My dad is not a myth, it is a joke

1, the son asked dad: "dad, the Hungarian composer and pianist Franz liszt surname?"

Father cursed son: "composer Franz surname, pianist liszt surnamed li. You are ten years old, don't understand all this, and how the bigger the silly!"

2, the day, a father and son to the store to buy the iPhone, the son has the appearance of the junior middle school students, make money, son said his father: "you this IQ, still buy smartphones?"

Then his dad replied we laugh burst: "your IQ is high, but you can't afford a......"

3, 3 pigs sold today, sold a total of 3175 yuan! Daddy says fraction to spend for you!

I think more than one hundred pieces of enough to spend a few days! Then dad decisive for me I have a 5 pieces.

4, my dad put the money into my cary, we say good favour, booked spoils, quarterly bonus, year-end appreciation. Therefore, has never been my mom see through.

5, my father drank too much last night, give me a piece of bank card, also tell me the password, let me take casually. He woke up, now is looking for a card, I keep it, or keep it well.


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