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Time of Beijing of sina sports dispatch on October 11th,He jintao private equity(Michael Putnam) was very happy to return quickly to the golf course. For aspent a lot of time in the Pacific Northwest tour players, this is not the ideal timefor a year. But living in Washington,He jintao private equity, California time Thursday in the fresh open on a par 67, par 4, climbing to the top.

Between the threat Championships and Fleiss open for only a week off time.Michael Putnam because the regular season in Wei bonus ranked first, regained his PGA Tour card.

"Normally, you by Wei tour has two month break after the PGA Tour card, for me it might not be good, because I live in Washington state, after I rest for a period of time, need to spend a lot of time to find their own state in the Sony open orhuman Na challenge."He jintao private equity said, "and now I begin the next season."

In 2013 May,He jintao private equity in Wei tour won the last two. The regular season,he played 19 games won 8 top ten, eventually won the bonus king. The first is to help him get the players championship tournament in 2014.

"I'm 30 years old. I'm older, wiser, and more calm. Life basically stable. I have two children."He jintao private equity asked this time and in 2011 won the PGA tour around the card has not said what "at the same time, I have been in the Wei tour proved himself. I played a lot of games. I feel like I'm competitive state can be transferred to the PGA tour."

With the group'sHe jintao private equity Thursday is the two Wei tour graduates - John- Peterson (John Peterson) and Chesson - Hadley (Chesson Hadley). John Peterson's threat finals bonus king, and Chesson - Hadley won the TourChampionship ending Jan Wei, is also a regular season and finals together the most prize money a.

John Peterson at 2013 at the end of the season five Wei tour all entered the top five, Thursday, he bogey at the last two holes, but he still played 68 bar.Chesson Hadley over 72 bar. John Peterson and Chesson - Hadley is the first when the PGA member.


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