Is this why Kim Jong-Un ousted his uncle?Accountant to North Korea's leader revealed to have fled to China




The man who holds the secrets of NorthKorean leader Kim Jong-Un’s finances was reported last night to be in hiding inChina after fleeing for his life from Kim’s rule.


The aide was responsible for managing thefunds of Kim’s recently-ousted uncle Jang Song Thaek, and in turn is believedto have intimate knowledge of the 32-year-old leader’s finances.


Two other aides to Jang were reportedlyexecuted in recent months for corruption. It is believed the firing squaddeaths prompted the unnamed defector to flee to China and make contact with theSouth Korean embassy in Beijing.


The defection was reported today by South Korean media who said its agents wereholding the aide in a secret location in China.


The news came as separate reports in SouthKorea suggested that Kim was preparing to purge his ailing aunt, Jang'sestranged wife, Kim Kyong-hui.


It is believed that Kim is planning to replacethe 65-year-old, who plays a supporting role in his regime but is rumoured tobe battling cancer, alcoholism and depression linked to the suicide of herdaughter, with his younger sister.


Toshimitsu Shigemura, a professor at Tokyo's Waseda University and an authorityon North Korean affairs, told The Telegraph: '[Kim] is trying to bring in ayounger generation of decision-makers and has kicked out the older ones, whichis causing a lot of problems in the elite in Pyongyang.'


Mr Shigemura added: 'He has been able to dothat in the party and the bureaucracy, but he does not have the power to dothat with the military.'


Kim's moves to replace many of the seniorofficials who served his father are apparently an attempt to shore up his rulewith younger henchmen loyal to his regime.


Cable news network YTN said the defectorwho escaped to China managed funds for ‘uncle Jang’, whose marriage to Kim’saunt and proximinity to the leader of two years made him one of the mostpowerful men in North Korea.


YTN said the aide’s defection might haveled to the sacking of Kim’s uncle from his senior post in the North Koreanleadership.


The man not only had knowledge of theuncle’s finances, but also those of Kim Jong-Un and his late father, formerleader Kim Jong-Il.


North Korean watchers said if the reporteddefection was confirmed, it would be the first time in many years that asignificant insider had managed to flee.


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Agent_007,you will never know, United States, 3 hours agoI lived in south korea in the early 90's.His hair cut would've been popular then...


ReaderOfReason,Reigate, United Kingdom, 18 hours agoI would think that China are just as fed upwith this clown as the rest of the world.


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Jenni,Henley UK, 15 hours agoI hope he makes it to South Korea and thenopens his mouth to what goes on in North Korea.Hope he writes a book as i wouldlove to read it.


travelling,somewhere, 17 hours agoThe world is fed up, but clowns can bedangerous and must be kept in their box.


ASTRAWALLY,ANYWHERE - United States of America , 7 hours agoNorth Korea should serve as a continuousreminder that what starts as Socialism soon winds up at Totalitarianism. Younever create the equality you promise before usurpation, you are merelyremoving the Ruling Class and replacing them with your own Ruling Elites. Oncepower is in your favor, you maintain the Status Quo. When so many idiots fall forthe lies of Socialist Utopias, I always think of North Korea.


jlee,Seoul, South Korea, 14 hours agoLooks like Beijing is a playground ofsecret agents from both the Communist bloc and the Western world. A goodmaterial of spy movie.


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