Pentagon plays down intelligence officer'sprovocative China assessment



WASHINGTON(Reuters) - The Pentagon on Thursday played down remarks by a senior Navyintelligence officer who told a public forum that he believed China wastraining its forces to be capable of carrying out a "short, sharp"war with Japan in the East China Sea.Thecomments by Captain James Fanell, director of intelligenceand information operations at the U.S. Pacific Fleet, were little noticedwhen he made them last week at a conference on maritime strategy called"West 2014" in San Diego. They can be seen here: http://link.reuters.com/qyq96vFanellalso predicted China, which declared an air defense zone last year in the EastChina Sea where it is locked in a territorial dispute with Japan over a stringof small islands, would declare another air defense zone by the end of 2015,this time in the South China Sea.ThePentagon's top spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby, declined to comment onwhether it was appropriate for Fanell to publicly offer such a bluntassessment, but said the Pentagon wanted closer ties with China's military.

华盛顿(路透社)-五角大楼周四淡化高级海军情报官员他在一个公共论坛上所发表的言论,他认为中国正在训练能够对东中国海的日本实施“闪击战”的精锐部队。美军太平洋舰队的情报和信息业务主管,杰姆斯法内尔上尉在评论中说道,周一在圣迭戈举行的一次被称为“西部2014” 海上战略会议中,(这条信息)被无意中看到。大家可以看看这条信息地址是:http://link.reuters.com/qyq96v (我去看了现在没了)法内尔还对中国做了预测,宣称去年在东中国东海画设的防空区是为了锁定与日本在那里一连串小岛的领土争端。中国海将于2015年底宣布另一个防空区,不过这次是在南中国海。五角大楼的首席发言人,海军少将约翰柯比,拒绝评论法内尔发表这样一个直率的评估是否恰当,但五角大楼说想与中国军方保持更密切的关系。



"Thosewere his views to express," Kirby told a Pentagon news conference."WhatI can tell you about what Secretary Hagel believes is that we all continue tobelieve that the peaceful, prosperous rise of China is a good thingfor the region, for the world," he said, referring to Defense SecretaryChuck Hagel.Askedwhether the Pentagon shared Fanell's assessments, Kirby said itwould be inappropriate for him to speak to the intentions or motivations ofanother country's military."It'sfor China to speak to China's intentions and motivations and their relationswith their neighbors. And nothing's changed about our view here," Kirbysaid.Tiesbetween China and U.S. ally Japan have worsened due in part to mistrust overChina's military buildup and their territorial dispute in the East China Sea.

“他所表述的是个人观点” 柯比在五角大楼新闻发布会说道“我可以告诉大家,黑格尔部长为什么认为我们还都继续相信和平,(因为)中国成功崛起对该地区、对世界都有益处“,当提到国防部长查克黑格尔他说道“当问到五角大楼是否有可能采纳法内尔的意见“,柯比说他对其他国家的意图与动机的推测是不合时宜的。“对中国来讲,中国的意图和动机和他们与邻国之间的关系,我们认为没有变化“柯比说道。“中国与美国盟友日本之间的关系已经恶化,部分原因是出于对中国军事力量的不信任,并且他们在中国东海还存在争端“

TheU.S. military has refused to recognize the air defense zone China declared lastyear. Some U.S. officials have warned that any declaration by Beijing ofanother such zone in the South China Sea could result in changes to U.S.military deployments in the region.Askedwhether Fanell's comments could be a "trial balloon" signaling apossible toughening of the U.S. military posture in the region, Kirby said:"I would refute that absolutely, not a trial balloon."Fanell,addressing the San Diego forum, said he expected China to declare an airdefense zone in the South China Sea in 2014 or 2015.Fanellsaid China was expanding training for its navy beyond the "long-standingtask to restore Taiwan to the mainland.""Wewitnessed the massive amphibious and cross military region exercise, MissionAction 2013, and concluded that the PLA (People's Liberation Army) has been givena new task: To be able to conduct a short, sharp war to destroy Japanese forcesin the East China Sea," he said.Headded that such a war could be expected to be followed by a seizure ofthe islands at the heart of China's territorial dispute with Japan.The islands are known as the Senkaku by Japan and the Diaoyu by China.

