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Watchdog Asks Why Obama Failed to TalkReligious Freedom With Saudi King




Persecution watchdog group International Christian Concern asked why U.S. President Barack Obamafailed to talk religious freedom with Saudi Arabia King Abdullah during hisvisit last week, after identifying the issue as a key component of U.S. foreignpolicy at the National Prayer Breakfast in February."This visit was an excellentopportunity for the president to speak up on an issue that affects millions ofSaudi citizens and millions more foreign workers living in Saudi Arabia,"said ICC Middle East Regional Manager Todd Daniels in a statement Saturday."Only last month the presidentclearly stated that promoting religious freedom is a key objective of Americanforeign policy, and then reaffirmed that opinion in remarks following hismeeting with Pope Francis on Thursday, according to the WhiteHouse. On top of this, 70 members ofCongress specifically asked him to publicly address the issue, as well as otherhuman rights concerns, with King Abdullah today. How, despite all of this, thepresident could stay completely silent about religious freedom during hismeeting is remarkable."

基督教教难监察组织责问奥巴马总统,为什么在上周拜访沙特阿卜杜拉国王时未提及有关宗教自由的话题? 这个问题焦点是作为美国外交政策的一个关键组成部分,(早在)二月举行的国家早餐祈祷会上就确定了下来.“这次访问对于奥巴马总统来说,是阐明这个问题的一次绝佳的机会,因为这将会影响到数百万沙特公民和无数生活在沙特的外籍劳工” 周日国际刑事法庭中东区干事托德丹尼尔斯说道“就在上个月,总统明确表示,促进宗教自由是美国外交政策中的一个重要目标,并且在他之后的讲话中反复强调这个立场,据白宫透露,他还持着这种立场在周日会见了弗莱西斯教皇。在此之前,有70位国会议员曾特别要求他,在当天拜访阿卜杜拉国王时,要公开谈论宗教自由以及人权问题。无论怎样,总统在这次瞩目的会见中,不该对宗教自由的问题三缄其口。“

Obama and U.S. Secretary of State JohnKerry visited Saudi Arabia on Friday, as part of efforts to strengthen the decades-oldalliance between the two countries, Reutersreported. The talks between the twoworld leaders reportedly centered on the civil war in Syria and the nuclearcapabilities of Iran, but did not touch on human rights issues.The White House published a fact sheet on Friday about the meeting, notingthat the U.S.-Saudi Arabia relationship also focuses on counterterrorism efforts and supportingnegotiations to achieve Middle East peace.The Islamic nation is ranked as No. 6 on OpenDoors' World Watch List of countries where Christians facethe most severe persecution. Christians there are forbidden from practicingtheir faith publicly, and citizens who convert from Islam to Christianity facethe death penalty.Seventy members of Congress had sentObama a letter last week urging him to addressSaudi Arabia's "serious human rights violations."At February's Prayer Breakfast, Obamadescribed freedomof religion as central to human dignity."We know that each of us iswonderfully made in the image of God. We therefore believe in the inherentdignity of every human being – dignity that no earthly power can take away," the U.S.president declared. "And central to that dignity is freedom of religion –the right of every person to practice their faith how they choose,to change their faith if they choose, or to practice no faith at all, andto do this free from persecution and fear."


He added, "Promoting religiousfreedom is a key objective of U.S. foreign policy, and I'm proud that no nationon Earth does more to stand up for the freedom of religion around the worldthan the United States of America."ICC noted on Saturday that Saudi Arabia isrecognized as one of the most restrictive nations in the world when it comes toreligious freedom, and that not a single church or non-Muslim house of worshipis allowed to exist.The persecution watchdog group added thatObama's failure to talk with King Abdullah about human rights draws attentionto the fact that both the position of assistant secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor and theambassador for International Religious Freedom remain empty in hisadministration."The prioritythe Obama administration places on promoting human rights around the worldshould be judged not by what is said in speeches among friends and close allies,but by the president's words when standing face to face with leaders whosegovernments are oppressing millions," said Isaac Six, ICC's advocacymanager."It should also be judged by the political determination to staff keyhuman rights positions here in the United States. Thepresident's silence today in Saudi Arabia and the long running vacancies at the State Department tell us more clearlythan anything else that international human rights issues and religious freedomare not at the top of this administration's agenda."



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Was PresidentObama Wrong in Not Discussing Religious Freedom With Saudi King?

by The Christian Post Posted April 01, 2014



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Idon't want Obama to discuss anything with anybody. Can We just pay Obama hisremaining salary for the next remaining months of his term in office, anddismiss him from office TODAYreply


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Hedoesn't do anything about it here why should he do it in another country?reply





why? are you hoping that Saudi one day will become christians ?




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Ifthose people are going to hit us at any time with any kind of Nuclear ExplosiveDevice, it will be because of "Something Religious" . . . But still,this Freak in the White House needs to be-watched-closely; and monitored at alltimes, on what he does; where he goes; whom he converses with, etc.


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