BEIJING: Premier Li Keqiang has said "integrating" China's technology in India's railway and energy sectors would be a "breakthrough" in India-China cooperation, as both countries finalized plans to modernize Indian Railways with Chinese technical assistance.

"We have to integrate our technologies of high-speed railways and energy equipment with the Indian market as a breakthrough in China-India cooperation," Li said during a meeting with deputy chairman of Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia.

Ahluwalia, who headed the Indian delegation at the third round of Strategic Economic Dialogue held here this week, called on Li yesterday during which he apprised him of progress made in specific proposals relating Chinese cooperation to modernize Indian railways, including heavy haul of freight, improving existing rail lines to drastically increase the speed of trains.




Indian officials say India is seeking Chinese assistance for track improvement to increase the speed of trains up to 180 kmph, which they say is a cheaper option compared to high speed trains, as they require exclusive tracks covered on both sides entailing issues like land acquisition as well as big expenditure amounting to Rs. 120 crore a kilometre.

The Indian delegation included Railway Board chairman Arunanendra Kumar and his team of high powered officials.

For high speed track development, India has proposed Delhi-Agra, Delhi-Khanpur and Delhi-Chandigarh sectors as pilot projects to China. The move was expected to gather steam after the general elections in India.

Ahluwalia is confident that whatever the composition of the new government in New Delhi they would back the projects as they are most feasible at present.


印度代表团包括铁路局主席Arunanendra Kumar和位高权重官员组成的团队。



Indian railway construction is expected to showcase China-India cooperation, state-run China Daily quoted officials as saying after Ahluwalia's meeting with Li.

At the SED, the two sides signed memorandums and pacts on sustainable urbanisation, IT and the energy sector.

The construction and upgrading of the Indian-Chinese railway topped the agenda of the SED meeting, which was presided over by Ahluwalia and Xu Shaoshi, chairman of China's National Development and Reform Commission.

Ahluwalia also held talks with top officials of the state owned China Development Bank, which finances infrastructure projects all over the world.







Hrishi Desai (Unknown)

Makes sense to integrate each others strengths in technology after resolving the border dispute first and then showcasing to the world what India and China together can accomplish.


Sandeep (Bangalore)

China and India has some sort of Cold war regarding border issue and depending on them for technology is not a good idea and what about the quality of work like technology wise they are good.We can ask our supporting country japan (technology Head) to lend their technology this will make alliance Strong..


Newsbuff Gupta (Delhi)

No chinese intervention in railway, energy, defense, telecom or other strategic sectors...


sid (delhi)

Why cant we have swanky high speed train system in india. Why we have to get technology always at end. Intial cost will be high but it would take india next level. Can't imagine a country who wants to be superpower does not have high speed train system


anil (new delhi)

100 years ago we were exporting rails & rolling stock to these countries. It is sad that that after 65-years of Congress rule this country could not develope it's own technology. Today, those importers are coming back to teach us how to build new tracks & engines etc. Truely a sad state of affairs. What is the use of the rail factories built in the back yards of the likes of Sonia Gandhi, Lalu Yadav etc etc ?????? what the R&D setup has been doing????

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Mish (Delhi)

Some years ago it was discovered that chinese made laptops/desktops had hardwares that could allow china to gather all the data from them. Defense sector banned use of made in china systems. We should not allow china the access to our rail system which is our lifeline as most of our defence equipment are transported through rail. Apart from that our economy heavily relise in this widely used transportation system.


Devesh ()

Better to have a technical assistance on Rail networks with Japanese.


Shubh Pratham (Agra)

Is Montek Singh Ahluwalia , a technical or Engineering guy? Does he weigh the development from technical perspective? He is just an Economists knowing just to count and average Cash cows!.


Arifulla Khan (Bangalore)

It does not matter who is providing the technology to us, we need to take it if it helps to build better India. But before taking any step analyze in all the aspects.


Tapish ()

Better to take technology from other country rather than from China.


H p (Location)

Safety angle also need to be looked.


Satyemav (Vellore)

India has more than enough capital to invest in Research for mordenisation of Railways,it does not need any help from enemy of nation.

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mpraomokkapati (mpraomokkapati)

India's first priority is to obtain a firm assurance in writing from China that they will not enter India border , stop issuing of stappled Visas and not to divert the Himalayan's water. Then only , India should talk of Business with China. No compromise on these issues.

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C. Lal (Mumbai)

This is a sad commentary that we have to borrow chinese knowhow to strengthen our railways ! Imagine we became independent much earlier than China. Besides, at independence, we had a huge network of operating rail system. How come we have to go to China and borrow their knowhow for modernising and expanding our railway system ! Definitely, we should feel ashamed !


Appan (London)

Your comment a shame for Indian Railways. In 60's the China's train, coach were worst than India and in the last 50 years China had developed Megneto Lavitation Train which can run up 500 KM..


RationalRose (jammu)

Yep, that's right, Life of an Indian is quite cheaper that integrating chinese technology in core sectors are so mandatory. planning commission has lost its mind and is playing a dangerous game by involving chinese in railways and energy sector. In future, if chinese decide, they can easily derail or switch off power grids remotely as they like. Nice, aint it. I am surprised our country cannot develop innovative railway and energy solutions, given that we have so many talents to do better.

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Ishita (Unknown)

Why are we taking China's help? Instead we could have taken Japanese help ..

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ChotaChetan (India) replies to Ishita

Culturally India and China are much closer, their general social behavior is same. It is just due to idiot political persons these two countries have turned enemies instead of being natural allies.


n.vignesh123 ()

In India the fastest trains run only at around 120kmph,average speed is 80kmph only.Increasing the avg speed is important now,It is faster to travel by road than by train.


Santosh More (Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)

We should Avoid All Chineese Products and technology.

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anonymous (India)

Not a bad idea! It could be possible only if China is transparent.


mcsreddy2003 (Location)

When they are occupying our land, supporting PAK etc. then why do we need to partner with them. I think it is far better to partner with Japan or Germany.


Ritesh Gaikwad (Navi Mumbai)

we don't want china's use and through material

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Neel (Chennai)

Are you guys serious?? China??? Common - its like gifting them a sword to cull you.



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