average chineseJanuary 14, 2014 at 05:50

“According to reports, the hypersonic vehicle is designed to detach from one of China’s existing intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) at a near-space altitude and then accelerate to speeds 10 times the speed of sound during its descent towards its target.”“根据报道,这种高超音速导弹被设计以中国现役的洲际导弹为投送载具,在临近空间高度释放,并加速到十马赫的速度,飞向目标区。”

are you sure the piece that is falling at Mach-10 is not a piece of Chinese junk metal falling off its antique ICBM and accelerated to Mach-10 simply by the gravity? last time I checked, are not Chinese supposedly only capable of stealing, designing and making junks that will either fall apart or simply will not work/takeoff?你敢肯定那个以十马赫速度坠落的东西,不是中国古董一般的洲际导弹上掉落的废铁——仅仅是被重力加速到十马赫的吗?我上回来这,还不都是一片中国只会剽窃,设计和制造要么不能用要么四分五裂的废品的声音么?

jokes aside — let us get serious for some strategies talk —

In this generation, we must establish a 3 way nuclear parity and MAD among China, Russia and America, asap, for the sake of our children and for the survival of human race on this earth in this century. A 3 way triangular MAD is naturally, inherently and mathematically more stable than a two way MAD between America and Russia. Can you find a single stable geometric solid or shape that is less than 3 sided?


It is very un-natural, inherently less prone to world peace, to have a two way MAD between US and Russia and it is absolutely abhorible and unthinkable for human race to allow any one single country to dominate militarily.美俄这种双边的MAD能力是极不自然和对世界和平不利的,而且对人类来说,由着一个国家来取得军事上我绝对优势,是更加可怕和不堪设想的。

With 3 way nuclear MAD, no single country among the 3 will ever try to start a war with the other or try to dominate any one of the other two militarily, because the end result will be the two fighting the war will be mutually assuredly destroyed, and the 3rd one left standing will dominate the world; so in game theory, we will have a 3 way lasting peace and equilibrium.在三边的MAD体系下,三国中没有一个国家会试图向另一国挑起战争,因为战争的结果会是两败俱伤,第三国存活下来并主宰世界。因而在博弈理论中,我们会形成一个三边的持久和平和均势。

Kanes回average chinese

MAD deterence already exists between USA and China, Russia and China and USA and Russia.

What matters is how a country exploits other opportunities while not DIRECTLY engaging with other superpowers.


averageamerican回average chinese

ah duh, what was that you’re saying? can you give the cliff note version?


BenoitJanuary 14, 2014 at 06:13

China is in clear and present danger posted by the significant threats from the US. China should massively pour money into its defense.

China has to be clear that the US can maintain its lead only because it has the powerful military and its world-reserve currency. The two are supported synergistically. Once China can break one of the two factors, the US will decline…中国面临着来自美国的明确和现实的威胁,中国应当对其国防砸下大笔金钱。中国应该清楚,美国能够占据领导地位全凭它强大的军事力量和美元的世界货币地位。此二者是相互依存的。一旦中国打破其中一个的优势,美国就会垮掉...


Environmental remediation, reducing pollution, shrinking the wealth gap (a problem in every society), IP law reform and stopping SOE support to the detriment of small/medium businesses, shadow banking reforms, and working out compromises with China’s neighbors to develop and share resources is what the CCP should be doing.

One wonders if the CCP will kick off a “foreign adventure” (AKA “wag the dog”) with one if its neighbors to rally the populace, if the internal pressures become too much in the coming years.Reply



G.H. made in china = cheap and crappy中国制造=廉价和垃圾


@G.H. Except that China will continuously and rapidly improve over the years. Fortunes often changes.GH,只可惜将来中国仍会继续快速地向前发展。风水轮流转。

You were probably too young then to know that soon after WW2, Japan made electric bulbs were the joke of the day as it will definitely blow within 2 weeks of use.

In the mid 40′s, 50′s and 60′s, only UK’s GEC bulbs and products eg radios and fridges or Philips products (generally European products) were considered reliable. British brands like Hercules & Raleigh bicycles or Norton or Triumph motor bikes (or the Italian Ducatis) were the preferred brands. Whereas the Yamahas or Suzukis were problematic.

