(CNN) -- China launched ts first lunar probe early Monday, which, if all goes well, will make it only the third nation -- after the United States and the

Soviet Union -- to soft-land on the moon.


The launch of the unmanned probe took place at 1:30 a.m. Monday (12:30 p.m. ET Sunday), state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

The Chang'e-3 blasted off from a Long March 3B rocket in Sichuan province located in southwest China and is expected to land on the moon's surface in mid-December.


The new space effort comes just over a decade after the country first sent an astronaut into space.

Unlike the soft-landing of the U.S. and the Soviet Union's unmanned spacecraft, Chang'e-3 will be able to survey the landscape first and determine the safest spot.



-Researchers say an impact crater named Sinus Iridum, or Bay of Rainbows, is its likely destination. In 2010, China's previous lunar mission captured images of the crater while scouting potential landing sites for the 2013 probe.

研究人员称,着陆的最佳预计地点是一个叫彩虹之湾或者虹湾的月球坑。 在2010年,中国的探月计划测绘了虹湾的图像,并将其作为2013登月计划的潜在着陆点。

On landing, the spacecraft will release Jade Rabbit (called Yutu in Chinese) -- a six-wheeled lunar rover equipped with four cameras and two mechanical legs that can dig up soil samples, a designer for the rover told Xinhua last month. A public poll determined the the solar-powered robot's name, which comes from

the white pet rabbit of the Chinese moon godess Chang'e. The slow-moving rover will patrol the moon's surface for at least three months, according to Xinhua.

据开发者在新华社的报道称,绕月飞行器登陆后会释放玉兔,一个六轮的月球探险器。玉兔装备有4个摄像头和2条机械腿用以挖掘土壤。 玉兔这个名字是由网上投票决定的。来自于中国的月亮女神嫦娥的宠物白色兔子。 玉兔将会在越土表面漫游至少三个月。

In the United States, scientists are concerned the Chinese mission could interfere with a NASA study of the moon's dust environment. Chang'e-3's descent is likely to create a noticeable plume on the moon's surface that could skew the results of research already being carried out by NASA's Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE), Jeff Plescia, chair of NASA's Lunar Exploration Analysis Group told, a space news site.



• 15 hours ago

Well wishes from 1.5 billion Chinese all over the world. Yutu hope you have a nice landing there. Send my regard to Chang'e babe.


Ronald John Han

• 7 hours ago

Well wishes from 1.3 Billion Indians as well. China is making great progress in space. Well done.

So that's 2.8 Billion people wishing well for Chinese success.

我们13亿印度人也要献上祝福。 中国在空间探索方面取得了重大进步。干得漂亮。


2imagineone Ronald John

• 6 hours ago

+1 American wishing the Chinese success on the Moon.

Space exploration shouldn't be a competition.




• 6 hours ago

I'll make it 2


I'm number 3!!


CommonDog Ronald John

• 5 hours ago

Good luck, eh !!

(from the 35 or so Million Canadians....)


Gunboat Diplomat Ronald John

• 8 hours ago

That's shameful.


Ronald John Gunboat Diplomat

how is it shameful. We Indians have been living next to the Chinese for more than 10,000 years peacefully. Yes there are problems between us, but most Chinese and Indians want to improve relations with each other.

The Dragon and the Tiger will unite one day hopefully to make great team.



Russell Mease Ronald John

• 7 hours ago

It's a breath of fresh air to see positive comments, the words "team" and "unite" in these comments. It's a breath of fresh air really. We need more optimism in the world. Thanks


Ronald John Russell Mease

• 7 hours ago

no problem man. There are too many conflicts in this world. And innocent people are dying everywhere. Our generation needs to put an end to this and bring peace and stability to this world.


loverpoint Ronald John

• 7 hours ago

Next thing you are going to say is that India and Pakistan are bed buddies.


Shuami Russell Mease

• 7 hours ago

Totally, thumbs up!!


    Alexander Winston cricket_666

    • 6 hours ago

    Fantastic. Now China can prove that the United States never actually sent a man to the moon. I'm looking forward to seeing all those photos of footprints and the American flag taken from the Chinese probe (but don't hold your breath),


    Jim McMaster Alexander Winston

    • an hour ago

    Because there's no reason to go back. We went to the moon for the sole purpose of saying we did it before the soviets. And space exploration isn't considered important anymore. NASA is heavily underfunded and doesn't have the money to do as much as it used to.


    Alexander Winston Jim McMaster

    • an hour ago

    What a lame excuse you are deluding yourself with. No reason to go back. Aren't we glad when the first ship traveled across the sea they didn't say, no reason to do it again. And aren't we glad when they created the rotary telephone that someone didn't say, no reason to keep improving on it until we have cell phones. There is a reason to go back. It's called practice. The first one may have been a huge undertaking but everything after that just becomes routine because you've already learned how to do it, you just improve with every trip. That's why I laugh when they talk about a manned space flight to Mars. Yeah, right, now if they had been going to the moon every year for fifty years MAYBE just MAYBE they'd have the know how to go farther, but we never even went to the moon so how are they going to go to Mars?

