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BEIJING/HONG KONG: China announced its biggest rise in military spending in three years on Wednesday, a strong signal from President Xi Jinping that Beijing is not about to back away from its growing assertiveness in Asia, especially in disputed waters.

The government said it would increase the defence budget by 12.2 per cent this year to 808.23 billion yuan ($131.57 billion), as China seeks to develop more high-tech weapons and to beef up coastal and air defences.

The increase follows a nearly unbroken run of double-digit hikes in the Chinese defence budget, second only to the United States in size, for the past two decades.




"This is worrying news for China's neighbours, particularly for Japan," said Rory Medcalf, a regional security analyst at the independent Lowy Institute in Sydney.

Those who thought Xi might prefer to concentrate on domestic development over military expansion in a slowing economy had "underestimated the Chinese determination to shape its strategic environment", he added.

“这对中国的邻国来说是令人担忧的消息,特别是对日本,”独立的悉尼洛伊研究所的地区安全分析师Rory Medcalf表示。


Within hours of the announcement, officials in Japan and Taiwan expressed disquiet over the absence of any details on how Beijing will spend the money — concerns long echoed in Washington with China's defence budgets.



Tarun (Location)Oh yes, the warmonger witch of east !


tap (shanghai)Isn't "Bharat" concerned? Why only say Japan and not Philipines. Ridiculous but yes the defence spending by China is true


Rk NY (Unknown)...even with this increase it is only about 20% of what the US spends on its defense..!!Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)


gone to the beach (call me)China is just going to continue copying western technology.Agree (0)Disagree (2)Recommend (0)


Shyamal (Bharat)We are no match to China. The last ten years, Congress has let down the country badly. They never learnt anything from past experience.Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)


Mithun ()China should not be allowed to take control of the disputed waters just because it is more powerful in terms of defense. If an amicable solution cannot be derived, then each of the surrounding countries should be given equal proportions of the sea also making part of it as International Waters.Agree (2)Disagree (1)Recommend (1)


RKG123 (Location)China is doing this coz of the Indo-Jappan ties recently. China is scared of the relationship of both the countriAgree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (1)


KM (Antarctica)What's the argument here? No one stop India spending more on military budget. If you have concerns about your security, you can spend as much as you want as long as you can afford it.


roy (Location)China' 2013 GDP is 56.9 trillion yuan and grows 7.5% in 2014, means 2014 GDP is 61.16 trillion yuan, military spending is 808.23 billion, so that's 1.32% of total GDP. Lower than 80% of world countries.Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)


DEV Indian (india)With Italian mummy ruling India there is no hope to reach this level.Forget China the Italian mummy will not even tolerate India becoming more powerful than her beloved Italy.Agree (0)Disagree (1)Recommend (0)


Guts (Delhi)China is way ahead of India. It's too late for India to catch up. We can only give lectures of becoming super power like sheikh chilli and only dream about it.Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)

中国遥遥领先印度,印度要想赶上已经太迟了。我们只能在sheikh chilli等宝莱坞电影里做着成为超级大国的梦想。

RKANOW (Delhi and Paris) replies to GutsIt's not Too Late If India Wakes Up Now!!Agree (0)Disagree (1)Recommend (0)


Nitika Bella (Unknown)After Russia it is China who has increased there War Budget


G Pradeep ()Every year they have been increasing their military budget forcibly making others to increase their budget......doesnt know where it goes to


Tapish ()Moving towards in becoming No.1 power in the world..


arajulu (Nellore)

China wants to show its supremacy not only economically but also with mite.


Sunita Bansal (Hisar, Haryana)A dangerous development for India also.Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (1)


Arvind Upadhyay (Allahabad)Good prepare 3rd world war .


Saranathan (chennai)Such military race is harmful for humanityAgree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)


storm (Bombay)our defence budget does not even exceed 50 billion dollars


Mohindra (Delhi)Can India match Chinese in defence budgetting, allocations and then actual spending in a time frame. Regrettably there is big NO. On the pretext of honest PM and Defence Minister our forces have to be contented with age old and primitive arms. Even existing armoury can not be maintained or upgraded. In case ofany border escalation are we prepared to take on Pakistan or even Srilanka , not to talk about China ???Agree (1)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)


Natraj (India )India also might raise the spending but only difference is, it will go into the pockets of politicians rather than for militarily.Agree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (0)


Samrat Bhadra (Unknown)You have to kill everyone in this world before you can think you are secure. So nothing is enough. Keep building weapons and dumping them after 20-30 years. 90% weapons made in this world has been disposed unused. You are no exception.


Anky (Timbaktoo)And our defense budget is the lowest in 52 years. The last time defence allocation was lower was 1962 and guess what we lost to China in a war.Agree (3)Disagree (0)Recommend (2)


Rajat Agrawal (Unknown)India should learn from chinese strategiesAgree (2)Disagree (0)Recommend (1)


anonymous (India)sooner or later china will engulf the smaller neighbouring countries.Agree (0)Disagree (1)Recommend (0)


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