China's pollution spreads as far as Los Angeles




Los Angeles is getting air pollution because of emissions from China, a new study says.


(CNN) -- Pollution doesn't respect national borders.


Outsourcing manufacturing to China may have resulted in less pollution in some parts of the United States, but other regions have lesser air quality because of U.S.-bound Chinese products, a new study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences finds.


"Pollution from China is having an effect in the U.S., and we need to recognize how that is affecting both our background ozone levels and also particulates that are reaching the West Coast," said study co-author Don Wuebbles, professor of atmospheric science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

研究的合著者、伊利诺伊大学香槟分校的大气科学教授Don Wuebbles说,“来自中国的污染产生了一定的影响。但同时,我们需要认识到影响我们背景臭氧浓度和颗粒物浓度的污染也抵达了西海岸。”

In the western United States, Chinese pollution related to exports contribute up to 12% to 24% of daily sulfate concentrations, the study said.


Because of the United States outsourcing manufacturing to China, the eastern United States saw a decrease in sulfate pollution, but an increase was seen in the western part of the nation.


Because of pollution from China, the Los Angeles area and other U.S. regions violate national ozone standards one extra day per year, the study said.


U.S. consumer goods such as cellphones and televisions are often produced in China. Although Chinese manufacturing isn't causing most of the U.S. pollution, winds called "westerlies" can send chemicals across the Pacific Ocean in a matter of days. Valleys and basins in western states can see accumulations of dust, ozone and carbon.


"We know that the efficiency of industry in China is not as it is good in the U.S.," Wuebbles said. Higher efficiency of U.S. manufacturing, combined with controls on emissions and outsourcing, have made strides in reducing U.S.-based emissions.


Opinion: Pollution could turn China's dream into nightmare


Does that mean that outsourcing manufacturing to China is bad for American public health? The study suggests that for the United States as a whole, there's a net benefit, because the population density in the eastern United States is higher than in the West.

But the West still suffers.



Sulfate concentrations went up by up to 2%, and ozone and carbon monoxide levels saw slight increases too, in the western United States in 2006, according to the study.


Average sulfate, carbon monoxide and black carbon concentrations went down by 0.3% to 0.9% when looking at population-weighted averages. But this all comes at a cost: In the western United States and populous Chinese regions, air quality went down.


Black carbon has been linked to asthma as well as diseases such as cancer, emphysema, and heart and lung disease. Rain doesn't easily clear it from the atmosphere, so it hangs around and travels far.


Researchers found that 36% of anthropogenic sulfur dioxide, 27% of nitrogen oxides, 22% of carbon monoxide and 17% of black carbon from Chinese emissions were linked to producing goods for export.


About 21% of export-related emissions from China, for each of these pollutants, came from exports that went from China to the United States.


Production of goods for export has rapidly expanded in China, with volume growing 390% between 2000 and 2007, although there has not been as much growth since the global financial crisis. China has generally become a "large net exporter of energy-intensive industrial products," the study said.


Behind this economic growth is a rise in combustion of fossil fuels, particularly coal, a big culprit in carbon dioxide emissions rising worldwide.


Previous research has shown the substantial carbon dioxide emissions that result from Chinese trade, but this study focused on more other air pollutants. Researchers constructed a model using data on economics and emissions.


U.N. climate change report points blame at humans


Over the last decade, China has seen a huge increase in the use of coal-burning power plants, Wuebbles said. Coal use for generating electricity is a big part of why carbon dioxide emissions have nearly doubled their rate of growth worldwide, according to a leaked report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, obtained by CNN.


High carbon dioxide atmospheric concentrations are projected to cause a 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) increase in temperature by 2100. Agriculture, forestry, ecosystems and human health are all expected to suffer as a result of trends in climate change.


To decrease pollution from China, Wuebbles recommended increasing the efficiency of manufacturing processes and re-examining energy production. Scrubbers can reduce emissions from coal-burning power plants.


"Consideration of international cooperation to reduce trans-boundary transport of air pollution must confront the question of who is responsible for emissions in one country during production of goods to support consumption in another," study authors wrote.




This is the funniest "Science Study" I've heard on earth. I can't believe a nation on the other side of the Earth is the reason for LA's smoggy day. Find the real source to improve it and DO NOT spread hatred to other nations. It's coward to blame others because of our own problems. Do not escape the public, face it.


CNN, whats wrong with you today ? If its not Russia or China, its Iran or Syria etc.

Why are you going so far to spread hatred to other nations by using assumptions without the facts. All day your news site has been littered with hate towards other nations and quite frankly I'm sick of it and I'm sick of you. You are a bunch of haters

I just come here for the comments because your news just stinks of propaganda.





uhhhh--- have you ever been to china ? have you any concept of how bad the pollution is there ? take a trip to beijing, shanghai, guangzhou you loser . There is a reason, a very very good reason as to why so many companies have products manufactured in china. Yes that's right its really cheap to do it because they don't care about any environmental protection policies there, as long as you keep the money going in their pockets.


Wow, CNN is trying to blame the LA smog on China. LOL!


We lose jobs AND get more pollution. How great is that?


If LA people really don't want to get more pollution, they should put their fingers on their local industry rather than blaming a nation far across from the Pacific. At least Chinese have the courage to face their environmental problems and seldom blame another country.


Strange. How can pollution in China spread across pacific to affect the US? Would you mind use some common sense? If LA people really want to breath cleaner air, they should find problems in their local industry.


China is the world's sweatshop factory. They make cheap products designed elsewhere. They are not innovative or technological. When the rest of the world moves on to cheaper places to manufacture, china will be left to their pollution ravaged country.


I suppose building the Three Gorges Dam or the Yangshan Port is not innovative or technological.

Keep repeating the mantra..." the Chinese are not innovative or technological..." when most IT products are now manufactured in China.



Stop making things in China!


LA has smogg now? After once being known as the city with the cleanest air in the world. So sad. CNN's anti-Chinese stance has taken a step deeper into the unreal.



Duh! Outsourcing jobs saves big bucks in labor costs and taxes for the one percent. China, India, Bangladesh, et all. The one percent all have HEPA air filters.


This just goes to show that everything that comes from China is bad.


China does not care about anything except: MONEY.


lets outsource to eastern Europe so China can have a taste of their own medicine!! bluhhhh haaahhhhh haaahhh haaaahh haaaaaaaah!!!!!!!


I am surprised to see so many grumbles arised from reading this CNN report. No matter you agree with it or not, it is China, which would benefit most from addressing the pollution problem and from improving the air quality within its domain. If those who grumble against this report disagree that the pollution created in China won't go as far as to America, one thing you should know, it does go beyond China to the central part of Taiwan. Now the citizen of Chia-yi, a city in the centre of Taiwan, have to wear mask when they venture out in winter from time to time. Because the polluted air, dust storm, blows from China and ascends upon Taiwan west area very often.


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