四分之一的美国人不知道地球绕着太阳转,只有一半的人相信进化论One in four Americans 'don't know the Earth orbits the Sun' and only half believe in evolution作者:<label style="margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px; padding: 0px; list-style: none; color: rgb(230, 109, 18);">--SUNRAIN--</label> 发布日期:<label style="margin: 0px 10px 0px 0px; padding: 0px; list-style: none; color: rgb(230, 109, 18);">2014-02-22</label> 浏览:6326译文简介:四分之一的美国人不知道地球绕着太阳转,只有一半的人相信进化论[43评论]译文来源:原文地址:http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/one-in-four-americans-dont-know-the-earth-orbits-the-sun-and-only-half-believe-in-evolution-9131721.html正文翻译:原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:--SUNRAIN-- 转载请注明出处


Only39% of Americans believe 'the universe began with a huge explosion'


With the possible exception of 'is the earthflat?', it is (according to Discover magazine at least) the most basic questionin science: 'does the earth orbit the sun?'


The good news is that 74 per cent of Americansknow the answer.


The very bad news is that means 26 per centreally don't.


These results, which appear in the NationalScience Foundation (NSF) survey of 2,200 Americans, will form part of a reportset to be presented to Barack Obama and lawmakers in congress, and are likelyto once again raise the issue of educational standards in the United States.


Other startling results from the survey includedthat only 39 per cent of Americans believe "the universe began with a hugeexplosion". And fewer than half of the people surveyed (48 per cent)agreed that "human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlierspecies of animals".


Meanwhile, 51 per cent of Americans knew thatantibiotics don't kill viruses.


The study also demonstrated that a total of 42per cent of Americans thought astrology was either "very scientific"or "sort of scientific".


The survey, as reported by Agence France-Presse,is carried out every couple of years in order to analyse whether America ismaking educational progress.


Despite the somewhat negative findings of thestudy there is a significant glimmer of hope.


The survey revealed that nearly 90 per cent ofAmericans believed the benefits of science outweigh any dangers. 30 per centbelieve science deserves more funding from government, and around 90 per centexpressed an interest in learning about medical discoveries.

此次调查显示,90%的美国人相信科学的益处大于危险。30%相信政府应该在科学上有更多的投入,大于90%表示对了解医学发现感兴趣。评论翻译:原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:--SUNRAIN-- 转载请注明出处

论坛地址:http://www.ltaaa.com/bbs/thread-268888-1-1.htmlstoned wolf 18 hours agoIt's worse than this article suggests. Fully, only 15% ofAmericans believe in Evolution. That "missing" 35% believe in aversion of god-driven evolution.

It's weird over there. Really weird.

比文中所说的更糟糕。全部只有15% 的美国人相信进化论。没说还有35% 的人相信进化是上帝的他老人家做的。很奇怪,真的很奇怪。

beckenbauer 14 hours agoAt least their Head of State isn't the Head of the Church ofAmerica, the defender of faith in the USA, like Lizzy is in the enlightened UK.


60mjg 7 hours agoHave you read what it says on the dollar bill lately?

你最近看过美元上写了什么吗?(译注:美元上书In good we trust,我们信仰上帝。)

Bou bou 18 hours agoWhile many countries may be as ignorant and regressive, theydon't rule the world by military might.

That is why this is frightening.


Bou bou 12 hours agoIt is not wonder that I feel but deep shame.


Ray Cobbett 13 hours agounderstandable mistake from a country that believes the Earthrevolves around the US


Thinkandthought 19 hours agoWe let US companies run some of our academies that's reallyscary to.


Thwyllo 18 hours agoAnd a lot of our infrastructure and services, especiallymilitary.


paulmarkj 21 hours ago"Only 39% of Americans believe 'the universe began with ahuge explosion'"

It didn't start with an explosion. It was an expansion. The difference is veryimportant.


Mr James 20 hours agodo you believe that the two terms are mutually exclusive? Ithink your use of the term explosive for too confined. All explosions requireexpansion, but not all explosions require "explosives".


rbrinton 16 hours agoI wouldn't be surprised to hear that 1 in 2 americans beleiveGod has an American passeport.


Jennifer Kenney 15 hours agoDon't be silly. God, like other Good Americans, doesn't traveloutside the states.


Elliot Carver 12 hours agoMost stupid British people revolve around the Sun rather thanthe Independent.


John Payne 13 hours agoI remember an American friend saying (or perhaps quoting), 'Afull 50% of Americans are either deeply stupid, or totally mad. That fact makeslife very difficult for the other 50%'.


mee 12 hours agoBut the people on here HATE 100% of them.

every man woman and child

No matter what kind of individuals these Americans may be, no matter what theyhave done in life - the people on here despise every single one withoutexception


Redder 12 hours agoStop being so bloody dramatic.


indiaisone 17 hours agoSo far so good!