你可能太幼齿了点,不知道在二战刚结束不久,日本制造的电灯泡就是那个时代的一个笑话,点上两星期不到它自己就爆炸了。在40、50、60年代中,只有通用电气的灯泡和其他电子制品如收音机和冰箱,或是飞利浦的产品(大部分欧洲货)被认为是可靠的。英国的Hercules & Raleigh自行车,或是Norton 和Triumph牌的摩托车(或是意大利的Ducatis)是人们喜欢的品牌。当时雅马哈和铃木还是问题多多。

Ha..during my very early years in school, we often make jokes about some of our teachers who owned Toyota cars. When the Toyota car paintwork faded, we could literally see the green “Milo” brandmarks surfaced, as the body were often made from MILO scrap tin metals. Many of their bodyshells completely rusted after just a few years. True…I am not joking.哈..在我刚上学那会,我们经常拿买丰田车的个别老师开玩笑。当丰田车掉漆时,我们真的就能看到下面绿色的MILO标志(好像是个罐头产品——译者注),因为车身材料经常是用来自MILO的废薄铁板制成的。大部分车的车身会在几年内就完全锈蚀,千真万确...我没在开玩笑。

European brands like Austins, Prefects, Mini-Cooper, Landrovers, Mini Minors, Volvos, Alpha Romeos etc were the leading reliable brands.

However, the Japanese has come a long way and today their Toyotas, Hondas, Yamahas, Sonys, Matsushitas etc are the world’s top brands. Top quality and reliable.

Today ?….Fast upcoming and giving the Japanese a run for their money are the South Koreans with their LGs, Samsungs, Hyundais, Kias, etc.

Within the next 20 to 30 years, do you think the Chinese will have a fair chance of emulating the same success ?

欧洲的牌子,例如Austins, Prefects, 迷你库柏, 路虎, Mini Minors, 沃尔沃, 阿尔法罗密欧等等,都是排在榜首的人们信赖的品牌。然而,日本人走过了漫长的道路,现今他们的丰田、本田、索尼、松下等等都是世界顶尖的品牌,有顶尖的品质和可靠性。当下呢?快速崛起后跟日本人抢占市场的是韩国人和他们的三星、LG、现代、起亚等等。再过二三十年,你不认为中国人很有可能复制这一成功的范例吗?

东洋货回KLJapanese products were called 东洋货 which is synonymous to copycat, cheap, crappy, flimsy, unreliable, ugly, lousy imitator, …日本制造的产品被称作“东洋货”,跟抄袭、廉价、蹩脚、劣质、不可靠和丑陋、讨厌的抄袭作是同义语...

bob回H.G you yanks failed twice with HTV-2. LOL the Chinese, on the other hand, is 1 for 1, or 100% success rate. LOL so what does that say about made in usa?Reply 你们美国佬试验HTV-2两次都搞砸了,哈哈,另一方面,中国人一次就成功,100%的成功率,哈哈,这又让人怎么说美国制造呢?

TDogJanuary 14, 2014 at 08:31

Hypersonic delivery systems are unlikely to be used against other great powers simply because they are capable of responding in kind and because of the chances of a miscalculation. Countries without the ability to respond are going to be the likeliest targets.Reply


admiral cheng(感觉是个伪装中国人的高级黑)January 14, 2014 at 13:20回TDog

Comrade TDog, there is absolutely no reason to be modest. Our latest weapons and technologies has put us a few steps ahead of the USA. Today as we speak we can certainly bring to USA to its knees if war breaks out. In reality we can hit the USA at will while preventing the imperialist to do the same on us.Economically the need us more than we need them and now even militarily we are superior to them only thing is they have more weapons than us but soon we will able to overtake them even on those conventional weapons.TDog同志,完全没必要谦虚。我们最新的武器和技术已经让我们比美国先行了一步。就在我们说话的当儿,如果战争爆发我们完全可以把美国打的跪下求饶。在现实中,我们可以想打美国就打美国,而让帝国主义者拿我们没辙。经济上美有求于我甚于我有求于美,如今我们甚至在军事上也超过了他们。只有一点是他们的家伙比我们多,但不用多久我们就能在常规武器上也超过他们。

