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Japan'sAbe wants to explain shrine visit to China, Korea 日本安倍想就参拜神社向中韩进行解释

TOKYO(Reuters) - Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Monday he wanted to meetChinese and South Korean leaders to explain why he visited a controversial warshrine, seen by critics as a symbol of Tokyo's wartime aggression. 路透社东京消息——日本首相安倍晋三于周一表示他打算和中韩领导人会面,以对其为什么参拜存在争议的靖国神社做出解释,(该神社)被批评人士视作日本侵略战争的象征。 Abe'sDecember 26 visit to Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine, where Japanese leaders convictedas war criminals are enshrined along with other war dead, infuriated China andSouth Korea and prompted concern from the United States, a key ally. 12月26日安倍参拜了东京的靖国神社,被判处为战犯的日本领导人与其他阵亡者都供奉于此。不仅中韩两国被激怒,连最重要的盟友美国也表示了关切。 "Seekingdialogue with China and South Korea is extremely important for the peace andsecurity of this region," Abe told a news conference after paying acustomary New Year's visit to a shrine in the central Japanese city of Ise. 安倍在参拜日本中部伊势市的神社后召开的新闻发布会上表示:“谋求与中韩对话,这对地区的和平与安全是非常重要的。” "Iwould like to explain my true intentions regarding my visit to Yasukuni. Therearen't any direct approaches being made to set up such meetings at present, butthe door for dialogue is open, as always," Abe added “我将乐于对我参拜靖国神社的真实意图做出解释。目前还没有进行会晤的直接途径,但是对话的大门始终敞开。”安倍补充道, Chinaand South Korea have been especially touchy about visits to the shrine byserving Japanese prime ministers and Abe is the first leader to pay homage atYasukuni while in office since 2006. 安倍是自2006年以来首位参拜靖国神社的日本在任首相,中韩对此表现的尤为敏感。

Payingrespects at Yasukuni is part of Abe's conservative agenda to restore Japan'spride in its past and recast its wartime history with a less apologetic tone.He also wants to ease the restraints of Japan's post-World War Two pacifistconstitution on the military, a move also likely to infuriate China and SouthKorea. 参拜靖国神社是安倍重振日本昔日荣耀和不做道歉而修改战争历史的保守派议事日程的一部分。他还希望解除日本二战后和平宪法在军事方面的限制,这一举动更加惹怒了中国和韩国。 Abesaid he hoped to deepen debate about constitutional reform within Japan andthat he was confident he could make Beijing and Seoul understand. 安倍表示希望日本国内能深入探讨修宪,同时他表示确信自己能让中韩对此予以理解。

"Iam sure that I will be able to obtain the understanding of nearby nations aboutmy administration's pursuit of peace if I explain it thoroughly,"he said. 他说:“我相信,通过我的充分解释,本届政府对和平的追求是能获得邻国理解的。” ChineseForeign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying expressed skepticism. "PrimeMinister Abe has paid lip service to the development of Sino-Japaneserelations, but in reality, his statements are hypocritical," Hua said."It is he who has personally closed the door to dialogue with Chineseleaders." 中国外交部发言人华春莹对此表示怀疑:“安倍首相口口声声重视发展对华关系,但实际上他的这种说法是虚伪的,是他自己亲手关闭了与中国领导人对话的大门。” (译注:今天外交部答记者问的全文——安倍首相上台以来,在对华关系上玩弄两面派手法,接连采取损害中日关系大局、伤害中国人民感情的错误行动。此次又变本加厉,不顾中方坚决反对和严正交涉,执意参拜供奉有二战甲级战犯的靖国神社,公然背弃中日四个政治文件的原则和精神,严重破坏中日关系的政治基础。从安倍一系列举动当中,我们不难看出,他口口声声重视发展对华关系,但实际上他的这种说法是虚伪的,是他自己亲手关闭了与中国领导人对话的大门。对于这样一个领导人,中国人民是不欢迎的。如果安倍真心希望改善与邻国的关系,他应该做的是正确认识和切实深刻反省日本军国主义对外侵略和殖民历史,拿出诚意和实际行动,为改善与邻国关系做出实实在在的努力。)