    你说的这些只是软弱的借口。 回到月球没意义? 当人类第一次实现了跨洋航行的时候,人们没有说我们没必要再做了。 当人类第一次实现拨号打电话的时候,人们还是不断改进技术,直到现在我们有了手机。我告诉你我们需要回到月球的原因,那就是“探索”。第一名当人会带回来大量的收获,但是此后的一切都是由关于如何如何实践并试图提高每一次航行的效率。这就是为什么我要笑话那些一次性的载人登陆火星的计划。是的,你想一想。他们将来每年都能发射一次登月计划。那么也许仅仅在5年之后,也许,他们(中国人)就能知道如何飞得更远。但是,我们将会永远再也不会去月球了,更不知道如何去火星。

    Jim McMaster Alexander Winston

    • an hour ago

    Except sea travel actually has a viable commerical use, the transport of people and product. There's no motivation for countries to commit to the goal of traveling to the moon again since The Outer Space Treaty prevents any country from claiming territory in space, the moon included. And Practice for what exactly? We went to the moon multiple times already, and there's nothing to gain by going there again. If we go to mars its not going to be on any spacecraft built today because at the speeds spacecraft go today, it would take a few years to reach mars, which by the way would be a one way trip as in never coming back to earth.

    航海是因为有商业用途。但重返月球对于一个国家来说就没什么意义。 而且《外太空协议》禁止任何国家宣誓太空主权,包括月球。 那我要问,为了什么还要“实践”?我们去了月球好多次了,从中我们什么都没得到。如果我们去火星,考虑到飞船的速度,达到火星那将会须要好多年,所以那就是个单程旅行,不会再回到地球。

    Alexander Winston Jim McMaster

    • an hour ago

    You think you have it all figured out don't you. Well sorry to inform you, you don't. Of course there is motivation otherwise we wouldn't be sending unmanned spacecraft at considerably higher cost into space missions. The United States just sent a lunar probe recently that discovered there is water in the soil of the moon. What? Really? They didn't discover that fifty years ago when we actually had a man standing on it? LOL. They also discovered a previously undiscovered radiation belt between the earth and the moon. Really? We traveled through it to get to the moon fifty years ago and didn't even notice it? LOL. Dude, we didn't go to the moon. Get it through your head already

    你以为你是有道理的,但我要告诉你,你错了。探索太空当然是有利益动机的,(如果进行不多次测试)我们就永远不知道怎么才能用更廉价高效的方式去探索太空。 最近美国发射的一颗探月飞行器发现月球上土壤中有水。什么?真的吗?可是50年前我们送宇航员上月球的时候并没有发现水啊? 呵呵,他们还发现了一个月球和地球之间的辐射带。真的?我们50年前就从中飞了过去,我们怎么没有发现这些辐射带?呵呵,伙计,我们没去过月球(有一些人认为阿波罗计划是骗人的,这哥们估计就是一个)。你脑袋里已经有很多既有的事情了。


    Freddie Nerk Han

    • 14 hours ago

    This is a waste of money and nothing new to learn. China is so far behind the US, Russians, EU and Japanese in space technology. All they did was cobble together a copy lunar rover the USA discarded 40 years ago! Better they spend the money on cleaning up their dirty cities.


    harro_prease Freddie Nerk

    • 11 hours ago

    watch out everyone we have a badas aerospace expert talking here.

    on a smaller scale, a crossbow was invented in China in 400BC I would doubt very much you have the skills to make one yourself.



    KaiEr Freddie Nerk

    Do you remember what things were like in the US when we started in the space race? Do you remember the "waste" that was spent on our missions? Come on. Even after having put men on the moon nearly 45 years ago, as the article points out, the US has a mission there studying DUST for crying out loud.

    Sure they are not making any major innovations, but they are doing what any nation would do... taking their first steps. And who would reinvent the wheel, simply to keep from being called a copycat in this sense? What you should be looking at is how quickly they are taking those steps, and what will come after that.

    I'm all for China doing this. Their next step will be putting a man on the moon. Guess what? It's been over 40 years since man has left earths orbit, and I bet you the next to do it will be Chinese. That's a sad reflection on the state of manned space exploration of the US.






    • 18 hours ago

    but the moon is under my air defense identification zone.

    china cannot land there without asking my permission !


    Barack Mao kalman133

    • 16 hours ago

    Did Soviet Union ask for your permission?


    Nick kalman133

    • 6 hours ago

    Too late. Japan has announced that already. You are just trying to change the status.



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