Ramblin’ Roll-Cordura

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Ramblin’ Roll-Cordura

After using the Ramblin’ Roll for over a year, Yanco and I have finally decided to release it. In that year we have learned a lot of things about what works and what doesn’t and we’ve come to the conclusion that we can not improve on the design anymore. There will always be flaws but we’ve definitely worked most of them out. I’d say that there are at least 50 rolls already out there and being used in the real world and I haven’t heard many complaints since the final pattern was perfected and the webbing and buckle system were finalized.

Ramblin’ Roll-Cordura

Let’s talk packing. Tube always goes in the middle pocket and depending on how big it is it may need to be in a plastic bag to slide in easily. The Ramblin’ Roll works with all road tubes and most cyclocross tubes. The CO2 cartridge, valve and small multi-tool in the left pocket. The far right is reserved for emergency money, rolling papers and tire spatula. Fold flap down, fold right and fold left side in. Like any tool roll, the Ramblin’ Roll works best with it is compressed as tight as possible. I also like to keep all edges lined up, giving the Ramblin Roll a very tight and compact look. We likes things tight and tidy around here. When installing the Ramblin’ Roll to the bike you wanna position the webbing on top, tuck in between your saddle’s rails and place webbing over both rail, then wrap it around the Ramblin’ Roll, insert into binding buckle, tighten down and tuck webbing into webbing-loop.

Ramblin’ Roll-Cordura

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