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DECEMBER11, 1937: Japanese forces began the Rape of Nanking – massacring 200,000 menand sexually assaulting at least 20,000 women in China’s former capital.

Mostof the rape victims were mutilated or killed while almost the entire ancientcity was burned to the ground during one of the 20th century’s most sickeningwar crimes.



Thedevastation of Nanking, which is now called Nanjing and lies 600 miles south ofthe present capital of Beijing, was designed to break the spirit of Chineseresistance.


Thesix-week rampage followed the fall of the city after the Japanese Imperial Armyhad left a trail of destruction as it marched up the Yangtze River fromShanghai.


ABritish Pathe newsreel shows gunboats steaming up China’s longest waterwayafter Chinese Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek evacuated the majority of histroops.


Fewcould imagine the fate of the remaining 150,000 soldiers, who were butcheredafter commander Prince Yasuhiko Asaka issued an order to “kill all captives”.


FiveChinese prisoners of war are buried alive by their Japanese captors justoutside Nanking after the fall在南京陷落后,五名中国战俘被日军在城外活埋

Ontop of this, some 50,000 male civilians were also massacred, despite theGerman-led International Committee setting up a Nanking Safety Zone for theirprotection.


Amongthe gruesome spectacles witnessed by some foreign diplomats were Japaneseofficers engaging in beheading contests.


TwoTokyo newspapers published an account of two “heroic” lieutenants who - aftertying each other in a race to kill 100 people by sword – went into “extrainnings”.


ToshiakiMukai and Tsuyoshi Noda, who were tried and executed by the Chinese in 1948,allegedly settled their contest by persuing 150 more decapitations each.

向井 敏明和野田 毅于1948年在中国被审问并枪决,据其供认他们的比赛已经向斩首150人的目标进发了。

Yetit was the mass rape that most epitomised the horror and provided the iconicname to an act of almost unparalled barbarism.


Soldierswent from door to door searching for female victims, including young girls whowere often cut open so that they could be penetrated.


Womenwere routinely mutilated and often killed afterwards by troops stabbing them invaginas with objects ranging from bayonets and bottles to bamboo sticks.


Pregnantwomen were also bayoneted in the stomach.


Chinesesurvivor Tang Junshan later revealed one of the most gut-wrenching cases ofthis after he watched a group of civilians be murdered.“The seventh and lastperson in the first row was a pregnant woman,” he testified to the Nanjing WarCrimes Tribunal.

中国的幸存者Tang Junshan 后来在南京战犯法庭作证时,披露了他目睹一场恐怖的一群平民遭屠杀的场面中就提到“第一排的第七和最后一个人都是孕妇。”

“Thesoldier thought he might as well rape her before killing her, so he pulled herout of the group to a spot about ten meters away.


“Ashe was trying to rape her, the woman resisted fiercely ... The soldier abruptlystabbed her in the belly with a bayonet.


“She gave a final scream as her intestinesspilled out. Then the soldier stabbed the foetus, with its umbilical cordclearly visible, and tossed it aside.”


Japaneserecruits at bayonet drill using Chinese prisoners as targets, after the captureof the Chinese capital, …日军新兵用在中国首都抓获的战俘作为刺杀用的靶子

JohnRabe, a German businessman who was elected to lead the Safety Zone because ofJapanese sympathy to his Nazi Party membership, recorded the horror in a diary.Inone excerpt, he wrote: “Last night up to 1,000 women and girls are said to havebeen raped, about 100 girls at Ginling College Girls alone.

德国商人John Rabe,成为安全区的首脑,因为日本会顾忌他纳粹党员的身份,在他的日记留下这样的恐怖记录。其中有一段,他写道:“昨晚,说有1000名女子和女孩被强奸了,差不多有100名是金陵女子大学的学生”

“Youhear nothing but rape. If husbands or brothers intervene, they're shot. Whatyou hear and see on all sides is the brutality and bestiality of the Japanesesoldiers.”


Rabe,who was credited by the Chinese for helping to save around 250,000 lives, was arrested by the Gestapo when he returnedto Germany at the end of February 1938.They seized film he had made and bannedhim from speaking about the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s World War IIAxis partner.


FollowingJapan’s unconditional surrender to the Allies, they finally ended fighting inChina, which allowed Communists forces under Mao Zedong to seize power there.


Japanesewar crimes were both investigated by the Chinese and the U.S.-led InternationalMilitary Tribunal for the Far East in Tokyo.


HoweverAmerica’s General Douglas MacArthur gave the royal family – including PrinceAsaka – immunity from prosecution in a bid to maintain peace.

然而美国的道格拉斯 麦克阿瑟将军为了了确保和平,给予了包括朝香宫鸠彦亲王在内的日本皇室免遭指控的豁免权。

Japancontinues to refuse to pay compensation to China for its brutal occupation,which at least 23million Chinese died.




Theorder to kill all the captives was actually issued by Isamu Cho an ultraextremist nationalist who was Yasuhiko Asaka's second in command. AlthoughAsaka could have and should have countermanded it once he became aware of theorder, he did nothing.Afterthe war Asaka was stripped of his...

