Two weeks ago, the Australian journalist Neville Maxwell finally made part of the Henderson Brooks report public, by putting it up on his blog. The report was an internal Indian Army enquiry into its rout in the 1962 war with China — Maxwell was the New Delhi correspondent for The Times, London, at the time — but in the 51 years since the report was written up by Lt Gen Henderson Brooks and Brig PS Bhagat, successive Indian governments have refused to make it public. Only two copies of the report were thought to be in existence, although there was never any doubt that Maxwell had had access to the report for his 1970 book India's China War quoted extensively from it. In his first interview to the Indian media since he made the report public, the now 88-year-old Maxwell tells Parakram Rautela that he had been trying to make the report public for years but that nobody would publish it. He adds that he was only able to get hold of Volume I of the report, minus 45 pages, and that he never laid eyes on Volume II. And of course he still blames Nehru for the war, not the Chinese. Excerpts:

两周前,澳大利亚记者内维尔•马克斯韦尔最终通过放到他的博客上,公开了亨德森布鲁克斯报告的部分内容。这份报告是关于印度军队在1962年与中国战争中溃败的调查。马克斯韦尔当时是英国《泰晤士报》驻德里的记者。自从亨德森布鲁克斯中将和Brig PS Bhagat撰写报告后的51年里,后续的印度政府都拒绝将其公开。该报告被认为只存在两份,从未有人怀疑马克斯韦尔查阅了该报告,因为他1970年出版的《印度对华战争》大量引用了该报告。在他把报告公开以来第一次接受印度媒体采访中,现年88岁的马克斯韦尔对Parakram Rautela透露,多年以来,他一直想方设法将报告公之于众,但无人愿意发表。当然,他仍然将战争归咎于尼赫鲁,而不是中国人。以下是采访节选:

Q: You suggest India's official account of the cause of the 1962 border war is false. What, in your view, is the truth?

NM: By September 1962 the Indian "forward policy" of trying to force the Chinese out of territory India claimed had built up great tension in the Western (Ladakh) sector of the border, with the Chinese army just blocking it. Then the Nehru government applied the forward policy to the McMahon Line eastern sector and when the Chinese blocked that too India in effect declared war with Nehru's announcement on October 11 that the Army had been ordered to "free our territory", which meant to attack the Chinese and drive them back. As General Niranjan Prasad, commander of 4 Division, wrote later: "We at the front knew that since Nehru had said he was going to attack, the Chinese were certainly not going to wait to be attacked" — and of course they didn't. That's how the war began. The Chinese attack was both reactive, in that General Kaul had begun the Indian assault on October 10, and pre-emptive because after that failure the Indian drive had been suspended to build up strength for a resumed attack.


内维尔•马克斯韦尔:到1962年9月,印度试图把所主张地区的中国人赶出去的“前进政策”,已经在西段(拉达克)逐渐建立紧张局势,中国军队当时只是加以阻止;后来尼赫鲁政府把前进政策应用到麦克马洪线的东段,中国军队也是加以阻止。随着尼赫鲁10月11日发表的公告,印度实际上已经宣战,该公告称军队已经被命令“解放我们的领土”,这意味着进攻并把中国人赶回去。正如第4师指挥官Niranjan Prasad将军后来写道:“我们在前线知道尼赫鲁说要发起进攻,中国人肯定不会坐以待毙。”——当然,他们的确未坐以待毙。战争就是这样开始的。中国人的进攻是被迫做出的反应,因为考尔将军已经于10月10日开始了攻击,而且是先发制人的。在遭受失败后,印度的进攻被暂停,以积蓄力量再次发起进攻。

Q: What in your opinion were the policies, on both sides, that brought about the basic quarrel over the border?

NM: As far as the McMahon Line was concerned India inherited the dispute with China, which the British had created in the mid-1930s by seizing the Tibetan territory they re-named NEFA. The PRC government was prepared to accept that border alignment but insisted that it be re-negotiated, that is put through the usual diplomatic process, to wipe out its imperialist origins. Nehru refused, using London's false claim that the Simla Conference had already legitimised the McMahon Line to back up that refusal — that was his Himalayan blunder. Then in 1954 he compounded that mistake by laying cartographic claim to a swathe of territory in the north-west, the Aksai Chin, a claim which was beyond anything the British had ever claimed and on an area which Chinese governments had treated as their own for at least a hundred years. To make matters worse, he ruled that there should be no negotiation over that claim either! So Indian policy had created a border dispute and also ruled out the only way it could peacefully be settled, through diplomatic negotiation.



Q: Whatever the truth about the origins of the war, it's the effect on India-China relations and the deadlock since then that is important now... And there was the worry that bringing up all the bitterness of that bloody conflict may only make matters worse?

NM: Certainly not, the opposite is true I think. If the Henderson Brooks Report is read closely in India (and it's not easy reading!) people will see that political favouritism put the Army under incompetent leadership which blindly followed the Nehru government's provocative policy. It shows that all the way, from formulation to implementation of the Forward Policy, that policy was resisted by the pucca soldiers because they saw it must end in a conflict India could only lose, but the orders came from the top and in the end had to be obeyed... the authors of the report ruefully quote the poem, "theirs not to reason why... but to do or die".




