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导读:事件回顾: 5月9日,网上曝光一段视频:一名老外在北京宣武门崇光百货附近意图侵犯一名中国女子,遭路人暴打。昨日,平安北京发布公告确认此事,称8日晚该醉酒外籍男子因猥亵妇女遭拘留审查,案件正在办理中。该男子为英国籍,持旅游签证。 And the problem is? If only we could do that here there would be a lot less attacks by yobs in the street on both men and women.



And the problem is? If only we could do that here there would be a lot less attacks by yobs in the street on both men and women.


Good-serves him right!!


Don’t make this pig out to be the victim, the poor woman is the victim here! Good on the men who came to her aid, but no need to film it!


In thee UK, the police would have arrested the the attackers and given the rapist compensation for criminal injuries.


Good for the Chinese. We should deal with scum like this.


And we’re supposed to what? feel sorry for him?


If you don’t want foreigners to hate you behave yourself when you go to THEIR country! I have been to countries around the world in my job and I get facebook messages from people constantly asking me to come back. That is the reward of behaving yourself.



Also, don’t invade other countries for their oil. Many humans are wonderful creatures, and we’re let down by the worst few of us, who seem to cause 90% of the problems.


Having been to China I found the people very friendly and hospitable. However, I didn’t get drunk and asault anyone. If he is guilty serve him right and punish him to the full extent of the law. If you act like it is a drunken night in a town centre in the UK when abroad live with the consequences. Idiot.


Filth. At least you know this idiot wont be out in 2mths or let off with community service whilst smiling at the courts.


Just watched the video, it looks bad, and I hope they lock him up and throw away the key. the British Justice system could learn a thing or two from China.


I’m afraid I agree with the Chinese in this matter-he should be punished severely. If only we punished immigrants who commit crimes here in the same manner. But we are too soft and lilly livered.


If this was a role reversal in Britain, the perpetrator would have been assigned a social worker and a civil rights lawyer. The Guardian would be spitting blood about HIS rights.

如果这事出在英国,这个人渣将会被指派一个社会工作者和一个人权律师。保卫者们(注:the guardia还有个意思英国卫报,不确定是指哪个)会为了他的人权声嘶呐喊。

Where did he think he was - the UK ?


His mistake ! If he broke Chinese law then he gets Chinese justice. The fact that he may be British is immaterial.


If this man is guilty let china deal with him their way. Time to get tough on the filth!


IF THIS STORY IS TRUE, then to the people of China I apologise for the behaviour of this British man. Sometimes I am so ashamed for my countrymen. We are not all like this.


Its a shame we couldn't treat the 9 men from Rochdale in the same way..


She may well be a pro; or not. There are millions of young Chinese women pros walking the streets because they are poor and they want what capitalism brings. I was even accosted by one while walking with my wife!! He obviously should be dealt with heavily for any abuse, but I wonder what the full story is? - Kuri, UK, 10/5/2012 15:54+++++++The story is that a young Woman has been beaten by a Man. If she is a prostitute, does this mean that he has the right to do this to her as you insinuate?

这女的也许是职业的,谁知道呢。中国有无数这种职业的女人在街上游荡,因为贫穷,她们想要钱。甚至有一次我跟我老婆在街上走着还碰到过一个女人上来勾引我!!显然这个男人该被严惩,但我好奇事实的真相到底是什么?Kuri, UK, 10/5/2012 15:54


The story is that a young Woman has been beaten by a Man. If she is a prostitute, does this mean that he has the right to do this to her as you insinuate?


I see he's also wearing typical chav attire, the polo shirt and tracksuit bottoms. I wonder if he's also wearing brilliant white trainers ? I hope they lock him up in a nice Chinese prison......for a long time.


There used to be a scam in Hong Kong where a woman would demand money off you and when you didn't give it she would shout and scream the place down...then a gang would turn up and kick the hell out of you....You would then pay to get away....just a thought....


This is staged. Why would someone be filming beforehand? It is staged so stop being so gullible. He had took a beating but no mark on him? None of it makes sense and this is some form of propaganda. Also stop apologising for Britain for heavens sake, even if it was real and he is British it is his actions not a Britains.


Obviously what he was doing was terrible, and it's a good thing the men saw what was happening and he'll now be arrested. BUT, are you aware how the Chinese treat their own women and children? Before people condemn 'all Brits' and go overboard with the 'good on you, China' have a look online at the videos of women, children and animals suffering there. A few weeks ago there was a video of a 2 year old girl being RUN OVER repeatedly in a side street in Guangzhou (I've been, horrible place) and nobody did a thing. People just going about their business, ignoring this little girl. I'm in agreement with the men who beat up this loser, but people should understand China isn't exactly a country that loves women, children or animals! These were a few decent men.