Richard Glenn 14 hours ago"I wonder how long this posting remains here." If thiswas the Guardian it would have been deleted within minutes and your accountblocked.


Unfulfilled Dream 19 hours agoWhy am I not surprised?


Tony Varadaraj 14 hours agoIt's not that they don't know, it's just that they don't care toknow. There's a big difference.


mee 18 hours agoMaybe if you viewed them as human individulas instead of yourblanket hatred of them all youd have met a lot of good ones.


Steve Hill 15 hours agoI know some very good, educated, rational Americans. And theyare ashamed of America.

Ashamed of the crass stupidity that is everywhere. The failure to evenbasically educate its children. The failure, alone among modern democracies, toembrace universal healthcare for all despite spending twice the proportion ofGDP on health that Europe spends, for better care (what exactly does it takefor people to realise they are being scammed??). The obsession with guns, andGod, and other such imbecilities. The "need" to keep declaring wars tofees the gaping maw of defence contractors who provide pork-barrel jobs.

America is dysfunctional. It is broken. And it is a severe threat to worldpeace.


Alastair Scott 17 hours agoI was thinking about flying to New Mexico and driving up toCanyonlands but your advice has really made me think twice.


Pedro Conejo 14 hours agoReally?


Harry_ca_Nab 15 hours agoShocking.

Now go and do a poll across the islamic world and see if its better.

I doubt it.


Donald Jones 15 hours agoIt would be interesting, but def scary, to know the results ofthis survey on our Congress.


Chris 19 hours agoIsn't believing in any religion just as comical?

Go to any church in this country, any day of the week, and they'll be fairlyintelligent people there who'll swear blind that Adam and Eve were the firstlife forms on earth and that dinosaurs never existed.


Thwyllo 18 hours agoYep.


Geriatric 12 hours ago2% of the population of the UK attend church


Shiney Beast 13 hours agoWhat ! The Earth orbits the Sun . When did this start ?


i_Bastard 13 hours agoIt is surprising that such a rich and advanced country should behome to so many uneducated and irrational people. I don't think we're muchbetter in the UK though. How many people in the UK believe ridiculousconspiracy theories or horoscopes or psychics who claim to speak to the otherside? A lot.


mark fennell 19 hours ago"And the good news is, 90% of Americans believe thatscience is good." But the same article has just told us that a quarter ofthem don't know that the earth goes round the sun. So what does it matter whatthey think about science. Science could be facilitating their annihilation andthey wouldn't have a clue. I think that the point of the article is that whatthey think is completely irrelevant, and the only people who would take heartfrom this article are the ones planning their genocide.


Unfulfilled Dream 18 hours ago"90% of Americans believe that science is good - But .....a quarter of them don't know that the earth goes round the sun."

Ho-ho! Yes, it does make one wonder. A bit like supporting natural gas buthaving no clue as to why they think so, other than the TV adverts that say it'sa good thing.


liberal 20 hours agoThere are plenty of people in the UK who are similarly ignorant,which is why referendums are not a good idea.


Chris 20 hours agoSo they need ultra-bright people, like you, to maketheir minds up for them?

The arrogance and self-righteousness of the left never ceases to amaze me.


MC Miker G 18 hours agoSo are you saying that right-wing people are mostly thick?


Thwyllo 18 hours agoI agree with Liberal. Voting rights (and a Breeding Licencefrankly) should be subject to a thorough IQ test.


NiceChappie 20 hours agoAnd there are very intelligent Americans, as demonstrated by thefact that the US still garners more Nobel prizes in the sciences than any othernation (per capita), files more patents and is at the cutting edge of researchin virtually all the major scientific and technological disciplines.


BaileySan 17 hours agoI'd be interested in hearing where you get that information.According to most sources, the US sits about 12th in the listings of ScientificNobel Laureates per capita, beaten by the UK, Sweden, Israel and Germany (amongothers).


Right Field Ball 22 hours agoAnd I wonder what continent they originated from...


Politicians are evil 21 hours agoAnd right on cue here comes the idiot racist bigot.Congratulations on being so stupid. I humbly suggest that you purchase a oneway ticket to the USA and join your stupid brethren.


Alix Miller 21 hours agoMaybe he or she means that Americans originated in Europe - TheUK, Germany, Holland and others. Isn't it racist to say that Americans arestupid? Just because they have been taught, or not taught, a certain thing,that doesn't mean they are stupid. Actually the vast majority of Americans thatI've met personally have been intelligent, thoughtful, friendly and openminded.


Bagpipes 22 hours agoAsk the same questions in the UK and see what results you get.P.s - There's a great video on YouTube called "How Stupid Americans ReallyAre!"