BothChina and Korea suffered under Japanese rule, with parts of China occupied inthe 1930s and Korea colonized from 1910 to 1945. 中韩两国都遭日本统治过,中国部分领土在1930年代被占据,而韩国则从1910年到1945年间成为了殖民地。 Businessties between China and Japan, the world's second- and third-largest economies,have improved after a downturn sparked by a flare-up in 2012 in a row over tinyEast China Sea islands controlled by Japan but also claimed by China. 作为世界第二和第三大的经济体,中日两国间的商贸联系自2012年东海上那个被日本所控制,而中国宣称拥有主权的列岛的争议被点燃后开始衰落。 Butworries are growing that an unintended incident between Japanese and Chineseaircraft and ships playing cat-and-mouse near the disputed isles could escalateinto a military clash. 但是人们对于中日飞机舰船在争议列岛附近进行着猫鼠游戏时,擦枪走火会导致军事冲突的担忧正不断加剧。 ............................................................................................................................................ pizzaguy 反7 赞2 heis a good man. he is asking to be heard. japan was vanquished in ww2. thecountry works hard at good relations with other nations. he is a good consensusbuilder. if he said he meant no harm to his neighbors .. he means it. it is notlost that china and korea suffered too. hopefully they will all move forwardtogether. they are all great countries 他是个好人,他在寻求被聆听,日本在二战中被征服了。日本为保持与其他国家的友好关系而努力奋斗。他是一个良好共识的缔造者。如果他说他不打算伤害他的邻国…这就是他的意思。中韩宽容一些,这样又不会有什么损失,希望他们能够合作,他们都是大国。

Amenhotep1反1 赞4 Stupidcomment. 你这帖子够傻×

Silence反1 赞3 Notuntil they issue an official apology and compensation to the victims, like theGermans have done 除非他们象德国人那样发表官方道歉并向受害者做出赔偿。

Mike3 hours ago 0 0 @Silence.What a lazy POS you are. You couldn't find the energy to google an answer? Youcouldn't even find the energy to check Wiki. Keep eating your candy-corn Oreosand riding your rascal. Those are the things you do best. Ignorant and lazytroll! I know what you're going to say. What about the comfort women? I'll saveyou the time of doing your own research by telling you that, that issue is indoubt. Now, you can keep eating your candy-corn Oreos. 回楼上, 你可真够懒的,你不会上谷歌找找答案啊?你就不会查查维基么?继续吃你的奥利奥糖果捣蛋去吧。那些才是你在行的。你这既无知又懒惰的水军!!我知道你会说什么,又是慰安妇那套吧?我帮你节约点你做研究的时间直接告诉你,这个问题是存疑的,现在你回去继续吃你的糖吧。

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Agent86 M. Smart 0 0 Theyare zips working for the Chinese Ministry of Propaganda, what do you expect.Too much poisoned milk powder when they were being weaned. They are amusingthough, like clowns without the charm. 如你所愿,中宣部又出来干活了,自从他们毒奶粉断货了,他们虽然依旧搞笑,不够就像没了魅力的小丑。 ....................................................................................... Ron反3 赞3 Noleader needs to explain themselves after paying homage to the military memberswho gave their lives for the nation. Outsiders may not like it but every leadershould pay homage to brave military members. 没有哪个领导人需要在向那些为国捐躯的军人们表达敬意后还要做出解释的。局外人也许不会高兴,但是每个领导人都应该向勇敢的军人们表示敬意。

Activistfor Change 反1 赞1 Ron,you are showing your ignorance of Japanese WW2 war crimes. Wake up dude. 楼主,你在展示自己对日本二战罪行的无知,醒醒把,小子。

Ron 反1 赞1 TheUS had war crimes in Vietnam but we celebrate the troops. The British troopshad war crimes in India but they celebrate their troops. War crimes arecommitted and should be punished but national leaders should celebrate thebrave solders who did not commit these crimes. 美国在越南也犯下战争罪行,但是我们依然称颂我们的军队。英军在印度犯有战争罪行,但是他们也称颂自己的军队。确认有战争罪行就应该被处罚,但是国家领导人应该称颂那些没有犯过战争罪行的勇敢战士们。

Mike3 hours ago 1 1 @Activist.As if the US was not guilty of war crimes, too. Wake up and smell the coffeedude!!! 回复Activist.难道美国就没有犯下过战争罪行吗,醒醒,来口咖啡吧,小子!!

Herbert反 1赞 2 Abe:just stop visiting and paying homage to war criminals, there's nothing toexplain. 安倍:不要向那些战犯们参拜和致敬了,没什么好解释的。

Mike反 0 赞1 Whatabout Indian killers like George Washington? Actually, he was back stabbingIndian killer. Should we continue to honor him too or not? Point- There are warcriminals in Arlington cemetery 回楼上,那么屠杀印第安人的乔治 华盛顿又是怎么回事呢?事实上,他可是从背后捅了印第安人一刀啊。我们是不是还要以他为荣呢?阿灵顿军人公墓里也躺着战犯哦

blue反 1赞 0 Becareful, Pearl Harbor "2.0" . 留神,珍珠港2.0版

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Mike4 hours ago 1 0 Democraticcountries do not need an enemy. China is not democratic. It has to have anenemy to control its' own people and justify what it does. 民主国家不需要敌人。中国不是民主国家。所以他们需要一个敌人来便于对内施行控制。

November 0 0 Mike,you are funny but pathetic ignorant.楼上,你虽然愚蠢无知不过还是挺搞笑的。

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