sprint shifter can be set to control eitherderailleur [图片说明]袖珍的冲刺变速键可以控制前拨或后拨。

Shimano has new software that allows riders to programall of this at home, if you are a PC owner.Shimano的新版软件可以让车手在家自行设定程序,当然,首先你得有台电脑。Ifyou're a Mac user – sorry, Charlie – you’ll have to take it to a shop.如果你是Mac用户,抱歉了兄弟,你得去店里弄。However, you can still trim thederailleurs without software, in the case of a wheel changewith different spacing.别担心,如果没有客户端,即便是在更换轮组后,飞轮和后拨的位置发生了变化,你仍然可以手动调节变速器。

The luxury groupset shares a crankset, chain and brakeswith the 9000 11-speedmechanical group but weighs 24g less. Total group weightis 2,047g, compared to 2,219g for the previous Dura-Ace Di2.这款奢侈的套件中的牙盘、链条和刹车与11速的9000机械套件完全相同,套件总重量却减轻了24克。整套套件重2,047克,而老款的Dura-Ace Di2 7970则重2,219克。

The 9070 derailleurs get a visual overhaul from the 7970ones, with some slight weight savings, and the rear now accepts up to a 28Tcassette.9070的前后拨与7970相比,不但在视觉上有种焕然一新的感觉,而且还轻了一点点,后拨最大支持28T的飞轮。

The big weight savings compared to 7970 comes from theinternal battery, with its minimal mounting hardware compared to the externalbattery.与7970笨重的外置电池相比,9070的内置电池省去了很多重量,安装组件也更加精简。There's still an external battery option for 9070, suchas the one on our test Foil.9070仍然可以使用外置电池,比如我们正在测试的这款Foil。

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11速套件——首骑

Multiple shifts with the hold of a button are alsoprogrammable一键多档变速可以通过程序进行设定

Shimano addressed one complaint about the 7970's vaguebutton feel with a more defined, audible click for each shift.针对用户对7970按键触感模糊的抱怨,新的9070上每次按下按键都会发出清脆的声音。Still, the button press is a light sensation, much softerthan the definitive snap of Campagnolo’s electronicEPS system.不过,按键的触感仍然很轻,比Campagnolo的EPS电子变速要软多了。


Shimano wasn't the first with a electronic group, ofcourse. “Back in the 90s, Mavic had the visionto see that we’re going to need electronics on the bike,” said Shimano vicepresident Wayne Stetina, referring to the ahead-of-its-time Mavic Mektronicelectronic group that never took root.Shimano不是第一个推出电子变速套件的品牌。Shimano副总裁Wayne Stetina在谈到胎死腹中的Mavic Mektronic电子变速时说:“上世纪90年代,Mavic曾经看到了自行车将步入电子时代的趋势。”“So why not put it all over the bike?”“那么我们为什么不在车上大量使用电子设备呢?”

The original Dura-Ace Di2 group didn't allow for shiftersall over the bike (nor does Campy's current EPS).老款的Dura-AceDi2 7970不支持在任意位置安装变速控制器(目前的Campy EPS系统也不支持)。Ithad two ports on the shifters (one of which went back to the main system) andno junction box.每个变速控制器有两个端口(其中一个反馈回主系统),没有接线盒,因此是一个封闭的有线系统。It was a closed, wired system.

Now, 9070 is more modular.现在,9070更加模块化。Ithas three ports at each shifter (one to plug into the main system, one for asprint shifter and one for another accessory).每个变速控制器有三个端口(一个连接主系统,一个连接冲刺变速钮,另外一个连接其他附件)。Plus, you can get additional ports under the stem.另外,把立下面还有一个额外的端口。

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11速套件——首骑

The junction box under the stem is plug-and-play for STIlevers and optional extension shifters把立下面的接线盒是专门为STI手变和TT把变速杆设计的,而且支持热插拔。

The optional shifters include:可选的变速控制器包括:

·Sprintshifters: Smallknobs that shift one direction; one configuration is one on the right drop andone on the left, controlling the down- and upshifting of the rear derailleur;these can only be plugged into the STI shifters, not the junction box冲刺变速控制器:每个控制器只有一个按键,只能控制升档或者退档;可以安装在两侧的下把处,分别控制后拨的升档和退档;只能接入STI手变,不能接入接线盒。


·双键TT /铁三休息把变速控制器:双按键的控制器,每只休息把上一个。

·单键TT /铁三休息把变速控制器:与冲刺变速控制器类似,每边都是单向变速,适合经常用大盘的车手。

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11速套件——首骑


Also, there's an aero version of the Di2 STI levers fortime trial and triathlon.此外,还有为计时赛和铁三赛设计的空气动力学版本的Di2 STI变速杆。

Shifting speed, audio/tactile feedback, convenience andperformance换挡速度,感官反馈,便利与性能面面观

One of the most pleasantly surprising things about Di2 ishow the motorized derailleurs shift up to a bigger cog or ring when you're outof the saddle.Di2最令人惊喜的方面就是当你站骑时,变速器一样会将链条平稳地拨到大齿盘或大飞轮上。如果使用的是On a mechanical group, you have toback off just a touch.机械套件,你必须脚底下缓一下力才能把链条变到大盘或者大飞上。In fact, the all-round experience isakin to an automatic transmission car – you can keep the pedal downcontinuously, regardless of what gear shifts are taking place.事实上,这种体验有点类似于自动档汽车——换挡的时候,你可以一直踩着油门。

One complaint against Di2 has been the vague feel of thebuttons, which, combined with the close proximity of the buttons, can makeshifting in thick gloves abit comical – without a moving lever to feel in your hands, there was a loss ofconnectivity.车手们一直在抱怨Di2模糊不清的触感,再加上按键离得又近,戴厚手套操作时就有点搞笑了——手上感觉不到按键在移动,就好像失去了与车的交流。Ourone test ride was on a warm day, so we can't say whether or not the subtleshape refinements improve this at all, but the buttons are still side by side.我们试骑的那天很暖和,所以也不好说按键形状上细小的改进是否确实有效,但至少按键仍然是并排着的。


Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11速套件——首骑








Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11速套件——首骑



正如我们在上文所说,我们测试使用的车子是Scott Foil,搭配了Shimano新款的C24铝边碳刀轮组。我们在一段蜿蜒曲折的陡下坡路段进行测试,10英里(约16公里)海拔下降了4,000英尺(约1200米)。制动力保持得很好,电子控制和按键工作顺畅。




Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 9070 11速套件——首骑







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