下达杀光所有俘虏命令的是长 勇,他是个极端民族主义者,而且是朝香宫鸠彦的副手。尽管当朝香宫鸠彦知道这条命令后,能够也应该取消这道命令,然而他并没有这样做。

After the war Asaka was stripped of his Royaltitles but was never prosecuted, he later became a golf course designer andlived to the age of 93.

Cho was latercommander of the 32nd Army defending Okinawa late in World War II the islandwas captured by the Americans in fierce fighting, rather than surrender tothem, Cho chose the Samurai way out, he committed Seppuku by cutting his ownstomach open.




A terrible crime that has never been properly addressed, and there is much muchmore that has been conveniently swept under the carpet for the fast 60 years.



Iived in Japan and can attest to the fact that they have NEVER recognised theirimmens sins in Asia. This is why they are hatd so much by so many in theregion. In the Chinese City in which I curently live , there is a smallcontingent of Japanese. And they are scared to death of the possibility of anuprising against them. The Koreans were also brutally raped en masse andsubject to crimes of utter depravity. Modern Japan is amazing, but there is anodious Old Guard who steal believe they are the Master Race. They'll all bedead soon, thank God.



UnfortunatelySteven there is an old truth that those who are unable or unwilling to learnfrom past mistakes are doomed to repeat them.



Itseems incredible that, not only were the Japanese on our side during the firstworld war, but they fought with restraint and honour. How could this changehappen in just 20 to 25 years?



Becausethe Generals and Politicians Said - So






Also,consider reading "The Forgotten Highlander" by Alistair Urquhart, aterrible account oftheJapanese Hell ships, in World War 2. He was on the "Kachidoki Maru",and men driven toinsanity,and drinking the blood of fellow men who had died, because of raging thirst.The films on the TV are mostly about the German atrocities. He portrays also,true accounts of the Death Railway, and bridge over the Kwai.

还有,可以考虑读读Alistair Urquhart写的《被遗忘的高地人》,一篇关于二战时期日本地狱之船的可怕记录。他坐过“堪察加丸”号,人们都被逼疯了,因为口渴而去喝那些濒死者的血。电视上播放过的大多数都是德国人的战争暴行。他则真实描述了死亡铁路,还有桂河大桥。



protected Japan after the war no wonder the Chinese feel so strongly aboutthe disputed islands. At lease most Germans seem to regret the actions ofHitler while you get the impression that many in Japan have no regrets aboutthe actions of the Japanese forces.



I read the book and some of the pictures were horrific,they even raped woman andgirls who were under protection by the nuns even some of them were raped andmurdered, America given immunity to the royal family, they should have justbombed Japan and flattened it



Howpeople forget especially in the West. Japan and Germany should never have beenallowed to rise again. Japan is a danger in the east and Germany now rules thewest. They should teach real history in our schools rather than subjects likemedia studies!



Letus hope one day Japan will finally admit culpability for World War 2 crimes inchina and say sorry an pay up. For these reasons I have no inkling to go toJapan....But Equally we all know China's record on Human Rights...They to haveto admit culpability and reform.

让我们来期望有一天日本最终会承认二战中在中国犯下的罪行,并道歉赔偿。基于以上这些我不打算去日本…但是公平的说,我们都知道中国在人 木又方面的记录…他们也应该认错并改善。


Ithink payback day is fast approaching...so a warning to all invading armies ofthe world oneday you great grand children will face their great grand children and thebalance of power may be reversed..... as one day things you do comeback tohaunt you.



Andpeople wonder why the Chinese hate the Japanese!...Also how come there are nomovies or documentaries about John Rabe one of the true heroes of the war ineast Asia..oh because he was a NAZI party member I suppose.



Yeah,lets see a 'Schindlers List' type film about John Rabe, don't think jewishcontrolled Hollywood will have any of it though!



Clearlya saint.



Thiswas indeed a dark day in history. Its hard to imagine looking at Japaneseculture nowadays that they were capable of such atrocities. I did not agreewith the Atomic Bomb as it was a mass killing of civilians just like Nankingbut each and every soldier and officer that followed the orders of Nankingdeserved everything they got. I am sure that Japan now are ashamed of what theydone.



Fortunatelythe Yanks squashed them otherwise they would still be at it.



andall for things mean nothing - wars are about nothing more than greed. Ban allwars, ban all armies worldwide and spend the money on hospitals and education.This is the only way humanity will move forward is by all standing together andrefusing to join any form of military. If there ain't no soldiers, there won'tbe any wars. Simple as that.



ally for the immoral Americans and their disobedient history.



TheJapanese were far worse than the Nazis for brutality, we never nuked themenough in my opinion...



Andthe Chinese themselves should be remembered for direct and indirect humanitycrimes against their own kinsfolk that continue today.


Stephen Well,at least the American Genocide took a while, eh?Chinais still there. Where are the cultures of The First Nations of North America?#$%$