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最近在本论坛的「印媒:印度“维克兰特”号航母下水在中国引发不安」中,一位中国网民的评论被发现,并且最终发到了印度军事论坛。对此,印度网民展开各种评论。龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com

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'INS Vikrant' ready, giving a shocking reaction by Chinese Netizen


Hi, guys. This is my first time making post here. I read the new about "Aircraft carrier INS vikrant", said the first Indian aircraft carrirer is done now and Chinese people are so angry about it. Some reaction of Chinese Netizen look very worried and scare of that. Well done, my enmy will pay lots of hard time and keep fear under Indian eyes, god bless!!


The news is found in the Time Of India.




A Chinese Netizen said:





This is so shocking. I feel very horrible about that.

Our fatherland is so weak that are almost taking our last breath and we're located at the pit between those two superpowers. The Americans cross from the another ocean, building up countless military bases to stop our passway, and India ———— A more stronger superpower who exists there where we live on the same mainland. Their land force, air force can destroy the capital under unready and panic effect.

Now they are even massively establishing battle ships and Aircraft carriers, getting ready to block the waterway and attacking from coast lines and harbors. Our military weapon is even found in 1940s by capturing from the Japanese, like a classic car without enough oil.



Oh god! We gonna do something. I have been hungry for two days and still have not eaten anything. We need enough food, somebody help! Help our country! We should ask for internation aids! Or maybe the American can help us even through they're also bad. After all, it is a superpower who is second only to India and has some reliable allies (not so much than India though). But I think they can stop the New Dehli's Ambition. We can also request Russian's help because we have some bhai-bhai relationship and it is just a loyal ally with India. Maybe we should request him for mediation. Oh wait, Japanese! They're always looking at our territory. So we can give all of islands we have on the ocean as cession of territory to exchange the support by us. Also we can find Europe, Islamic countries...



We must be aware of that. Our government has none of friend due to foolish nonalignment. We can't get help and compassion in the world is it because we are Chinky eyes? We need americans to stay troops here, we can provide a plenty of girls for their soldier. I know this is inhuman, but we have to survive. I don't want to be ruled by Indians, as they're making massacre in Sikkim, South Tibet and North Eastern states ———— To people who have different skin colour, we have a very different colour compares with them.


Jai China。————好吧!到底谁能先给我一口吃的?————你们上次吃饱饭是在哪一天?啊啊啊啊,至少先安慰我一下吧。我现在感到非常的恐惧和不安


Oh my fuck god! What we have done in these years? If we have the same leader, scientist and media like India. We would have been a superpower as stronge as India. If we listen to the advise and vote to Mr.Chen Shui-bian (Taiwanese leader), then we would be more stronger than India anyway. Now we must do something.

Jai China. ———— All right! So who can give me food? ———— When was last day we ate full? Ahhhhhh....please comfort me at least. I feel very fear and worried now.


Kunal Biswas (BHARAT, INDIA)

"Song Xiaojun, a military commentator in Beijing, said the Vikrant uses technology from the 1980s and thus serves as an experiment for the Indian Navy to set technical standards for future vessels."


In 1970s, We used to have two carrier and a nuclear submarine, these guys dont read history ..

We are just replacing these units by Indigenous / home made Units..





Shaitan (US)

and India ———— A more stronger superpower who exists there where we live on the same mainland. Their land force, air force can destroy the capital under unready and panic effect.


Screw what the Chinese think.







We are indeed setting higher standards for our next carrier.


A chauhan (India)

As if Chinese careers are for maintaining peace

BTW the INS Vikrant is not ready, the scheduled time is on 2018.



honeybadger (UK)

Lol, internet chinese are as nationalistic and stupid. Unless they are being sarcastic..



no smoking (中国)

Unfortunately, yes, they are being sarcastic!

This carrier WILL be a big step for India, but it won't change anything in Chinese strategic calculation:

Before India can send a fleet consists of at least 4 such kind of carriers into Pacific, Indian navy's influence in South China Sea can be ignored.

Before China can send a fleet with at least 4 carriers, it will be a dead mission for Chinese to challenge india in India Ocean.

Since neither has means to reach that level of forces in next 20 years, why Chinese should be worried about it.






CCTV (中国)

Well, you would also transfer all replys after this guy......


CCTV (中国)

That is one guy from

Check the news and replys at 三泰虎 - 从这里了解印度人对中国的看法


arnabmit (Kolkata, India)

The comments seem to ooze sarcasm more than anything else.

In reality, India has no reason to send its carriers to SCS or Pacific.

IN plans to operate 3 CBGs only to defend its east, west and southern waters against invading forces.

IN will not go for more carriers to to be able to act as invading forces themselves.





trackwhack (India)

China does not have any thing to fear. They have the career killer you know.


marshal panda (India)

We are in fact setting a standard for China to emulate.Hence these rantings !


pmaitra (India)

The Chinese netizen's reaction seems like psy-ops. It is directed towards India than anyone else.

Just my guess.




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