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Yesu (Trichy)

Yeah, next he would say that australia was ruling england, or that england is where the australians had downloaded their criminals.


Akshay ()

Nehru made big blunders and this is just one of them.....


Ramu (hyd)

Congress has been the bane of the nation for 66 years.


Sameer Rai (India)

Interesting read and analysis..... God only knows how much is the truth.... but then if yes there is an iota of truth in what he is saying...... lot of reworking have to be done by the future governments....


anjan kumar paul (Kolkata)

We DEMAND the report (Indian Army inquiry on 1962 China War) be made Public after so many years of false history. We presume history books have to be rewritten.

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Varun (Location)

Last chance for Indians to say NO to the dynasty that ruined the democratic vlaues

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USA better than India (USA)

He was a damm fool

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ska (USA)

Bache ki Jaan loge kya...Galathiyan miscalculations no jaathi hai...and again it was no big war just skirmish at border check posts...Nehru could have easily used air attacks but due to some good reasons avoided that...

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Vishwanath Holla (Bangalore, India)

The statement came at wrong time. Cannot verify the authenticity of event in the absence of classified war information not available with us. The way in which government is desperately trying not to make it public substantiate the fact of correctness of authors statement.

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puneet vishnoi (moradabad)

this is wrong. When Nehru was saying to clear India's own territory then how did India declare war . India was only trying to send the infiltrators back and this is not atttack .Nehru was founder of panchsheel policy and considered china a great friend of India in the dame manner India was eying for peace and stopped manufacturing war items. this is another matter that china was not a true friend and deceived India

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SCL P (India)

Nehru made foolish bladders but he did not start the war. The war was definitely thrust on India by the Chinese who were any way nibbling into Indian territories anyway.

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Balraj Sagar (Unknown)

It is a hard fact that Nehru started or provoked war with China in 1962 in which India was badly mauled and lost a number of its braves. Going through the records as produced by various authors, one is prone to condemn Nehru as a man of no vision and the most incompetent administrator. He neither studied the terrain nor made any preparation to face the enemy but went in for war. He even did not care to study the forecast of Sardar Patel who had predicted the events to come immediately after China was entering Tibet. I wonder how such a person as Nehru is eulogized. All our ills are mostly due to this man and his wrong policies.




kbrm66 (Location)

Nehru is also responsible for division of India.His greed for PM post created a permanent trouble and a burden on us for fighting wars and terror.History do not forgive him and his family.

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kanwal_gill (s)

Nehru family leadership is big mouth leadership and created border problems and getting their soldiers killed. No member of Nehru family ever fought to defend the borders. In 1962 China war, Nehru relative Lt. Gen. Kaul was posted to defend eastern borders. But when the war started he was scared sick with loose motions and had to be replaced. This is the type of Nehru/Gandhi family that has been ruling the country for years and call themselves to be very Patriotic people.

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ash (Location)

as i have said many times before NEHRU was a power grabber and gandhiji saw through that and that is why he wanted congress desolved . mr patel should have been the first PM. this congi gov has ruined india .

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LD Bhatia (Unknown)

The writer may have written what he has but the fact cannot be denied that Chinese too had occupied parts of Indian territory during those days. Their occupation of Tibet was directed mainly at consolidating their position on the Sino-Indian bordets. The main thing is the army command was not in competent hands those days. Competent commanders of the army would have made the government aware of the logistic problems they faced at the border the biggest of which was lack of mountain division during those days. Army needed time to over its shortcomings but did not get it. But nobody can denay that the book published by he writer says some untruths also.

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Dee Vee Pariyarath (mumbai)

Who lost the war is more important than who declared it.On both the counts we were on the receiving end.

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Anil G Sanji (Bangalore)

Nehru family has been curse on India since independence, they have been in power for so long still 1/3 rd of India ( more than population of europe ) live below poverty line! No doubt china had occupied our land and even now but we could have avoided war which killed many indian soldiers and civilians. Of course we should not forget British who created all problems and believed in Divide and Rule Policy. We should had Subhas chandra bose as our first PM as he is most deserving.

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KD A (Aus)

Everyone knows that Nehru ruined the nation !


knight (Location)

this chap Neville is a proven pro China correspondent and had a strong anti India bias...but his theory holds some water Nehru did step on the dragons tail by his forward policy.



These revelations by foreign writers suggest that congress has kept nation in dark about 1962 war !


Ashish (Mumbai)

its true we lost war because of nehru but nehru started war its new .....


Rahul Bansal (Unknown)

Congress criticized for being taking action on border issue which led to war(1962) and not taking any action (present issues)



Jasmine Florist (India)

Some fellow are always there to create sensation . can he prove his words .


Talha Seedat (New Delhi, India)

whatever the reasons, the sad truth is we lost the war with China.


goureesh.belavatagi ()

Will Congress big Guns Buy this new ?


pdasnrb (India)

The guy must have been drunk & lost his sense to declare war against China!


SADU AVR (Chennai)

This family has the habit of hiding truth from the people of the nation from the start....



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