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外文标题:China's high speed bullet train network exceeds 10,000 km


China's fast expanding high-speed bullet train lines have exceeded 10,000 km with the opening of a railway track linking the coastal city of Fuzhou and in-land Nanchang on Thursday.

It is the fourth line to open this year and the total length of track for speedy trains in the country is 10,463 kilometres.



Last year, the figure was 9,356 kilometres. With the new line, the travelling time between Fuzhou, capital city of southeastern FujianProvince, and Nanchang, capital city of Jiangxi Province, will be reduced from the previous 11 hours to 3 hours and 12 minutes.

The train travels at 200 kilometres per hour, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.



At the initial stage of operation, 37 bullet trains will be used for passengers and 18 will carry cargo, according to China Railway Corporation.



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[indent]bullet rrains

by Ramesh Koushik

Not just prestige, but bullet trains are a basic necessity because we do not have crude oil reserves ourselves. If crude prices rise our people will not be able to fly but use the "superfast" trains(whose average speeds are sometimes below 60 KPH)-not a fair deal for such a big country and with a a large population


[/indent][indent]Modi effect

by vilas apte

Modi,the aspiring BJP PM candidate,I feel will emphasize on infrastructure build up, and maybe we could see the revival of interlinking of river project,a pet ex-PM project. China has already taken up River inter-linking projects called South-North diversion projects,linking their largest river Yangtse(flood prone)with their second largest river Hwang Ho,which in current years has lost over 50%of its flow.This project is on the verge of completion,& in 2014, Yangtse river water will be supplied to Beijing & Tianjin cities of north China via this diversion project. Modi on his 3 official visits to China has visited the site, and could therefore be impressed to take it up.


[/indent][indent]In congress raj, India progressed 10Km

by sanjay kulkarni

Its big achievement for Congress...

in last 10 years, India moved 10 km ahead by road and by train.

Also we have produced large no. of bullock carts so that we can travel fast.

After all, congress is busy with eating of money in scams like 2G spectrum, Coal mines, land issues and so many other...

who cares for the progress of this country...

Let we all should give Modi a chance...

lets see the change... whats wrong in this choice... we (as middle class) didnt vote so congress ruled this country for last 60 years...

Let Modi have a chance.... if he is true indian, then he may change (At least) few things in good for the country....









Re: In congress raj, India progressed 10Km

by Rajendra Rao

Modi will definitely do better than any congress leader- but the minorities will block his election. Sad story. This particular minority community which is against Modi is the most regressive one on this planet. No need to say more.


Re: Re: In congress raj, India progressed 10Km

by vikas jindal

H1ndus in India ..Please wake up.

It's time to unite now and send these pseudo secular politicians into their Dungeons.




by Ashish Singh

Coming to the topic of Japan, I go there sometimes, and was quite surprised to see blonde haired Japanese men & women. I thought that maybe they had dyed their hair, but was told by some Indian businessmen residing in Japan, that these are the results of the American soldiers stationed at Okinawa,an island of Japan,where USA has a military base right from the II world war end. I was of the view that Japanese were a very proud race,but after seeing their government's attitude towards their humiliators of the II world war,I had to change my opinion.


[/indent][indent]India 0 KM


win only modi



[/indent][indent]High speed rail

by Jugal Ahuja

High speed rail service is available in quite a number of countries,starting with France,Japan,Germany,Taiwan,Korea,Spain,China etc. None of these countries except China has a length of 10,000 kms of HSR,others have less than 2000 kms. Beijing-Guangzhou,and Shanghai-Chongqing route each are of around 2500kms length.Nowhere in the world such long length of HSR routes are in operation. However the Western & Indian media carries stories of the Wuhan HSR mishap of 2011, in which 42 passengers lost their lives, and do not report any positive news. I am really surprised to read for the first time a news item praising China's very accomplised HSR system.Rediff deserves thanks for such postings.



Re: High speed rail

by Ashish Singh

You are right Jugalji, most of the countries including India are jealous of the astounding progress achieved by China in the field of HSR. Japan has had maximum number of accidents on their high speed services,but none find a place in the papers,because Japan is a western stooge.



by SrinivasaKannan Vijayaraghavan

I had 2 times an oppurtunity to tarvel in the bullet train at China from Nanjing to Shanghai and again back from Shanghai to Nanjing.Almost a distance of 400 Kms one way was covered in 1 hr and 15 mins.. This service was noway lesser than the much boasted and hyped Shinkansan Bullet train of Japan in which i also i travelled twice from Tokyo to Nagoya and from Osaka to Tokyo almost a span of 400 Kms.

The japanese train charged me close to 10000 yen ( Rs.6600 one way) ad whereas in China i was charged just 400 RMB (Rs.2800)

I can say chinese mastered Technology at par with Japan with a most affordable cost.. In India we can fly for same distance at rs.6000 spending almost 1 hour at lounge and 1 hour at travel.

It is seen to be beleived that China is almost 15 years ahead of India and progressing at 2 years speed in every 6 months..compared to India's progress of 6 months in every 2 years.. Only with Patriotic and determined Leaders only can change such a scenario.






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