Three million views? that's a lot of advertising revenue. The video is clearly fake, no one attacks a woman out in the open like that especially in a foreign country. Why is the guy not bleeding? Because he's not hurt. F.A.K.E. - Mark, Huddersfield, 10/5/2012 20:52 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes Mark im sure the tourist bourd of china are delighted with the results " come to china get beaten up, have a nice day"

三千万的观看数?这是比不小的广告收益。这视频很显然是假的,没人会像这样在大庭广众之下袭击一个女性,而且还是在一个陌生的国度。为什么这个人没有流血?因为他并没受伤。假!的!- Mark, Huddersfield, 10/5/2012 20:52


Yes Mark im sure the tourist bourd of china are delighted with the results " come to china get beaten up, have a nice day"


Well, if he was indeed trying to rape that girl then he got exactly what was coming to him. I dont really see a problem here. Hell, in a lot of Western countries the cries for help of a girl being assaulted we be ignored.


Worked in China myself some years ago nice place and people have more respect than the rubbish we have now.This is what happens when you breed uncontrollably in the UK. He is a Chav and how did he get all the way to China.We have the worst Youth in the UK, look around no respect and they drink just drink sad people Makes me sick i would kicked him into next year if i was there sick and fed up of the way some British people are, they have no self respect or manors anymore sad . china do us faver and give him the death penalty we don't want this scum back.


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"Rape carries the death penalty in China." Awesome, one thing they got right. Serves the monster right, but who was the person who filmed it? Why didn't they intervene?


"Rape carries the death penalty in China." Awesome, one thing they got right. Serves the monster right, but who was the person who filmed it? Why didn't they intervene?


I've just watched the video & personally, I'm glad the bloke was given a good hiding.


I don't think we should lose sight of the fact that the Chinese govt has a long history of propaganda use, and given recent events concerning the alleged murder of a British businessman by a senior Chinese official's wife, this may very well be something along the lines of a face-saving exercise by the authorities.


Funny old world, a few months ago we were reading reports of a child being hit by a van and left to suffer alone in the street while people just passed by and children being tied to lamposts while their parents went to work..


I wish ALL rapists were given the death penalty...(*assuming that they truly committed a rape, proven through DNA, etc. and I don't mean two 15 yrs old having sex. Just in case my words are misconstrued...).


Agreed, from what i've seen he is scum. But those saying we need to learn something from the Chinese justice system obviously don't know anything about the Chinese 'justice' system... Oh and call me a cynic, but until it's verified by the British Embassy in China, i'll take it with a pinch of salt. The entire social media and 'news media' infrastructure in China in State controlled and there have been many cases of carefully constructed forms of propaganda in the past. An unthinkable amount of cruelty against people and animals goes on in China all the time, you never usually hear much public condemnation about it though... But when a Westerner does it.... Pays to keep an open mind.


Er, we don't know the full story. Still, he was easily identified over there and had a visa - there are hundreds of thousands of them over here, a lot up to no good and without any form of documentation at all, let alone being in the country legally...


Am I the only person who actually looked up the video and analysed it? There are a few versions of it on you tube, but in every one of them, the 'victim' grabs the "assailant's" crotch right before she stops crying, right before she stands up and runs off with his wallet. All the 'heroes' are wearing black shirts. Chinese Mafia (Sponsored by the Daily Democratic Mail").


I just watched the clip and it doesn't look real, the woman's distress does, and if it is, it should be removed immediately as she should be protected from the attack being viewed publicly. However, the video shows very little contact as its edited to show him lying in the road, and he hasn't a mark on him for how unconscious he seems, the few blows you see look staged.


It's clearly fake! For heavens sake people look at it with open eyes will you......


SCUMBAG. Deal with him please China


Let me get this straight...someone was FILMING a sex attack? And that in itself is not sick? How about putting the camera down and helping the woman who's being attacked? And did anyone ask the woman if they could upload this video on to youtube? I'm confused.


Unlike here in the UK or the US, the Chinese are genuinely patriotic. The propagandists are going to make a meal of this. Not to mention the Argentinians.

不像英国和美国,中国人是很真诚的爱国的。(注:泪流啊,带路们)。宣传的人想拿这个来做文章。(这里不太清楚啥意思= =)



Why didnt the guys go and help her straight away? Why would you get our your phone and film it for a bit and then attack him? This doesnt make sense...


If he is guilty then he deserves everything he gets. However I don't like mob justice. He was seen standing over the woman, not touching her. What if she collapsed on the floor, he saw her and went to check on her and frightened her unintentionally? What if she was mentally ill or high on drugs? It needs to be investigated and if he is guilty after a fair investigation then he deserves to rot, but we don't actually know he is guilty yet.


Having spent time in Beijing I was accosted every day by women pretending to want to practice English but were offering sex. It was non stop and very often I had to be rude to get rid of them then they got very nasty. First of all it is illegal there and that is why the use the practising English as an excuse. If this person did assault her then he deserves the punishment but lets see all the facts, this video starts off with her crying and a Chinese man talking to the Brit. Then there is a fight and then he is on the road with another person trying to kick him. This is staged and looks like a setup. Until all the facts are known we cannot judge and that is why we are democratic and the Chinese are communist !


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