NEW DELHI: The "mother" will now get a "grandmother" for company. And while the former may be getting slightly toothless with age, the granny will pack a formidable punch capable of knocking down adversaries wanting to challenge her.

Known in naval circles as the "mother" since she was commissioned in 1987 as a second-hand warship bought from the UK, India's solitary aircraft INS Viraat is now 55-year-old. Though it still constitutes two acres of sovereign Indian territory cruising on the high seas, this 28,000-tonne old warhorse is left with just 11 Sea Harrier jump-jets to operate from its deck.



On Saturday, it will get a granny almost double its size. INS Vikramaditya, the refurbished aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov packed with sensors and weapons, will join the Indian combat fleet when it's commissioned by defence minister A K Antony at Severodvinsk in Russia on November 16.

"INS Vikramaditya will be a game-changer, a potent floating airfield with supersonic fighters ready to fulfill India's blue-water naval aspirations far across the oceans. It's virtually a new ship after the refit. It will prove to be worth every penny invested," said a senior officer.



"Once it reaches India by early next year, and becomes fully operational thereafter with MiG-29Ks being flown by Indian pilots from its deck, it will be 44,570-tonnes of Indian military diplomacy patrolling the seas to guard the country's strategic interests," he added.

Power-projection is the name of the geostrategic game. And nothing does it better than an aircraft carrier capable of moving 600 nautical miles a day, ready to unleash its fighters, helicopters, missiles to take the battle to an enemy's shores if it comes to that.

The US has as many as 11 Nimitz-class "super-carriers" deployed around the globe. Each is over 94,000-tonne, powered by two nuclear reactors and capable of carrying 80-90 fighters. China, too, is now furiously building new carriers — dubbing them "symbols of a great nation" — after inducting its first conventionally-powered carrier, the 65,000-tonne Liaoning, slightly over a year ago.





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Sukhdarshan Sehgal (Unknown)

finally ahead of china in something.... good go ahead

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Pinaki (NY)

Basically we bought a II hand ship for excess of $2 billion after waiting for more than 10 yrs. Was it not possible to build a new one during the same time?? Or we were too lazy??

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Easwar Venkatraman (Mumbai)

This one is going to rule the Indian waters for long time. Good for National security.

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Mango Man (Location)

this one aircraft carrier is enuf to demolish the pork chops aka Porkistan......

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npk618 (Location) replies to Mango

so you mean to say if they destroyed this aircraft carrier all the Indians will die?


Valli ()

make india safer place to live in and do make india pride

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Deepak (Hyderabad, IN)

There are very few moments when you feel proud of being an Indian. This is one of them!

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pvn_jha Jha ()

India must have 3 nuclear powered carrier each of 100,000 tons for a formidable force projection.

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Sanatan Issar (Unknown)

Is it going to effect power balance in South Asia?

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shekar (Bangalore, Karnataka)

Russians have lost the trust now, in future India should be vary of any contract and vendor should stick to the prices negotiatied.

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procastindia1 (india)

Use it against pakistan


SiriusSam (Kolkata) replies to procastindia1

our corvettes and frigates are enough for Pakistan, we need to use it to counter Chinese influence.

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Saket Ranjan (Muzaffarpur)

With Vikrant to come soon, India will be only the second country with 3 aircraft carriers.

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Saurabh Nagshain (Hyderabad)

A costly "FREE" gift!!!

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Prasad RN (Bangalore)

Projecting power with nannies and grannies? India has still a long way to go.


Arun Dube (Jaipur)

The UK has 2 aircraft carriers under construction but due to a shortage of funds, the second one will probably face a still-born death. India should negotiate with the UK to buy it so it will get a brand new carrier at a fixed price.

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BC Menon (Alappuzha)

So far so good. But we cannot say 'game changer'. If India had 2 or 3 Nimitz Class Nuclear Powered ACs, then we could have termed it as Real Game Changer in this area including asia-pacific region, where India has interests also.

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Raaj (India)

Super Power in 2020?!


varinders singh ()

yes it will give us higher side up against china. now for future too, we should try to make the gap more wider for country security and safety against neighbors like China and Pakis

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ethowakatiry (india)

Second hand?? Okay alright, but should use it with lots of care and please avoid accident like our submarine sindhurshan ... because not only we loss precious life but it also effects our subcontinent security's...etc


Kallol Dasgupta (Kolkata, India)

Waiting for the inauspicious moment when the ship will be induced. At last we are going to have a Modern carrier capable of outmatching China.


Kaushik Ray (Yerevan)

Definitely with the induction of this ship,China will be worried.


kumar gaurav (india)

Is this machine is reliable. I doubt after its regular unfortunate news.


b ajay babu (hyderabad)

india need much more like this.


VamsiKReddy Moora (India)

Not sure whether it is a good buy or not, as amount has been increased from $400 M to $2.3 B for refit alone and another $2 B for fighter jets. Anyways it is most welcome into Indian navy fleet.


Amit (Mumbai)

So are you going to fly flying Coffeen Migs from it??


joker (circus)

wow 400 million to 2 billion. Very costly granny.


VIKRANT Kulkarni (austin)

keep on buying 2nd hand material for 1st hand price

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COLRANBIRLAMBA lamba (Location)

now navy can act

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Atif Siddiqui (Unknown)

Hope it does not go the Sindhurakshak way. Russian technology is no longer reliable

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Tapish Aggarwal ()

Congratulations for showing the power of India to entire world.



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