Tit for Tat回楼上的高级黑

Since you have taken the title ‘admiral’, and assuming you are not an imposter, what are your thoughts about your South West neighbour India? Do you want to bring it down to its knees over Arunachal and Ladakh? Remember, they also have this hypersonic technology in the name of Shourya and K-4 as ballistic missiles and soon to be Brahmos version 2 as cruise missile…..Who knows, 75% of your naval fleet may get submerged in East and South China seas even before they leave the harbour incase you decide to up the ante in Arunachal/Sikkim/Uttarakhand/Ladakh……既然你挂着海军上将的军衔,并且假定你不是个冒牌的,你怎么看你们的邻国印度呢?你想让印度也在阿纳鲁恰尔和拉达克问题上也下跪?要记住,他们也有同样的高超声速技术,就是Shourya和K-4弹道导弹和即将出现的布拉莫斯II型巡航导弹...谁知道呢?你们75%的海军舰艇可能会在驶离港口前就在东海和南海被击沉了,如果你们敢打阿纳鲁恰尔和拉达克锡金、北阿坎德邦的主意的话....(浮尸国人到哪里都是以吹牛著名的)



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Whichwaydidhegogeorge?January 14, 2014 at 17:26傲慢的美国人回高级黑

Poor Midshipman Cheng, I think you’ve lost to many brain cells due to air and water pollution.

Only armchair strategists think that taking on the most advanced and veteran military of any time period is a simple endeavor to be undertaken with green troops and sailors using unproven weapons in development as their best weapons, with a military still trying to catch up in an unending cycle that reminds me of Sisyphaeus.


Here’s Reality since I actually can make some valid guesses as to the response to the fielding of this weapon. Any ICBM launch whether conventional or nuclear, would have to be treated like they were nukes, meaning both the US and Russians will have their nuclear triads waiting for the word that the world’s gonna end.既然我对这个武器领域有些见识那不妨告诉你现实是什么。任何洲际导弹的发射,不论是常规弹头还是核弹头,都会被认为是核打击,这就意味着美国和俄国的海陆空核力量蓄势待发、世界面临末日。

So, yes: only China is dumb enough, desperate enough, and/or arrogant enough to think they can field ICBMs against conventional forces without risking all out Armageddon for everyone.

In reality: if/when this missile is ready (if its successful; not every weapons platform is as good as a mfg. would have you believe) it’ll be about the same time that US jets and ships start fielding viable defensive lasers paired with next gen sensors.所以呢,是的,只有中国足够愚蠢足够绝望,而且、或者足够自大的情况下,才会认为用洲际导弹回应常规力量而不会导致世界末日降临到每个人头上。实际的情况会是,如果哪一天这种导弹最终准备就绪了(如果最终能研制成功,不是所有武器平台都能超NB的,这得告诉你)美国的飞机和舰船上已经开始布设实用的激光防御系统和新一代传感器了。

Unless China can somehow accelerate a missile to a respectable fraction of c, hypersonic missiles won’t matter as they’ll be defeated by weapons delivered at the speed of light (only 186,000 miles per second). These lasers will be slewed and targeted using mesh networks of next gen sensors.除非中国设法把导弹加速到相当程度的亚光速,高超声速导弹不是什么大不了的东西,因为它们会被以30万公里每秒的激光武器打下来。这些激光武器会布设在新一代探测系统的网状节点中转向和瞄准目标。


Whichwaydidhegogeorge? China’s testing is a real thing, but your wishful thinking as a counter measure is kind of dumb and desperate, and/or arrogant/ignorant.

Have you heard of fuzzy ion emitter that will render next gen sensors totally disorientated?我说楼上的?中国现在正在试验的可是个真家伙,而你就用一厢情愿的空想作为反制手段,实在有点傻帽而且急不择言了,而且、或者狂妄/无知。(模仿他的口气)你有没有听过模糊等离子发射器这个能让下一代传感器完全失灵的东西?

KL(还是他,感觉是个年长有教养的人)回高级黑I am not too sure, Admiral Cheng.

The US armed forces and their highly sophisticated weapons are tested and proven compared to China’s.

I would prefer caution and worst case scenario for China when dealing with the military might of USA.

Better outcome is to negotiate relentlessly for peace, harmony and sharing for the sake of humankind.



Dick C and George Jr. are still looking for the Weapons Of Mass Destruction in Iraq.切尼和小布什还在伊拉克四处找大规模杀伤性武器呢。


China’s hypersonic missile is putting 大日本 in grave danger, 米国will not defend us when the crunch comes, 米国 is making our大日本defenseless against China’s hypersonic missile, therefore米国 is our大日本 biggest enemy, they occupy our land and suppress our capability to defend ourselves. Nippon must build a strong military to kick the米国人 out of rising sun land.中国的高超音速武器使大日本陷入巨大的危险中,米国在灾难来临时不会保卫我们。米国让我们大日本面对中国的高超音速导弹毫无还手之力。因此米国是我们大日本最大的敌人,他们占领我们的土地,压制我们的自卫能力。泥轰必须建立强大的军队,从升阳帝国的土地上撵走米国人。(蹩脚的11区怪客?)

