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导读:SUMIR KAUL (Leh): India and China may have announced an end to their 20-day stand-off in Ladakh sector, but the situation has not entirely settled down judging from a recent incident when the Chinese intercepted an Indian Army patrol and prevented it

三泰虎5月27日译文,印度时报文章《对峙在继续,中国在印度领土内修建了5公里公路》。据报道,印度和中国也许宣布了拉达克地区的20天对峙已经结束,但从最新一起事件可以判断出形势并未完全安定下来。在这起事件中,中国军队拦截了印军一支巡逻队,并阻止其前往实际控制线。事件于5月17日发生在Finger-VIII地区,那里也称为Siri Jap。两天后,中国总理到达新德里访问。此前,中印已经宣布中国人入侵19公里导致的对峙已经结束,据称入侵的中国军队已经回到先前的位置。铁血网提醒您:点击查看大图

SUMIR KAUL (Leh): India and China may have announced an end to their 20-day stand-off in Ladakh sector, but the situation has not entirely settled down judging from a recent incident when the Chinese intercepted an Indian Army patrol and prevented it from going to line of actual control (LAC).

The incident took place near Finger-VIII area, also known as Siri Jap, on May 17, two days before Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang arrived in New Delhi after it was announced that the stand-off resulting from a 19km deep Chinese intrusion had ended. It was claimed that the intruding Chinese troops had gone back to their previous positions.


事件于5月17日发生在Finger-VIII地区,那里也称为Siri Jap。两天后,中国总理到达新德里访问。此前,中印已经宣布中国人入侵19公里导致的对峙已经结束,据称入侵的中国军队已经回到先前的位置。

While the Udhampur-based Army spokesperson refused to comment on the incident, official sources said there was a brief stand-off at the Finger-VIII area after which army patrol returned without proceeding to the LAC.

The sources said that after the incident all patrols were stopped by the Ladakh-based 14 Corps including the one proposed to be sent in Depsang plain, where Chinese army had pitched tents for nearly three weeks beginning from April 15.

China has managed to construct a road up to Finger-IV area which also falls under Siri Jap area and is five km deep into the LAC, the sources said.



消息人士还称,中国成功的修建了一条通往Finger-IV的公路,该地区也位于Siri Jap,深入了实控线5公里。

Chinese claim in their maps that this area falls under its area where as Indian Army has been claiming it to be part of Ladakh and have often cited the 1962 war when armies of both the sides fought bitter battles in this area. Major Dhan Singh Thapa was awarded Param Veer Chakra for fighting PLA in the area.

However, as the Indian side was trying to back its claim at the negotiating table, the Chinese army constructed a metal-top road and claimed the area to be part of Aksai Chin area, the sources said, adding many a times the Indian Army has used the same road to patrol the area and lay claim over it.

The Chinese intrusion in the remote Daulat Beg Oldi sector on April 15 appears to have been triggered by construction of an observation tower in Chumar division.

中国人在地图上将这块领土标入其版图内,而印度军队声称其属于拉达克的一部分,并经常引述1962年的那场战争,两国军队当时在该地区发生恶战,Dhan Singh Thapa少校英勇抗击解放军而被嘉奖。



The Chinese side, according to the minutes of the flag meetings held as late as in the last week of March this year, had been objecting to the construction of the watch tower along the LAC in Chumar division, 300km from here.

After the announcement that the stand-off has been resolved, Indian security patrols in certain areas such as Rocky Knob have been curtailed, the sources said.

Chumar, a remote village on Ladakh- Himachal Pradesh border, has been an issue for Chinese which claim it to be its own territory and have been frequenting it with helicopter incursions almost every year. Last year, it dropped some of the soldiers of PLA in this region and dismantled the makeshift storage tents of the Army and ITBP.


当宣布对峙已经解决后,印度安全部队减少了在某些地区的巡逻,比如Rocky Knob。


This area is not accessible from the Chinese side whereas the Indian side have a road almost to the last point on which the Army can carry a load upto nine tonnes.

There appears to be some lack of coordination among various Indian defence forces. The Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) has complained to the Union Home Ministry that they had been kept out of the May 5 flag meeting with the Chinese by the Army when the decision to withdraw forces on both sides was taken.



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