BEIJING: China has started constructing the second of four planned aircraft carriers, a top government official said according to media reports on Saturday.

The ship is under construction in the northeastern port of Dalian and will take six years to build, the reports said quoting Wang Min, Communist Party chief for Dalian's Liaoning province.

The country's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning, was completed in September 2012 in a symbolic milestone for the country's increasingly muscular military.




Another two are in the pipeline, according to Wang, in a projection of power that could be seen as contradicting Beijing's long-stated policy of arming itself strictly for self-defence.

When the Liaoning went into service, Beijing and Tokyo were locked in a territorial row over the Japanese-controlled Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea which China also claims and calls the Diaoyus.

The row continues to simmer, along with other sovereignty disputes with the Philippines and Vietnam.




Vikwashere (New Delhi)

Problem is China launched two destroyers in the same amount of time india is building one.Chinese shipbuilding is much faster than india .While china first carrier is foreign after using experience gained from this no doubt china will build more carriers.China is aiming for the US so while they may not catch up in reality they'll still end up with impressive capability


bodysurfer1111 ()

China did NOT BUILD its current and only aircraft carrier . It was built in Ukraine and sold 2nd -hand to China which retrofitted it . It is an antique with a curved flight deck .


Jupitor Chakma (Agartala)

Aim of China seems to be as close to USA as possible militarily, although it can not overtake USA in near future.

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hazrat adam (Umriak)

I do not think that China has any designs on other countries, however, it has a right to take the territories that others have taken. China is the most powerful country except the US, China should have a 600 ship navy, with some 20 aircraft carrier battle groups, China can afford it and can do it. However India should know it's place, feed your poor, and stop taking handouts and aid from others, stop day dreaming about trying to compete with China.

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MadeInIndia (India) replies to hazrat adam

Rubish, India is a superpower already.

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Das (Pune) replies to MadeInIndia

Yes, India has become the superpower of Rape.

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MadeInIndia replies to Das

Whats wrong with that? Rape is not a crime, it's a suprise sex, it's a game!


Alakesh Upadhyaya upadhyaya ()

India needs more than 10 nuclear subs, 5 super carrier, stealth frigates and destroyer.


npk (bangalore) replies to Alakesh Upadhyaya upadhyaya

great calculation...but all of those need money and operation skill and proper learning to drive them..oops forgot to mention boldness has to be there

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Alakesh Upadhyaya upadhyaya ()

China wants to catchup with the United States. China will plan to build more than 4. China will do anything to become the no 1 super power. China may not show her development before the world but has a long plan of expanding its territory. India must work on at least 3 super carriers to counter China soon.


MadeInIndia (India) replies to Alakesh Upadhyaya upadhyaya

Don't worry brother, when the time comes, we can buy them, as many as we like!

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Alakesh Upadhyaya upadhyaya (Tezpur, Assam) replies to California

You know India has been always dependent on future weapons. We are unable to proceed as we planned. India policymakers needs to rethink about India military modernization. China will crush us like 1962 if we don't realize now.


npk (bangalore) replies to Alakesh Upadhyaya upadhyaya

100% u r right...they make and plan and work according to the plan...they are not lazy gooze...the other frame i like from your comment is "China may not show her development" this is true they never ever boast they just act...only Big mouthed and empty vessel will make more noise...they are like isrealites...just act

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你留言中让我们喜欢的另一点是,“中国也许不会炫耀其发展” 。这是真的,他们从不吹嘘,而是埋头苦干。满瓶子不响,半瓶子哐当。

gear (mumbai)

soon china would have more aircraft carrires than India

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gear (mumbai)

very fast job , compared to India

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California (California) replies to gear

You must remember that China reverse engineers Russian design and hacks American designs so the fact it even has the blue prints shows it likely did both. India plays by international rules unlike them so of course it'd take India longer to do things the right way. Second, they do it to show themselves 'stabilizing' the region against Western aggression and to show power against India itself. I think India should at least match what China is doing so India has an even shot against China. Their history proves they are feeble but aggressive when they dont get their way and India needs to be prepared.




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