Theanother byproduct of incompetent us foreign policy…美国无能的外交政策的又一个副产品...


MAD do exist but one day, the world will experience nuclear carnage not intentionally but unintentionally, more likely as a result of broken, miscommunication and a trigger happy nuke commander.A mis-step in the chain of command will end it all and led to EOL and the extinction of humanity……all because of our folly trying to tame the power of the atom.In fact, I gives mankind another decade of existence.Good night.Reply 确保相互摧毁能力确实还存在,但会有一天,世界会遭受核灭绝,不是有意挑起,而是无意造成。更有可能是信息传递错误或是一个好战的拥核指挥官。指挥链上错一步,一切就都完了。最后导致职业生涯的完结和人类的灭亡...这都要归因于我们愚蠢地试图驯化原子的力量。事实上,我认为人类还会再存续十年。晚安。

thrung suc phang

this was made just because of simple purpose use as an offensive material to invade east asia and west philippine sea. here in vietnam we can match that mongoloid missile with our sam russian madeReply 这个东西就为了一个目的...用来向东亚和西菲律宾海进犯的一个工具。在我们越南,我们可以用俄制的SAM导弹对抗这些蒙古人的导弹。(安南猴不知道在胡说什么)


Can these be used to hit aircraft carriers?这些导弹能用来打击航空母舰吗?


China is becoming increasingly bellicose but they are still nothing compared to blood thirsty Americans. How they don’t destroy the world. Calm down guys.中国正在变得越来越好战,但跟嗜血的美国人比起来还不算什么。他们还没毁灭世界,各位冷静点。


Last May US successfully tested her X-51 hyper-sonic Wave Rider. This gave US the ability to strike any place on earth within one hour. The X-51 was said to have a speed of Mach 5.1. The Chinese vehicle has a speed of Mach 10.The significant of this test by China is that, now, both US and China are able to strike at each other with deadly long range conventional weapons without crossing the nuclear threshold.Reply 去年五月美国测试了X-51高超音速乘波飞行器。这让美国有能力在一小时内打击全球任意地点。X51的速度是5.1马赫,中国的飞行器速度是10马赫。这个试验的重大意义在于,中国现在和美国一样,都有能力用致命的远距离常规武器来打击对方,而无需越过核战争的门槛。


Very much expected.

Cruise missiles have gone obsolete as hypersonic cruise missiles will take their place. This obviously is non nuclear weapons.

WMD is the name of the game. Who can produce the fastest, deadliest and cheapest really quickly? That nation will dominate the world.

China has the shortest time from design to deployment. Russia must be worried more than USA. Unless Russia actually plans using nukes in warfare it should seriously consider developing more conventional WMDs.

The healthy competition between Russia and China has created a new world order.



China is catching up, Russia almost caught up whilst US to make sure they don’t catch up. So who is to be blamed for all these weapons of increasing mass destruction??Reply 中国正在逐渐赶上来,俄国马上就要被超越,而同时美国正设法让中国追不上。那么,这些大规模杀伤性武器的增加该怪到谁的头上?

Robert Shan Pubes

There is nothing that special about this weapon. It is just a quasi-ballistic missile and with its extremely high speed and depressed trajectory it is much harder to intercept. The U.S. has had this technology for ages, the Russians have the Iskander Missile which travels in excess of mach 5 and the Indians have their Shourya and k-4 missiles which travel at mach 7.5 and they are similar boost glide hyper sonic vehicle. This isn’t that alarming of news however, we need to be investing much more in our own hyper sonic and scram jet programs, but under Obama this seems less and less likely



How about everyone take a deep breath… 1 test flight doesn’t make a weapon system… surely the launching anything on an ICBM vehicle is idiocy, Who would know what the payload was,? All you could do was assume the worse… I doubt this ever becomes a deployable reality.



China’s rise as a credible counter to the US led western power block … is a blessing for the mankind … and a Russia-China-India led block would lead the world towards a more secure, sane and stable human civilization on earth … !! … those pursuing a culture of unnatural and outrageous, consumption based economy, of greed and short term profits, would eventually lose their sanity, and end into the pages of history …



The 2013 BBC worldwide pool list US as the no.1 threat to world peace.