OKYO: Japan warned Sunday of the danger of "unpredictable events" and South Korea voiced regret following China's unilateral declaration of an air defence zone over areas claimed by Tokyo and Seoul.

Japanese foreign minister Fumio Kishida said his country was considering making stronger protests "at a higher level" after China announced Saturday it was setting up the zone over an area that includes Tokyo-controlled islands claimed by Beijing.




US secretary of state John Kerry and secretary of defence Chuck Hagel said on Saturday they were "deeply concerned" at China's move and were committed to defending Japan.

China said it was setting up the "air defence identification zone" over an area including the islands in the East China Sea to guard against "potential air threats".

It released a set of aircraft identification rules that must be followed by planes entering the area.




以下是《印度时报》读者的评论: Vikram (Pune)

The chinese are just testing the respose from Japan and US and will back down in the face of combined opposition .. I guess ... or the time of chinese supremacy begins from now on

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Sunil Sinha ()

China after making a nuclear deal with Iran commented peace will prevail in Middle East, but does not want peace with its neighbors.

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maladroit (India)

India must side with Japan and S. Korea. Japan has one of the biggest armed forces of the world. Only a J(apan)I(ndia)K(orea) combine with US Pacific fleets can restrain China.

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ramdas96 (bangalore)

Japanese should withdraw their investments and look for India as safe haven. S C Bose had complete faith in Japanese army to evict the British but unfortunately died in a plane crash.

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SCLP (World)

China could not subdue Vietnam, and it will not be able to subdue SK and Japan either. All nations are not as poodlish as India.

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Kasi Iyer Sheeravarneswaran Kasinathan (Unknown)

China's action is highly provocative and international community should solidly back Japan in protecting it's territory and the dispute should be settled amicably through dialogue and the brinkmanship of China should stop and behave as a civilized country without war mongering

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Bhabatosh Shaha (AGARTALA)

All concerned-China, Japan and South Korea should exercise utmost restraint over the issue.

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Mayank Gaurav (Durgapur, West Bengal)

Why cant chinese live properly................They just keep on searching countries to create tensions.......

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Anil Kulkarni (Boston USA)

The situation around sea in Japan, claimed by China,appears to be becoming dangerous.Unless sorted out quickly it could lead to USA China confrontation.

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Rajeev Ranjan (Delhi)

Kudos.... Go Japan Go !

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satdudemeister (Location)

China the BULLY and no one has guts to stand against China. Impossible to fathom why anyone would move manufacturing to China. Boycott Walmart and other super stores who buy Chinese

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deepak malik (Unknown)

Next what !!


Dip (Setubal)

Chinese land grabbing tendency is becoming more and more disastrous to Global peace. Starting from Vietnam to Korea to japan to India etc. all are victim of Chinese malign and dubious unilateral propaganda . It is the time to take strong stand against Chinese imperialistic invasion , globally. What our leaders of CPM party have to say?

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Biswajit Debnath (Calcutta, India) replies to Dip

They will only say that China is always right...its time we transported all of them to China bag and baggage....

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sushil (Lucknow)

Japan-China clash would be interesting to watch?

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mickeysheth Sheth (Mumbai)

All neighbouring countries should be watchful of China's hawkish gestures. They would sooner or later get threats from China. It is better to be careful and best way is formation of chain of country surrounding China with military co-operation and involving USA as deterrent.

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Jag M (India)

Muscle flexing by economic power, when the world stops buying chinese goods....they wont have this arrogance

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shashikant (New Delhi)

At the end of the day in Asia, it is going to be China v. the USA.

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Poor Man (Location) replies to shashikant

Don't under estimate Vietnam.

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shashikant replies to Poor Man

Don't overestimate Vietnam.

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一面享受中国带来的廉价消费品,一面诋毁谩骂中国人民,三三呐你要闹那样? 被腐国殖民了几百年,除了讽刺,挖苦你还会点啥?