美国军方一直拒绝承认中国去年所宣布的防空识别区,一些美国官员警告说,任何由北京声称在南中国海设置此类识别区的行为,都有可能导致美国对该地区的军事部署做出改变。当问到法内尔的评论可能在(释放)一个“试探气球”的信号,以表明美国军方在此区域的强硬立场,柯比说:”我会毫无迟疑的反驳,这不是在试探“ (这双簧玩得好哇)法内尔登录到圣地亚哥论坛说,他预计中国将在2015或2015年在中国南海画设防空识别区法内尔说,中国正在增强海军训练(以期望)在远期执行“台湾回归至内地的长期的任务”。“我们目睹了(中国海军)2013行动任务大规模、跨区域军事演习,得出结论是中国海军被赋予了一项新任务:能够进行一场迅速摧毁中国东海日本军队的战争“他说道。他补充说,这样的战争将可能会在中日之间领土争端中的核心岛屿(归属问题上)展开这些岛屿被日本称为“尖阁列岛“,而中国称为”钓鱼岛“。

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Mac2 days ago 44 41Itis sad americans think Obama is afraid of any nation. I thinkit prudent to stop killing innocent US soldiers so our elected representativesin Washington can prance around the world thumping their chest.Obama is winding down the decade long mess thatkilled off thousands of brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children ofmostly working class folks. It has destroyed our economy and endangered thefuture of our grandchildren. Countless tens of thousands of vet's lives havebeen destroyed and their families forced to lead lives they never bargainedfor.Ifall you hawks want to kill someone - go join a cause where people are killingeach other, killing children, killing senior citizens, killing innocent families,raping women and children . .Thereare plenty of insanity around the world. Feel free to join a fray,but I don't the life of my children and members of my community to suffer thetradgedies of war so "tough guys" feel really tough.MoreExpandReplies (26) Reply


Jimdiem2 days ago 32 61Chinais not stupid enough to start a war with us or Japan. They have a lot to loseand it's not just an island.MoreExpandReplies (26) Reply


John2 days ago 10 51TheChinese perception is that they have endured hundreds of years of exploitationby the West, specifically England and America (and they aren't wrong, googlethe Opium Wars and the Boxer Rebellion). They want payback. Compounding theproblem, they feel superior to everyone else on the planet. For example, anacquaintance went on a tour of Beijing. The tour guide was constantly harpingon the wrongs done China, and about how they would get theirs back. I cantotally believe the scenario this guy presents.MoreExpandReplies (24) Reply


Bender2 days ago 44 66China'saggression will be met with armed resistance. They'll regret it.MoreExpandReplies (22) Reply


Kevin2 days ago 26 14ifChina wants to attack one of their neighbors, let them. We owe Japan &Taiwan nothing. Let China have a turn being a powerfulcountry looking bad for an unprovoked invasion. We should strive to removeour interests in other countries, bring jobs back here & keep them here,eliminate our dependence on oil from the Middle East, bring our service men& women home to help protect our borders, skies, & shores, fix ourcrumbling infrastructure, stop giving our money away to other countries,improve the standard of living for our citizens, and increase our exports so westart getting money from other countries instead of spending it in othercountries.MoreExpandReplies (19) Reply


Mustang1 day ago 3 30Chinawill probably make provocative moves in the near future because of theirmale/female dilema.0-14 years: 17.2% (male 124,773,577/female 107,286,198)15-24 years: 15.4% (male 109,922,192/female98,325,568)25-54 years: 46.7% (male 322,161,347/female308,101,780) numbersfrom CIA world factbookthey are about 30 million ladies short ofhaving happy men. Sadly I predict this will lead to muchtrouble for the surrounding countries. China is going to try to channel thisfrustration outward so their government is not overthown. Hope I am wrong.MoreExpandReplies (17) Reply

或许在不久的将来因为他们的男女比例难题,中国会遇到极具争论的变化,0-14岁17.2%(男124,773,577/女286,198)15-24岁: 15.4% (男 109,922,192/女 98,325,568)25-54岁: 46.7% (男 322,161,347/女 308,101,780)(以上)数字来自CIA世界概况他们缺乏约3000万女性以使得男性高兴,令人发愁的是我估计这将给周边国家带来许多麻烦。为了他们政府不致于被推翻,中国正试图为这种挫折建立一个向外转移的渠道,我希望我是错的!

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